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7 Elements of a Short Story

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1 7 Elements of a Short Story

2 Protagonist Antagonist
Character: Protagonist Antagonist

3 Character: Developed through: Narrator description
Dialogue from character Character’s action Other characters reveal character through dialogue

4 Mood Established by: Setting Dialogue Action Author’s tone

5 Point of View First person Third person Typically uses “I”
Limited: reveals one character’s thoughts Partially limited: reveals some but not all characters’ thoughts Omniscient: reveals all characters’ thoughts

6 Setting Some indicators: Location (background) Time—year, era, etc.
Season—weather, atmosphere

7 Conflict Internal External

8 Conflict Character versus character Character versus nature
Character versus society Character versus self Character versus supernatural

9 Plot Exposition Rising action Climax Falling action Resolution

10 Theme Elements within a plot Might be a moral to the story
Some common themes: Love conquers all Good versus evil Coming of age

11 7 Elements Review Character Mood Point of View Setting Conflict Plot

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