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Redistricting Presentation March 2013. Enrollment Trends ACPS Eight-Year Enrollment Trends and Projections Grade2004-052005-062007-082008-092009-102010-112011-122012-132013-14.

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Presentation on theme: "Redistricting Presentation March 2013. Enrollment Trends ACPS Eight-Year Enrollment Trends and Projections Grade2004-052005-062007-082008-092009-102010-112011-122012-132013-14."— Presentation transcript:

1 Redistricting Presentation March 2013

2 Enrollment Trends ACPS Eight-Year Enrollment Trends and Projections Grade Eight-Year Change JK/K (90) (79) (81) (33) (82) (64) JK-5 Total (429) (39) (9) (54) (22) JK-12 TOTAL (429) 14.6% decrease in JK-5 school population from to

3 Expenditure Reductions – Four-Year Trends Personnel Budget CategoryFY FY FY FY Administration 1 Assistant Superintendent 1 Assistant Dir. JRTC 1 Elementary Principal 1 Assistant Principal1 Central Office Director Teaching Positions 1 Classroom – BSE 1 Classroom – CES 1 Classroom – CMS 1 Classroom – MVE 2 Classroom – SES 1 Classroom – BSE 2 Classroom – MVE 1 Classroom – SES 1 Classroom – CMS 1 Remedial – SES ½ Remedial – BSE 1 SPED – MVE 1 Art – Division 1 Music – Division 1 P. E. - Division 2 Classroom – FSE 1 SPED – CMS 1 Elective - AHS 1 Classroom – BSE 1 Classroom - BSE 1 Classroom – MVE 1 Classroom - FSE 1 SPED – MVE 2 Library – Division 1 PT Music - Division Instructional Support Positions 2 Classroom Aides – BSE 1 Classroom Aide – MVE 1 Classroom Aide – SES 1 Classroom Aide – CES 1 Classroom Aide – FSE 1 Classroom Aide – MVE 1 Classroom Aide – SES 1 Library Aide – MVE 1 SPED Aide – AHS 1 Classroom Aide – CES 2 Classroom Aides – Division 1 SPED Aide -MVES Resource Professional Positions ½ School Psychologist ½ ECSE Special Ed. Teacher Reduce OT Contract ½ Speech Teacher Classified Support Positions ½ Secretary - AHS 1 Secretary – Central Office Lunchroom Monitors – MVE½ Secretary – AHS Lunchroom Monitors - MVE Facilities and Transportation Positions 1 Maintenance Manager 4 Bus Drivers – Division 2 Custodians – FT to PT PT Mail Delivery 1 Custodian - Division1 Energy Manager2 Bus Drivers Sub-Total TOTAL (15%) 3

4 Expenditure Reductions – Four-Year Trends Non-Personnel Budget CategoryFY FY FY FY Stipends 7 Technology Resident Experts 1 Child Study Chair Adjust Salary Scales for Coaches Salary and Benefits Eliminate VRS on Supplements Reduce Tuition Reimburse. 50% Instructional Support Reduce Curriculum Dev. 50% Reduce Staff Dev. 50% Eliminate Supplement Supplies Reduce Instructional Mat. 50% Reduce School Allocations 6% Eliminate CTE Local Allocation Reduce Curriculum Rev. 50% Align Textbook Expenditure with State Allocation Align Consumable Allocation with Enrollment Loss Align Instructional Allocation with Enrollment Loss Instructional Programs Eliminate AP Test FundsReduce Summer School Funds Reduce JRTC Funds 10% Reduce Summer School Funds Co- and Extra-Curricular Programs Eliminate Supp. Band Funds Facilities and Transportation Reduce Building ChecksEliminate AHS Renovation Fund Eliminate 1 Bus Purchase Reduce Vehicle Funds 50% Eliminate AHS Upgrade Fund Eliminate Bus Purchases Eliminate Vehicle Funds 50% Other Reduce Allocation to JRTC Eliminate 2 Copiers Reduce Consulting Funds 20% Eliminate Hepatitis Vaccine Fund Eliminate Asst. Supt. Travel Reduce Finance Travel Eliminate Psychologist Travel Charge Portion Workmans Comp to Cafeteria Fund Budget Adjustment for RDAReduce summer energy costs (Four 10-hour work days for 10 weeks) Reduce health insurance allocation to align with staff reductions Sub-Total (Personnel + Non-Personnel) ($819,506)($2,112,272)($816,818)($879,604) Total Four-Year Reduction $4,628,200 (15%) 4

5 Facility Utilization YEARBSECESFSEMVESESDivision Numbers Represent Percent Utilization Early Childhood Preschool Students Not Included 5

