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2 INTRODUCTION The objective of this training is to provide an overview of the new administrative review (AR) process The AR process is changing to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of school meal programs. Further training and technical assistance will be provided to LEAs scheduled for an AR

3 NEW TERMINOLOGY OUT WITH THE OLD: Coordinated Review Effort (CRE) IN WITH THE NEW: Administrative Review (AR) OUT WITH THE OLD: Reviews conducted primarily on-site IN WITH THE NEW: Reviews conducted off-site and on-site

4 MORE NEW TERMINOLOGY OUT WITH THE OLD: School Meal Initiative Review (SMI) IN WITH THE NEW: Dietary Specifications & Nutrient Analysis (Included in AR) OUT WITH THE OLD: Master Eligibility List (MEL) IN WITH THE NEW: Benefit Issuance Document (BID)

5 THE NEW AR PROCESS Reviews conducted every 3 years All programs reviewed, including School Breakfast, After School Snack, Special Milk Reviews will be a team effort-State Agency (SA) reviewers and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) working together Follow Up reviews will no longer be conducted Additional Administrative Reviews (AAR) will continue for targeted schools

6 WHOS UP FIRST? An AR Will Be Conducted in 2013-2014 For: LEAs who were due for a CRE review in 2012- 2013 LEAS who did not apply for the 6 cent certification process or whose 6 cent certification request was denied LEAS who are new sponsors of School Nutrition Programs

7 ON-SITE AR PROCEDURES State Agency (SA) will collect detailed information and review documents during on-site entrance conference, (with a few exceptions) Results of the entrance conference assessment will determine the scope of monitoring during the on-site review. Example of documents that must be available: Edit Check Worksheets Benefit Issuance Documents Menus, Production Records & Related Materials (i.e. CN Labels, Standardized Recipes)

8 ON-SITE PROCEDURES (Cont.) SA will observe and review the operation of the school nutrition programs at the LEA level and in selected schools. SA will determine at the entrance conference: Specific schools that will be visited and reviewed. Breakfast and lunch will be observed Specific applications/DC documents that will be reviewed Additional documents may be required for review. Documents required will vary depending on results of the assessment

9 OFF-SITE ASSESSMENT Some AR areas will be reviewed off-site. SA will collect detailed information and documents from LEA prior to the on-site review for: Resource Management Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (if participating)

10 FAMILIAR TERMINOLOGY The AR will still encompass: CRITICAL AREAS (Fiscal Action Required) Performance Standard 1 (PS 1): Certification Counting, Claiming Performance Standard 2 (PS 2): Meal Pattern Requirements GENERAL AREAS (Fiscal Action Not Required)

11 Administrative Review Areas Meal Access & Reimbursement (PS 1) Meal Pattern & Nutritional Quality (PS 2) Resource Management (General) General Program Compliance (General) Other Federal Program Reviews (PS &General) Certification & Benefit Issuance Verification Meal Counting & Claiming Meal Components & Quantities Offer versus Serve Dietary Specs & Nutrient Analysis Risk Assessment Nonprofit School Food Service Account Paid Lunch Equity Revenue from Non-program Foods Indirect Costs USDA Foods Civil Rights SFA On-site Monitoring Local Wellness Policy Competitive Foods Water Food Safety SBP & SFSP Outreach Reporting & Recordkeeping Other State Regs Afterschool Snacks Seamless Summer Option Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program Special Milk Program 11

12 PERFORMANCE STANDARD 1 ( Meal Access & Reimbursement) Areas of Review Certification & Benefit Issuance/Verification Applications, BID and DC documents must be correct. Random sampling of applications will be selected, including verified applications Meal Counting Meals must be correctly counted at the point of service. Meal service will be observed and records reviewed to determine if meal counting system is accurate.

13 PERFORMANCE STANDARD 1 Claiming Meals must be counted, recorded and consolidated correctly at each school and at the LEA level The claiming system from daily meal counts to monthly edit checks to reimbursement claim will be reviewed for accuracy

14 PERFORMANCE STANDARD 2 (Meal Pattern & Nutritional Quality) Areas of Review Meal Components & Quantities Breakfast and lunches must meet meal pattern requirements for the appropriate age groups on all meal service lines Compliance will be assessed through: Review of production records Review of menus Observation of meals

15 PERFORMANCE STANDARD 2 Offer versus Serve LEA must offer enough food on all reimbursable meal service lines and have signage posted Students must select required components to make a reimbursable meal Food service staff must be trained and able to recognize a reimbursable meal

16 PERFORMANCE STANDARD 2 Dietary Specifications & Nutrient Analysis Meals must meet standards for: Calories Saturated Fat Trans Fat Sodium (Starting School Year 2014-2015) A determination will be made by SA whether a weighted nutrient analysis is required

17 NEW AR AREA Resource Management Maintenance of Non Profit School Food Service Account Paid Lunch Equity Revenue from Non Program Foods Indirect Costs USDA Foods

18 GENERAL PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS SAME OLD CATEGORIES, NEW REVIEW PROCEDURES: Verification process Bio Security Civil Rights Non-Discrimination Reporting & Recordkeeping Potable water Sanitation Annual On-site reviews Competitive Foods Wellness Policy Offer vs. Serve Process HACCP NEW REQUIREMENT: School Breakfast Program & Summer Food Service Program Outreach

19 OTHER FEDERAL PROGRAMS Included in AR Review: Fresh Fruit Vegetable Program (FFVP) Seamless Summer Option (SSO) After School Snack Program (ASSP) Special Milk Program (SMP)

20 FISCAL ACTION Required For All Performance Standard Violations, Including: Incorrect/Incomplete Applications Incorrect BID Or Verification Documents Unacceptable POS Meal Counts Missing Or Incomplete Menus Missing Or Incomplete Production Records Incomplete Meals Fiscal action may be assessed for violations found when Other Federal Programs reviewed.

21 POST REVIEW Exit Conference AR Written Report Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Submitted by LEA For Any Program Violations Fiscal Action Assessed, If Applicable Withholding of Reimbursement, If Applicable

22 WHAT NOW? RELAX-We will help you prepare for the AR Attend trainings and view webinars planned by SA, including: Determining Officials Verification Menu Planning/Production Records/OVS New Recordkeeping And Policy Requirements AR Preparation (By Invitation Only) Contact us with questions at 609-984-0692


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