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NCEC - Network-Training Collaboration in Europe and China: Developing the Infrastructure.

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1 NCEC - Network-Training Collaboration in Europe and China: Developing the Infrastructure

2 John Gordon, Matti Hämäläinen, Zhangxi Lin, Chongrong Li, Yong-En Chen Xinyue Liu

3 University of Paisley, –Centre for Communications and Learning Technologies Espoo-Vantaa Institute of Technology –EVITech Fujian Economic Information Centre Tsinghua University: –Network Research Center of Tsinghua University Tongji University: –Institute of Telecommunications Ministry of Information Industry: –New Services Development Research Center (NSDRC)

4 CEC DG XIII Telecomms, Information Market and Exploitation of Research Cooperation with Third Countries and International Organisations Scientific and Technological Cooperation with Developing Countries INCO-DC

5 NCEC A network-based collaborative environment for tutoring, teaching, conferencing and providing feedback to learners

6 Develop an integrated set of tools for cost-effective production of courseware. Develop a set of learning experiments Contribute to and aim at making use of the results of parallel international projects. OBJECTIVES

7 Deliver a set of pilot courses including training of trainers within the network- based learning environment. Implementing a pilot of the network- based collaborative environment for tutoring, teaching, conferencing and providing feedback to the learners

8 A framework for customer driven training CUSTOMERS Learning needs preferences, constraints, profiles SUPPLIERS Course & Process specification “Training Broker” PresentationDeliveryProduction Learning Environment & Support Tools Production & Delivery Methodology & Systems COMMUNICATION INFRASTRUCTURE (fixed telecomms networks, mobile network, satellite,...) BASIC DELIVERY PLATFORMS (Internet, intranets, extranets,…, digital TV, …) Training support services (assessment, certification) Learning resource repositories by Matti Hämäläinen

9 Developing Internet-Based Education and Training in China

10 Top ISPs in China FChina Education and Research Network –CERNET - Ministry of Education FChina Science and Technology Network –CSTNET - China Academy of Sciences(CAS) FChina Network –CHINANET - China Telecom FChina Golden Bridge Network –CHINAGBN -Jitong Company

11 Properties of CERNET FOne of the academic networks in China The first nation-wide network funded by the Government FObjective of CERNET Link to all the universities ( 1000+ ) and lots of schools Link to Global Internet Link to other networks in China An important base for training high level specialists An important part of National Information Infrastructure

12 Topology of CERNET Backbone (1997)

13 Internetworking with Other Networks in China FCERNET-CSTNET 10Mbps Optical Fibre FCERNET-CHINANET 2Mbps DDN Lease Line FCERNET-CHINAGBN 512kbps Microwave FCERNET-HARNET(Hong Kong) 64kbps DDN Lease Line

14 CERNET in 2000 FUpgrade transmission rate –Backbone: 155Mbps FSet up 8 regional networks (33 nodes) FConnect 1000 universities and institutes –Link to 1000 schools with campus network FDevelop rich Chinese resources and applications

15 Related Projects ARIADNE - Alliance of Remote Instructional Authoring and Distribution Networks for Europe (EU Telematics) KNIXMAS - Knowledge Shared XPS-Based Research Network realised as Multi- Agent System (INCO Copernicus) DeCoSLO - Definition of Common Standards for Learning Objects (ADAPT UfI)

16 Related Projects - E-commerce research electronic markets for learning & education brokers collaboration with University of Texas at Austin/Center for Research in Electronic Commerce, Ministry for information Industry EC Applications in China

17 Network Learning Projects in China Hunan Network College Beijing P&T Network University Real time two-way distance education and Web School Shanghai Interactive teaching based on WWW Peking University Distance education system combining with TV Java-based courseware authoring tool North Eastern University

18 Distance Education in China Being planned by Ministry of Education Objectives –Upgrading CERNET backbone to 155Mbps –Improving current TV broadcast system –Developing courseware Funding –RMB 600 millions ~ 1 billion Pilot universities

19 Distance Education in THU Infrastructure –Satellite-based delivery system –Computer network(CERNET and TUnet) Programs –Education on campus Network assistant instruction –Continuing education Distance education for large enterprises in China

20 Related standardisation and infrastructure work EDUCAUSE/IMS standards work EVITech participates assessment/quiz tools standardization EU EC/DGXIII & DGIII (CEN/CENELEC) standards for educational resources reuse, sharing and commerce on digital content EVITech promotes industry extensions and participates assessment/quiz tools standardization DeCoSlo Definition of Common Standards for Learning Objects an ADAPT UfI Project England Based UP designs and manages system architecture

21 Structure of the NCEC System

22 NCEC Basic Structure

23 Courseware Authoring and Production System

24 Repository Pre-Process Component #3 submitter metadata form wrap sequence form wrap plug-in sequence protocol institution protocol wrap QA and Grid Cell Verification Process Error Report incomplete complete good Repository Manager failed MS Office VB Macro set Deconstructed object set Parse and prefill data sets

25 Meta-data Search Engine DB2 Based Repository IEEE Meta-Data Standards Interface to Web Environment Developed By TongJi University

26 Embedding to the Assessor and KWAFU Published html set PostIT Script to Navigator Assessor File Set HTML Publishing CMI Learning Environment KWAFU Learner and Institution databases learners tutors managers

27 An Distance Learning System KWAFU

28 Pilot Courses  Introduction to Telecommunications Networks  Internet Technology Electronic Documents and Network Publishing

29 Conclusions Project forms basis for –development of joint courses –training systems for industry –RTD Collaboration –allow conversion of EU programmes to CN context

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