6 Present Enrollment – Anticipated loss of 105 students Budget – Current financial impact of ($1,649,625) – Five-Year financial impact total of ($6,277,825) 20% Code – Balanced budget to BOS by April 1 6

7 Proposed Expenditure Reductions AHS energy reduction Administration Classroom Teachers Classified Support Positions Facilities and Transportation Salary and Benefits Instructional Programs Co- and Extra-Curricular Security Redistricting 7

8 CLOSE BOILING SPRING AND FALLING SPRING MOVE BOILING SPRING TO CALLAGHAN AND FALLING SPRING TO MOUNTAIN VIEW POSITION DESCRIPTION BASE SALARY % BASED BENEFITS SINGLE HLTH INS TOTAL COST NUMBER OF POSITIONS ESTIMATED SAVINGS Reduction In VRS 4-Code Positions REGULAR TEACHER (10 MONTH)$36,702$7,931$5,856$50,489(7.00)($353,423) SPED TEACHER (10 MONTH)$36,702$7,931$5,856$50, $0 SCHOOL SECRETARY (12-MONTH)$19,868$4,293$5,856$30,017(2.00)($60,034) TEACHER ASSISTANT (10-MONTH)$12,783$2,762$5,856$21,401(4.00)($85,604) ($499,061) Reduction In VRS 5-Code Positions CUSTODIAN (12-MONTH)$16,851$3,062$5,856$25,769(3.00)($77,307) CUSTODIAN (10-MONTH)$12,966$2,356$5,856$21,178(1.00)($21,178) MAINTENANCE (12-MONTH)$34,546$6,277$5,856$46,679(1.00)($46,679) ($145,164) Reduction In Part-time Positions (No Benefits) CUSTODIAN (10-MONTH)$6,134$469$0$6, $0 Reduction In Supplemental Wages (No Benefits) CHILD STUDY CHAIR STIPENDS$2,431$186$0$2,617(2.00)($5,234) Addition In VRS 5-Code Positions/Other Expenses BUS DRIVER$18,470$3,356$5,856$27, $55,364 ADDITIONAL BUS OPERATING COSTS $25,800 $81,164 WAGES AND BENEFITS IMPACT($568,295) NON-PERSONNEL OPERATING COST IMPACT($193,515) NET OPERATING FUND IMPACT($761,810) 8

9 9 Redistricted Bus Routes SchoolBus NumberCurrent Service Area Current First Pick-Up Time Current Minutes on Bus Redistricted First Pick-Up Time Redistricted Minutes on Bus Boiling Spring 53Cov/Cherokee7:12 a.m.62 min. to BSE7:59 a.m.46 min. to CES 6Blue Spr. Run/Upland7:28 a.m.57 min. to BSE7:51 a.m.54 min. to CES 7Mill Branch/Bennettown7:35 a.m.45 min. to BSE7:40 a.m.55 min. to CES New RouteBennettownNA 7:47 a.m.58 min. to CES Callaghan 18Jerrys Run/Moose Pk.7:25 a.m.63 min. to CES No change 32Johnsons Creek/Rogers Rd.7:19 a.m. 69 min. to CES 51Kanawha/Snake Run7:05 a.m.82min. to CES Falling Spring 59McGraw Gap Road7:18 a.m.63 min. to FSE7:02 a.m.53 min. to MVE 19Clearwater/Clearview7:41 a.m.39 min. to FSE7:15 a.m.35 min. to MVE 1East and West Morris Hill7:12 a.m.70 min. to FSE6:59 a.m.56 min. to MVE New RouteLittle Mtn. Rd./Natural WellNA 6:59 a.m.56 min. to MVE Mt. View 44Selma/Low Moor7:03 a.m.31 min. to MVE No change 31Dolly Ann6:47 a.m.30 min. to MVE 10Brentwood/Jackson Hts.6:46 a.m.37 min. to MVE 47Valley Ridge6:48 a.m.24 min. to MVE 58Rich Patch/White Rock Gap6:50 a.m.55 min. to MVE 14Mt. View Apts./Ridgeway7:05 a.m.21 min. to MVE 19Forest Hills/Heights6:56 a.m.34 min. to MVE 26Verge/Commercial/Church6:58 a.m.27 min. to MVE 28Sulfur Spr./Rose Street6:59 a.m.18 min. to MVE Sharon 36Cliffwood Cir/Falcon Ridge7:30 a.m.36 min. to SES7:02 a.m.48 min. to MVE 5Westgate/Iron Gate7:25 a.m.55 min. to SES7:04 a.m.46 min. to MVE 2Forty Two/Nicelytown7:31 a.m.54 min. to SES6:53 a.m. 57 min to MVE The current service areas for some of the bus routes will change if redistricting takes place. Some service areas will change if redistricting takes place. First elementary student picked up at 6:46 a.m. Longest bus ride for elementary student 82 min. Last elementary run begins 7:47 a.m. Shortest bus ride for elementary student is 18 min.

