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How Plants Are Named.

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1 How Plants Are Named

2 Binomial Naming Linnaeus developed binomial system for naming plants
consists of two names

3 Linnaeus Swedish botonist
gave all plants 2 Latin names as their scientific name

4 Scientific Naming first name - genus or the plants group name
second name - species, means kind

5 Scientific Naming genus name is always capitalized species is not
both are underlined

6 Scientific Naming Zea maize - corn

7 Why use Scientific names
many plants have more than one common name universally understood throughout the world

8 Example Sansaveria trifasciata common names: Snake Plant
Mother In Law’s Toungue

9 Plant families related genus with similar flower structures

10 Taxonomist scientists who identify and classify plants

11 International Rules International Code of Binomial Botanical Nomenclature

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