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Employment & Day Services Forum

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1 Employment & Day Services Forum
New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities

2 Agenda Introduction 2007 Standards for Supported Employment
2007 Standards for Adult Day Programs Break DDD Monitoring Q & A

3 Thank You Committee Members
Kathy Walsh Aaron Soto Julia McConnell Jeanette Marquez Naomi Woolever Ted Klein Jennifer Joyce Terre Lewis Roni Kantor Kate Logan

4 Thank You Pilot Participants
CP of North Jersey – NRO ARC Essex County – UCRO New Horizons in Autism – LCRO Kelsch Associates - SRO

5 The “Manuals” Supported Employment Standards and Day Program Standards decoupled Both manuals, forms, and attachments found at: Standards vs. “How to”

6 Standards for Supported Employment Services 2007
New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities

7 Assistant Commissioner Kenneth Ritchey
Office of Housing & Resource Development Director, Kathie Szul Terre Lewis, Tom Cody Regional AT/SE Coordinators NRO- Pat Mayurnik UCRO- Naomi Woolever LCRO- Roni Kantor SRO- Jeanette Marquez Supported Employment Providers/Vendors

8 Section I (p. 4-5) Introduction
Purpose and Scope Purpose of this manual is to establish standards for the provision of SE services Applies to all DDD contracted SE providers This replaces the former SE/DP Manual of 2002 How to use this Manual Monitoring Supported Employment Background Supported Employment Vision Statement Supported Employment Mission Statement

9 Section II (p.6-12) Overview of SE Services
Basic Terminology Models of Supported Employment Phase of Supported Employment Instructional Teaching Techniques

10 Section III- (p.13) Interagency Agreement & Coordination with DVRS & CBVI
Basic Terms of Interagency Agreement Coordination with DVRS & CBVI~ All DDD contracted SE service providers must be DVRS and/or CBVI vendors for SE services. * A new MOU is currently under revision. Changes to manual to follow….

11 Section IV (p.14-19) Standards
Chapter 1-Administration Policy & Procedures Program Description Annex A Continuous Quality Improvement Accreditation Chapter 2- Personnel Legal Compliance Minimum Staff Compliance Professional Development Staff Personnel File

12 Standards continued… Chapter 3- Service Delivery (p-20-22)
Follow Along Supports Assignment/Designation of Plan Coordination Service Plan Development Advocacy & Rights Complaints Direct Time & Billable Hours Follow Along Services

13 Standards continued… Chapter 4- Record Keeping & Reporting (p.23-24)
Individual File Intervention Plan & Service Log SE Monthly Data Report Online Attendance

14 Section V Resources State Resources Professional Support & Resources
Advocacy & Support Centers for Independent Living Accommodation Information and Support Transportation Additional Resources/Websites

15 Section VI Appendices Interagency Agreement (DDD, DVRS, & CBVI)
Interagency Wage & Hour Division Division Rights Document Continuous Quality Improvement Template Service Plan (IHP) Flow Chart Unusual Incident Report

16 Section VII Forms Intervention Plan & Service Log
Supported Employment Monthly Report DVRS/CBVI Determination Notification Letter Orientation Checklist Monthly Individual Attendance and Service Hour Report*

17 Major Changes

18 Major Changes SE Manual separated from the DP
Vision & Mission Statement Terminology Standards Forms Reporting

19 Changes to Standards Personnel Standards
Specific to Supported Employment Aligned with DVRS standards Training Orientation prior to independent field work Completion of Job Coach 1 & 2 w/in the first 120 days of employment Professional Development Training - 2 trainings annually* Training applies to all direct service staff including SE supervisors

20 More changes to Standards
Service Delivery Minimum of one face to face contact per month unless otherwise agreed upon by the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) and is documented in the Service Plan (IHP) The Job Coach or SE representative shall attend the Service Plan meeting For individuals receiving only SE services, the assignment of the Service Plan coordinator shall be the DDD Case Manager

21 Changes to Terminology
Consistent with National definitions according to the Department of Labor…..

22 Changes to Forms & Reports
DDD & DVRS will share the same form…..the Intervention Plan & Service Log The Orientation Check list shall be completed and maintained in employee personnel files (n/a to employees hired prior to January 1st, 2008) Supported Employment Monthly Report

