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“Creating Sustainable Businesses in NJ”

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1 “Creating Sustainable Businesses in NJ”
Assistant Commissioner Bob Marshall NJDEP Office of Sustainability & Green Energy Goals for this Initiative: Promote sustainability planning and practices among NJ businesses to enhance economic success, environmental protection, and an improved quality of life. Identify and share resources to educate and encourage the New Jersey business community on SROI (sustainable return on investment).

2 Welcome Welcome to all participants, including those joining us on the webinar. Today’s meeting is being recorded. All attendees on the webinar are muted.

3 Welcome Announcements:
Fairleigh Dickenson Survey of NJ Businesses – Preliminary Executive Summary Energy Efficient Buildings Hub Request for Information Fairleigh Dickenson (FDU) Survey of NJ Businesses – Preliminary Executive Summary - Over the past summer FDU conducted a first annual survey of the state of business sustainability in NJ. Some of you participated including several regional chambers of commerce, the NJ Chemistry Council and the NJ Green Association. Preliminary results are in and we will be sharing the Executive Summary with you by . Copies are on the back table for anyone who is interested. Energy Efficient Buildings Hub Request for Information The Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) was established by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as an Energy-Regional Innovation Cluster on February 1, 2011 with a unique dual mission of improving energy efficiency in and promoting regional economic growth and job creation from our headquarters in Philadelphia's Navy Yard. Their goal is to reduce energy use in the Greater Philadelphia commercial buildings sector by 20 percent by 2020. They have recently released a request for proposal to find building owners, facility managers, tenants, service providers and engineering firms who wish to be considered for an award designed to incorporate an ‘Advanced Energy Retrofit’ (AER) into a renovation project that is planned or under consideration. Eligible counties in NJ include: businesses in Mercer, Camden, Gloucester, Burlington and Salem

4 Welcome First Part – Presentation on the NJ Clean Energy Program
Gary Finger, Business Ombudsman, BPU Second Part - Discussion We will take questions from all participants. Webinar participants can submit questions on line before the discussion begins.

5 Welcome Please make sure to use microphone Please speak one at a time.
Please introduce yourself – state your name and affiliation

6 The Following Individuals are Joining us Today:
In Person: Bob Marshall, Asst Commissioner, Sustainability & Green Energy, NJDEP Ky Asral, Environmental Engineer, Sustainability & Green Energy, NJDEP Athena Sarafides, Research Scientist, Sustainability & Green Energy, NJDEP Jerri Weigand, Enviro Specialist, Sustainability & Green Energy, NJDEP Steven Rinaldi, Research Scientist, Recycling & Planning, NJDEP Betsy Ackerman, Asst Director, Economic Devel & Energy Policy, NJBPU Gary Finger, Ombudsmen, Economic Development & Energy Policy, NJBPU Michael Thulen, Govt Rep, Economic Development & Energy Policy, NJBPU Sandy Zeglarski, Market Research Officer, NJ EDA Allan Fliss, Executive Director, NJ Green Association Joanee Gere, Founder, BioScience Collaborative Thomas Leach, Director, Government Relations, Chemistry Council of NJ Matt Polsky, Fellow, Fairleigh Dickinson U, Institute for Sustainable Enterprise Michael Rosen, President, Commercial Cleaning Corp Patricia Skelly, President, Bright Green Works Gary Sorin, Managing Partner, Interra Consulting John Szeliga, Director, External Affairs, Verizon

7 The Following Individuals are Joining us Today:
Via Webinar: Jonathan Cloud, Princeton Sustainability Advisors Peter Crowley, CEO, Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce Takeena Deas, Director, Govmt Relations, Somerset Co Business Partnership Michael DiGiore, Manager, Water Monitoring & Standards, NJDEP Joseph D’Urso, Manager, Group Product Services, NJ MEP Kent Fairfield, Interim Exec Dir, Fairleigh Dickinson, Institute for Sustainable Enterprise Joel Harmon, Exec Director, Fairleigh Dickinson, Institute for Sustainable Enterprise Ernest Hofer, General Manager, Lake Mohawk Country Club Katherine Kish, President / Executive Director, Einstein’s Alley Caroline McLaughlin, Coastal Community Agent, NJ Sea Greant Consortium Robyn Mock, Environmental Supervisor, EH&S Department, West-Ward Mitch Morrison, CEO, Economic Green Solutions Anthony Russo, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Chemistry Council of NJ Kregg Salvino, Director, Environment, Health & Safety Manufacturing, Sabert Corp Jennifer Souder, Consulting Research Mgr, Rutgers Center for Green Bldg Chris Stevenson, Esq., Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus, PA Anthony Woodruff, Supervisor, EH&S Department, West-Ward Althea Yancy, Director, AT&T Citizenship & Sustainability Alex Yankaskas, VP, NJGARP Envirormental Compliance Monitoring

8 Focus of Meeting: Energy
One way to achieve sustainability is to focus on reducing energy consumption. In New Jersey we are fortunate to have financial incentives that support: Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy

9 Focus of Meeting: Energy
NJ Clean Energy Program Speaker Gary Finger Business Ombudsman, NJBPU SEE GARY FINGER’S BIO

10 BPU Presentation Goes Here

11 Discussion Question One:
What can BPU do to cut your energy costs in your sector?

12 Discussion Question Two: What is working and why?

13 Discussion Question Three: What would work better?

14 Thank You!!! Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 1:30 Networking
2:00 to 4:00 pm Meeting DEP Headquarters SBI Program Update

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