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Introduction to (Insert Your Country) & Study Abroad

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1 Introduction to (Insert Your Country) & Study Abroad
Insert Institution Name, Your Name, Title, Department

2 What is Study Abroad? Study abroad is both a fun and
safe experience where one person travels to another country to live and learn about that country. “I had so much fun! The experience was incredible. I met the best people in the whole world. I would again in an instant. THIS WAS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER DONE!” - Nikki, Study Abroad Student

3 My Region of the World Add pictures and information about your region of the world (ex. Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Western Africa, etc.)

4 My Home Country In this slide provide a basic overview of your country. Introduce where you are from and mention the cultural differences and attractions of your country. In the next few slides show the place and role of your country in the world – each role being a slide and highlight the attractions and significance of each region.

5 My Country Add information here about your country, such as geography, population, your political system (president, monarchy, prime minister, etc.) types of houses, currency, types of food, fun things kids would be interested in, etc.

6 Attractions Mention here different attractions to your country-both physical and intangible. May want to include picture of a landmark or just a picture you are fond of at home. Another attraction might be the language, and you can say a sentence or two in your native language.

7 My City Add pictures and information about city views, your friends, where you went to school, places in your community, etc.

8 Culture Have a slide here about your culture of your home country and how it differs from culture in the U.S. Perhaps you want to include differences in lifestyle, food, dress etc.

9 This is where I live Use this slide to insert pictures or to discuss where you live. Remember, the kids are interested in hearing about you, and hearing your story may enable them to not feel so scared about living away from home.

10 My Favorite Things… Tell students about one of your favorite things about your country to help them understand the wide variety of things you can experience while in a different country.

11 Why I Studied in the USA Add your own reasons here why you went abroad to inspire them by learning your perspective. These children may know very little about your country, so now is your chance to impart your knowledge to encourage studying abroad.

12 Top Reasons to Study Abroad
• To have fun! • To learn about other places and people (CULTURE). • To travel. • To meet new people and make new friends. • To study new things. • To learn to speak a new language.

13 Why Study Abroad • Develop leadership skills. • Exciting experiences.
• Creating new confidence and self-esteem. “I had the time of my life!” - Randi, 6th Grader

14 Who can study abroad? • High School Students:
They can go for the school year, semester or maybe just a few weeks out of the summer. • College Students They can study for a summer, semester, year or even their entire college career can be spent abroad.

15 Study Abroad Student Experiences

16 Where Can You Go?

17 Africa South Africa Ghana

18 Asia Japan China

19 Australia Adelaide Sydney Cairns Melbourne

20 Central America Guatemala Costa Rica

21 Europe Italy Spain France Germany Greece

22 Middle East Israel Egypt

23 North America Canada Mexico

24 South America Brazil Peru Chile

25 South Asia India

26 How to get there • Talk to your parents. • Visit your school
counselor and see what programs are available. • Apply for a program. • Get your passport. • Pack your bags. • Keep in touch. (International calling cards, international cell phones, s, and letters.)

27 Living Arrangements Living arrangements vary from one
locations to another. Possibilities include residence halls, host families, and boarding houses. In some cases you will have a meal plan, in other cases your host family will provide your meals.

28 Everyone Can Study Abroad

29 Questions? Offer to the class to answer any questions they have about study abroad or your home country and culture, and/or how you feel about living in the U.S. etc.

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