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Female Reproductive Tract

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1 Female Reproductive Tract

2 Broad Ligament suspends the female reproductive tract in the pelvic cavity has three portions

3 Ovary release ova- egg 50, ,000 potential eggs present at birth release hormones progesterone estrogen

4 Oviduct (fallopian tube) connect ovary to uterine horns

5 Oviduct three portions infundibulum ampulla isthmus

6 Oviduct ova remains in oviduct for 3-6 days 1/8 inch in diameter
20 cm. Long in a cow

7 Uterus passageway for sperm cells from cervix to oviduct
produce histotroph - nourishes developing embryo until placenta forms expel fetus at parturition

8 Parturition birth

9 Uterus site of pregnancy

10 Cervix located between uterus and vagina
forms a barrier between the internal and external environment thick walled, many ringed organ

11 Vagina point where urinary and reproductive tracts join
receptacle for semen passageway for fetus

12 Vulva outer opening of reproductive tract

13 Clitoris sensory organ

14 Hormones estrogen progesterone FSH LH HCG

15 Estrogen produced by the follicle in non pregnant female and placenta in late pregnancy induce estrus - heat responsible for female contour

16 Estrogen develop duct system of mammary gland
causes edema - retention of water increases muscle development

17 Progesterone hormone that keeps female out of heat relaxes uterus
secretion of histotroph

18 FSH follicle stimulating hormone development of follicles on ovary
ova are released from follicle

19 FSH indirectly responsible for estrogen production

20 LH Lutenizing hormone causes ovulation
ova is released from the follicle

21 HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
produced by the placenta of pregnant women early in pregnancy

22 HCG used on cows that are cystic - won’t ovulate causes ovulation

23 Ovulation release of ova from ovary
follicle develops - blister on ovary follicle bursts - egg is released

24 Ovulation a hole is left where the ova was
forms a C.L. (Corpus Luteum) - yellow body

25 C.L. produces progesterone
if female becomes pregnant a new follicle does not burst and estrogen production is reduced

26 Gestation length of time from conception till birth cows - 281 days
pigs days (3 mos, 3 weeks, 3 days) horses days

27 Gestation sheep days goats days

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