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CyberSafety in the Schools Carol Almarez Alleghany County Schools TRT ITRT Summer Camp 2006 website:

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1 CyberSafety in the Schools Carol Almarez Alleghany County Schools TRT ITRT Summer Camp 2006 E-mail: website:

2 CyberSafety in the Schools Introduction Media Literacy Quiz The Dark Side of the Net The Response: Laws Role of Educators & ITRTs Resources

3 The Dark Side of the Net * Commercial Content Contact *From

4 Commercial Kids websites aimed at educational market sticky sites SI for Kids SeventeenSI for KidsSeventeen Gathering personal information from minors Ad banners & Marketing messages Blur between content and ads Lack of privacy/anonymity (trackback) Many people/entities aware of each persons use of the Net ( online curriculum audio) online curriculum

5 Content Harmful/obscene websites accessible by minors Pornography/copycat sites ( Through searching errors Misinformation Lack of verification Hoaxes & urban myths Copyright violations Plagiarism Illegal file-sharing/Peer-to-peer networks

6 Contact Social networking & Cyberstalking Blogs & journals Chat rooms, IM (Instant Messaging) Cyberbullies & harrassment Threats of violence/suicide Lack of human interaction


8 Blogs & Journals MySpace Facebook Xanga Bebo (music oriented) Friendster Tagged (13-19 only) / / Live Journal


10 The Response: Laws Federal CIPA Internet Filters COPPA Monitoring (software/people) Virginia Internet Safety Law AUP

11 CIPA: Childrens Internet Protection Act 2000 Applies to schools & libraries receiving federal technology funds & e-rate discounts Must implement technology protection measures & Internet safety policies Filters that block access to obscene images (Cybersitter, i-Gear, NetNanny, etc.) Address access by minors to inappropriate content

12 COPPA: Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act 1998 Websites must Explain privacy policies Get parental consent before collecting or using a childs personal information Regulates online direct marketing to children Regulates e-mail, instant messaging, chat

13 Virginia Internet Safety Law Took effect July 1, 2006 Additions to AUP provisions Guidelines from VDOE due out in next few weeks Who will teach Internet Safety? Classroom teachers SROs ITRTs Combination?

14 Role of Educators/ITRTs: Develop, Teach and/or Assist? Internet Safety Curriculum Internet Safety lessons Help educators, SROs, or designated instructors teach Internet safety

15 Information/Technology Literacy Standards Virginia Computer/Technology SOLs: all grades Social and Ethical Issues Problem-solving and Decision-making Tools Technology Research Tools NETS for Students: all grades #2 Social, Ethical & Human Issues #5 Technology Research Tools #6 Technology Problem-solving and Decision-making Tools

16 CyberSafety Curricula/Training I-Safe CyberSmart WebWiseKids Staying Smart Online CyberPilots License Flight Manual Grid Club Internet Proficiency Scheme

17 i-SAFE Curriculum Cyber Citizenship Personal Safety Cyber Security Intellectual Property Cyber Bullying Predator Identification *

18 CyberSmart Curriculum Safety: Private identity information Cyberpals Feeling Comfortable Chat & Message Safety E-mail safety Manners: Cybercitizenship Netiquette Respecting law Computer ethics Advertising Commercial intentions Privacy Research Search engines/directories How to search Website evaluation Homework help Using library Technology Past/present/future of Internet

19 Constructive Use of the Internet Primary use of the Internet: improving student learning Teach with new tools: Blog,e-mail & online journal for writing skills Chats Website evaluation Website evaluation help Search engines/directories Search engines/directories for kids Safe sites Safe sites (pre-approved for kids)

20 Internet Safety Resources: a Sampler Articles Education World (Nancy Willard article) Websites KidSmart Games Elementary: Internet Safety GameInternet Safety Game Middle school: Jo Cool/Jo FoolJo Cool/Jo Fool Video clips NetSmartz my my

21 THE END Thank You!



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