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Connect SI: Enabling a 20 County Multi-Provider Integrated Health Strategy.

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1 Connect SI: Enabling a 20 County Multi-Provider Integrated Health Strategy

2 Panel Members Cary Minnis – Development and Research Coordinator, MAN-TRA-CON Corp. Todd Hart – Director, Illinois Health Network, Illinois Hospital Assoc. Debra Seale – Executive Director, Telehealth Networks and Programs; Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communications and Information Sciences, SIU School of Medicine Frank Knott – President, ViTAL Economy, Inc.

3 Healthcare in Southern Illinois is a nexus industry – one central to regional growth.

4 672 Healthcare Locations Needing to be Linked


6 Connecting and Building Strengths for: ConnectSI Economic Prosperity Social Prosperity Environmental Prosperity

7 Healthcare COI Why is Connect SI vital to Healthcare? –Facilitates collaborative discussion of health care needs of the region –Furthers the accomplishment of collective goals by enabling private sector success –Leverages the collective assets of education, health care, and social services to meet community needs –Increases the implementation of best-practice models

8 Healthcare COI: S.W.O.T. Challenges: –Shortages in Critical Skills –Capture of Outmigration –Recruitment and retention of physician specialists –Involvement of physicians in COI –Lack of broadband infrastructure capacity to support e-health applications –Heavy Medicaid and self-pay patient population Opportunities: - Improved Health Status for the Region - Improved healthcare access through connectivity - Increase healthcare training capacity to address skills shortages collaboratively - Expanded broadband access to providers - Creation of a true Regional Health Information Organization - Greater provider profitability through improved payment mix

9 Healthcare Short-Term Wins S/T Wins & Actions Underway: –Establishment of collaborative working relationship among health care providers –$250,000 Federal appropriation for Franklin Hospital to support digital imaging initiative –$250,000 IDOT Regional Healthcare Transportation Study –Healthcare Economic Impact & Outmigration Model –Joint proposal to USDOL from Man-Tra-Con supported by all COI co-chairs

10 Healthcare COI Focus and Goals Profitability –Recapture $22M in healthcare procedures being done outside the region = 238 direct jobs –Increase commercial healthcare customers by 5% = $8M = 85 new healthcare jobs Critical Skills Shortage –Direct jobs = 4,676 = $214M –Indirect jobs = 2,408 = $75M Improved Health Outcomes –Reduce cardiovascular disease mortality from 215 to >166 deaths per 100,000 by 2012 Improved Connectivity - five priority e-health applications –Electronic Master Patient Index –Linking Hospitals and Physicians with Electronic Health Records –Mental Health Primary Consulting –Workforce Education and Training –Tracking System for Drug Seekers

11 Proposed Goals: Relationship to Connect SI >$2 Billion New Annual Wages 41,461 Existing Jobs >$5,000/Yr 27,298 New Hi-Wage Jobs $642 Million New KBE Activity 1,600+ Firms +4500 Families with Healthcare Coverage Lift 10,000 Citizens Out Of Poverty $200 Million Information Technology Investment Connect SI Goals 7,571 New Hi-Wage Jobs >$250 million New Annual Wages $20 Million Information Technology Investment How the Health COI Supports Connect SI = Win Healthcare Win People Win Community +4500 Families with Healthcare Coverage Lift 10,000 Citizens Out of Poverty Jobs, Wages, Insurance, New Enterprises How Connect SI Supports Health Interests

12 Who Is Connect SI? Leadership

13 Connect SI Healthcare COI

14 Healthcare Action Team Goals Healthcare Profitability –Increase provider profitability –Reduce overall out-migration of healthcare revenues –Improve recruitment/retention of physicians –Expand service capacity Healthcare Outcomes –Reduction in the regions leading causes of Mortality and Morbidity Cardiovascular Disease Cancer

15 Healthcare Action Team Goals Critical Skills Shortage –Reduction for the identified healthcare occupational skill shortages (e.g., Nursing) Connectivity –Improve remote access to health care information by health providers and consumers –Increase the amount of secure file and application sharing –Prioritize health resource gaps for short-term and long-term action –Identify Telehealth/Telemedicine and Health Information Technology applications to address priority areas synergistically –Increase connectivity to health care providers to effectively and affordably improve health outcomes in priority areas creation of Electronic Master Person Index (eMPI)

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