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Alleghany High School Announcements week of 9/10 Music from

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1 Alleghany High School Announcements week of 9/10 Music from

2 2/28/20142 This Week in Sports @ AHS Tuesday: Golf @ James River -- 4:30 Volleyball @ Parry McCluer – 6 Thursday:Volleyball vs James River – 5:30 JV Football vs Bath – 7 Friday: Football @ Bath County – 7 Cross Country @ Greenbrier East – all day

3 2/28/20143 Blood Drive Blood Drive on Wednesday, Sept 12 Blood Drive Donors – eat good meals on Monday & Tuesday and eat breakfast on Wednesday. Your times to give blood are on the gym doors. Bring signed permission forms and IDs

4 2/28/20144 Mountie Market Stop by the Mountie Market for you classroom supplies. We carry glue, colored pencils, mechanical pencils, gum, loose leaf paper, and more. Located in room 125 during lunch & before and after school.

5 2/28/20145 Expression Club Join the club -- bring your $5 dues with you to the first club meeting – Sept. 19. All are welcome to join, but dues must be paid at the first club meeting. Meeting in room 107 (Ms. Johnson Hopkins room) during 2 nd block club.

6 2/28/20146 Breakfast Tues. – Juice, Cereal & Toast OR Sausage on a Stick Wed. – Juice, Cereal & Toast OR Breakfast Chicken Biscuit Thursday – Juice, Cereal & Toast OR Breakfast Pizza Friday – Juice, Cereal & Toast OR Bacon, Scrambled Eggs with Toast or Biscuit

7 2/28/20147 Job Shadowing Attention Sophomores filled in order received. Attention Sophomores – Job shadowing applications are now available in guidance. Once completed, please return to Mrs. Crizer as soon as possible because they are numbered in order of return with slots filled in order received. Teacher recommendations are returned by the teacher directly to guidance. due by Sept. 21Applications are due by Sept. 21. See Mrs. Anglin if you have any questions.

8 2/28/20148 2013 Yearbook Orders Take advantage of the EARLY BIRD pricing of $45 a book through Sept 31. See Mrs. Swortzel (rm 114) for an order form or order online @ AHS code is 13844. Prices increase to $55 from Oct 1 through Dec 31 and $65 from Jan 1 – June 1. Personalized books, must be ordered by Jan 1.

9 2/28/20149 Lunches – Tues & Wed Tues – Chicken Cheese Wrap or Hot Dog/WGR Bun, Sweet Potato Fries, Seasoned Corn, Cole Slaw, Fruit choice Wed. Salisbury Steak/Gravy & WW Roll or Pork BBQ & WGR Bun, Creamed Potatoes & Gravy, Seasoned Green Beans, Seasoned Cooked Carrots, WG Brown Rice, Fruit Choice

10 2/28/201410 Lunches – Thurs & Friday Thurs. – Beef Taco or Turkey & Cheese with WGR bun, Seasoned Broccoli Florets, French Fries, Pinto Beans, Lettuce & Tomato Mix, Fruit Choice Friday – Fish Treasure/Bread Sticks or Chicken Patty with WGR bun, Seasoned Green Lima Beans, WG Brown Rice, Cole Slaw, Scalloped Potatoes, Fruit Choice.

11 2/28/201411 Upcoming Dates Wed – Sept 12 – Progress Reports Wed – Sept 19 – Club Day Friday – Sept 21 – Homecoming Game with Dance immediately after

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