23 More Changes to Come…. DDD, DVRS & CBVI are currently revising the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Changes will be made to the Supported Employment Manual upon Completion of the MOU It is recommended that you regularly check the DDD web for any notifications of change

24 Technical Assistance Jennifer Joyce- Director, Training & Consultation Services The Arc of New Jersey- Project Hire (Telephone) ext. 32 ( )

25 Standards For Adult Day Programs 2007
New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities

26 Manual Outline Introduction Definitions Standards Appendices Index
How to use the manual Definitions Standards Appendices Forms and other documents Index

27 Purpose “The purpose of this manual is to establish standards for the provision of day services to people with developmental disabilities”

28 Scope This manual shall apply to the following program models:
Adult Day Services Adult Day Services - Special Needs Adult Day Services - Crew Labor

29 Standards Chapter - Number and Title Subchapter - Numbered standards
Code: S = Standard PP = Policy and Procedure F# = Form # A# = Appendix #

30 Policy and Procedure Manual
Chapter 7 Policy and Procedure Manual Subchapter Code 7.1 The service provider shall develop and implement a manual of written procedures to ensure that the service delivery system complies with the standards governing adult day services for individuals with developmental disabilities 7.1:1 S The procedures shall be reviewed annually with documentation of the review and revised as necessary.

31 Major Changes

32 Waiver/ Variance (new) Chapter 3, page 10
Waiver - the temporary suspension of a standard that is granted in writing by the Division Variance - written recognition by the Division that the program has complied with the intent of a standard in a Division-approved alternative manner

33 Waiver/ Variance May present no danger to the health, welfare or rights of individuals Requests made to Regional AT/SE Coordinator Use waiver/ variance form Provide justification Issuance limited to: Hardship to program Individual needs

34 Complaints (new) Chapter 4, page 16
Contract (new) Chapter 5, page 12 Continuous Quality Improvement Chapter 6 page 13

35 Policy & Procedure (new) Chapter 7, page 14
Developed by service provider Available on site for staff’s use 10 required Policies/ procedures Must comply with standards Reference Division Circulars when indicated

36 Policy & Procedure Unusual Incident Reporting Investigations
Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Complaint/ Grievance Resolution Emergency Plans Life-Threatening Emergencies Health/ Medical Medication Administration Transportation Personnel

37 Personnel Chapter 8, page 15
Staff Training (new) Chapter 9, page 18 Staff Personnel File (new) Chapter 10, page 21

38 Physical Plant Chapter 11, page 21
Transportation Chapter 12, page 22 Safety Chapter 13, page 24

39 Advocacy and Rights (new) Chapter 14, Page 25
Rules (new) Chapter 15, Page 26 Program Design Chapter 16, page 27

40 Admission/Discharge Chapter 17, page 28
Suspension/Attendance Chapter 18, page 30 Health and Medical Chapter 19, page 32

41 Unusual Incidents Chapter 21, page 39
Behavior Management Chapter 22, page 40 Service Plan Chapter 23, page 41

42 Daily Training Record Chapter 24, page 42
Compensation Chapter 25, page 43 Financial (new) Chapter 26 , page 44

43 Individual Records Chapter 27, page 45
Other Records Chapter 28, page 47

44 Forms Download from the web Specific to day programs
Instructions available for some Templates coming soon!

45 Appendices Download from the web Standard DDD forms
Reference materials

46 Index Alphabetical listing of subjects, topics, terms and the pages they can be found on A Activity Schedule, 4 ADA, 21 Adaptive Behavior Summary, 28, 45, 48 Adaptive Equipment, 4 Administration, 2, 35, 36, 37, 45, 48 Admission, 2, 28, 48

47 DDD Monitoring

48 DDD Monitoring Beginning January 2008 20% of agencies per year
30 days prior notice Data collected with monitoring tool Exit meeting to review findings Review Report Follow up Technical assistance

49 Monitoring Areas Administrative Review Employee Personnel File Review
Individual Record Review Facility Review Transportation Review Medication Review Supported Employment Review

50 Monitoring Domains Critical findings Significant Findings
Urgent, need immediate attention Significant Findings Impede program from meeting regulatory requirements Moderate Findings Potentially impede the agency, program, or individual from receiving services

51 Day Program –Supported Employment e-mail address
DDD Home Page

52 Q & A

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