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Let's Explore Volcanoes

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1 Let's Explore Volcanoes

2 Why do we call them volcanoes?
Vulcan Volcanoes are named after the Roman god, Vulcan. He was the blacksmith for the Roman gods. He was a god of the underworld. If he stoked his furnace too much, volcanoes would erupt. He was the god of blacksmiths and volcanoes.

3 What causes volcanoes? The blue lines represent the boundaries of the tectonic plates. The yellow area represents earthquake areas. The red area represents active volcanic action. The shifting of the tectonic plates causes pressure to build up underground. This pressure and friction from the movement of the plates causes heat to rise. The build up of heat and pressure needs an outlet. It finds the weakest land area (along the fault lines) and magma rises to the surface with explosive results.

4 Where are volcanoes located?
Check the map out Visit Volcano World Volcano World

5 How many active volcanoes are there and where are they located?
Volcano World

6 What is the tallest volcano?
Mauna Kea, Hawaii Tall cinder cones atop the summit of Mauna Kea (4,205m) and lava flows that underlie its steep upper flanks have built the volcano a scant 35 m higher than nearby Mauna Loa (4,170 m).

7 What country historically has the most active volcanoes?
Bromo Craters Indonesia

8 Where has volcanoes caused the greatest catastrophe?
Tambora, Indonesia Tambora, Indonesia suffered the most from an erupting volcano. In 1815 about 12,000 people were killed by the eruption of Tambora. Famine and disease caused by the eruption killed approximately 80,000 more people.

9 What is the “Ring of Fire”?
Pacific Ocean

10 Let’s Look at Volcanoes
Movie of Kilaue Fountain Lava Flow Steam

11 Is Earth the only planet that has volcanoes?
Volcano World

12 Let's See How Good You Are!

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