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Global Competitiveness – Another View

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1 Global Competitiveness – Another View

2 Global Competitiveness – Another View
Bernhard Kohlmeier Director, Localization Futures Core Operating Systems Division Microsoft Corporation

3 Microsoft Facts Fiscal Year 2003 Revenues: US-$ 32,187M
International Sales Approx. 60% of total Revenue Offices in more than 60 Countries Strongest Growth observed in Emerging Markets Microsoft Windows® and Office® available in 40+ Languages Globalization and Localization is a Core Competency

4 Local Products for the Global Market
World-Readiness: Developing Products and Content for a Global Audience Software needs to be “Enabled” for Global Use Scripts Graphics Functionality Local Product for the Global Market

5 The International Software Product Lifecycle
Global Awareness Required Globalization Plan US Core Design Localization Implement Predominantly in Country Software Product Cycle Model Stabilize Release

6 Translation vs. Global Awareness
Do we need local Translators? Translations are best performed in the Locale Locale Specific content is best developed locally Through learning Foreign Languages, international Awareness is created What does it mean to converse and interact in a foreign language What are the challenges for our International Customers when using our Products Global Awareness is Key!

7 Diversity and Cultural Awareness of the Workforce
Enriches our Performance and Products We must Understand the Global Marketplace and Value and Incorporate Differences Leverage the Differences to Succeed in an ever-changing Global Marketplace This can only be accomplished through a Workforce that thinks Local(e)y in a Global Environment

8 Microsoft Local Language Program
Addresses several critical Goals of National and Regional Governments Worldwide by… Developing a robust local IT Economy Building universal IT Solutions for Multi-language cultures Enabling the use of Regional Languages in technology to facilitate the preservation of language and culture Investment in previously unreached IT Communities

9 Creating Demand through Localization
In many Countries especially Developing Markets English is not commonly spoken Lack of Availability of Local Language Versions of our Software is a Barrier to Entry Incubation Software Products and Content available in local languages increases the adoption rate Help non-English speakers to reach their potential Creates Demand for Products and Content Create a literate IT Workforce in target locales

10 A World of Changing Expectations
More and more Students use Localized Software Products in School Many Governments require Local Language versions of Software to be deployed Increased Demand through Market “Pull”

11 Language and Cultural Awareness as a Profession
Language Education is Essential to… Appreciating Diverse Cultures Enable Communications with International Customers and Business Partners International Competence has to start right here in the United States Build an early Foundation through Immersion into different Cultures i.e. Study Abroad Programs

12 Global Awareness is Key
We need to build World-Ready products Our Workforce needs to be Diverse and able to draw from Talent that is Aware of the Global Marketplace Awareness can only be accomplished through Language Education and Exposure to Foreign Cultures Language is the Key to Understanding the Requirements of a Global Marketplace and the Development of truly Global Products


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