10 10 Falling Spring Bus Routes Bus 1Bus 19Bus 59New Route East Morris Hill/Indian Draft6:59216 Clearwater Dr.7: McGraw Gap Rd.7:02Little Mtn. Rd/ Knoll Tree6:59 Springwater Dr./E. Morris Hill7:00Parkview/Clearwater Dr.7:15McGraw Gap Rd./ Airport Rd.7:03Wildan Ln./Jackson River Rd.7: East Morris Hill7:01508 Clearwater Dr.7: Valley View Dr.7:09311 Natural Well Rd.7: East Morris Hill7:01Clearwater Dr./Gilpin7: Hot Springs Rd.7: Jackson River Rd.7: East Morris Hill7:02Patricia Dr./Sherry May7: Hot Springs Rd.7:13212 Landis Dr.7:12 Lakewood Est. /W. Morris Hill7:08207 Sherry May7: Hot Springs Rd.7: Falls Rd.7: West Morris Hill7:11Sherry May/Dustys Rd.7: Dunbrack Rd.7: Falls Rd.7: West Morris Hill7:13207 Dustys Rd.7:21McCallister Church7:32200 Edgehill Rd.7: West Morris Hill7:14200 Dustys Rd.7:21Health Dept.7:35210 Pioneer Rd.7: West Morris Hill7:16116 Dustys Rd.7:21Mountain View Elementary7:55107 Cliffview7: Indian Draft7:18311 Dustys Rd.7: Friels Dr.7: Indian Draft7:19Sammys Rd./Hallies Rd.7:23 Woodland Hills/Wade Dr.7: Indian Draft7:20211 Patricia Dr.7: Jackson River Rd.7: Mt. Pleasant7: Jackson River Rd.7: Jackson River Rd.7: Mt. Pleasant7: Jackson River Rd.7: Jackson River Rd.7: Mt. Pleasant7: Dressler Dr.7: Jackson River Rd.7:30 Mountain View Elementary7: Dressler Dr.7: Jackson River Rd.7: Dressler Dr.7:28 Mountain View Elementary7: Dressler Dr.7: Maple Lane7:30 Mountain View Elementary7:50

11 11 Boiling Spring Bus Routes Bus 6Bus 7Bus 53New Route Bens Run/Mert Rd.7: Summit Dr.7: Llama Dr.7:59203 Bennettown Rd.7: Bens Run Rd.7: Summit Dr.7:42Pitzer Ridge/Hayes Gap8:04924 Bennettown Rd.7: Bens Run Rd.7: Summit Dr.7: Potts Creek Rd.8:10916 Bennettown Rd.7: Bens Run Rd.7: Summit Dr.7:45909 Potts Creek Rd.8:12Bennettown/Stone7: Bens Run Rd.7:54804 Summit Dr.7: Cherokee Trail8: Potts Creek Rd.7: Tucker Vance Rd.7:56605 Wright Rd.7: Cherokee Trail8: Uplands7:59 Childrens Forest7:57804 Jonestown Rd.7:55Potts Creek/Oneida8: Uplands8: Bens Run Rd.7:58616 Jonestown Rd.7:57Parrish St./S. Carpenter8: Uplands8: Bens Run Rd.7:59Potts Creek/Mill Branch8:00Kroger8: Potts Creek Rd.8: Rich Patch Rd.8: Potts Creek Rd.8:01Callaghan Elementary8:45204 Crowder Hollow8: Rich Patch Rd.8:05Potts Creek/Armentrout Rd.8: Castile8: Rich Patch Rd.8: Potts Creek Rd.8: Castile8: Blue Spring Run8: Potts Creek Rd.8:11 Castile/Hinkle Ln.8: Blue Spring Run8: Potts Creek Rd.8:12 Castile/Cool Valley8: Blue Spring Run8:12Potts Creek/Parsonage Rd.8:14 Callaghan Elementary8: Blue Spring Run8: Potts Creed Rd.8: Blue Spring Run8:15Callaghan Elementary8:45 Callaghan Elementary8:45

12 Class Size 12 GradeBSECESBSE + CESFSEMVEFSE + MVE JK/K (3) (6) (2) (5) (2) (5) (2) (5) (2) (5) (2) (5) Total (13) (31) PT Ratio

13 Future Action Plan Meetings with staff and community We are All Mounties! campaign (Grant to Alleghany Foundation) AHS pep band and cheerleaders at new school events T-shirts for all Students spend the day with students in their new school Joint Field Day activities Parents ride the bus event Pizza parties included with bus ride event Evening movie or sock hop event for all students 13

14 Questions? 14

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