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Jeopardy Is / Are Was / Were Dont / Doesnt Have / Has Plural / Singular 20 40 60 80 100 120.

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2 Jeopardy

3 Is / Are Was / Were Dont / Doesnt Have / Has Plural / Singular

4 20 Points Annie and her brothers ______ at school. Is are

5 40 Points One of my best friends _______ an extra on Seinfeld this week. is are is

6 60 Points Both scene and person ______ the subject of her photographs. is are

7 80 Points There ____ dozens of operators standing by for your calls. is are

8 100 Points Among the constitutional rights we cherish _____ freedom. is are is

9 120 Points The way of life in small villages far from big cities _____ mostly quiet because there are few people. is are is

10 20 Points There _____ fifteen candies in that bag. was were

11 40 Points Each of her books and magazine projects ____ done with the highest professional skill. was were was

12 60 Points After her death in 1965, there ______ a special traveling exhibition of her photographs. was were was

13 80 Points There _____ pictures I didnt remember in the album. was were

14 100 Points There _____ people in the building even after the alarm sounded. was were

15 120 Points Neither the students nor the teacher _____ able to find the solution immediately. was were was

16 20 Points Benito ______ know the answer. doesnt dont Doesnt

17 40 Points dont George and Tamara ______ want to see that movie. doesnt dont

18 60 Points The students ______ know how to help the teacher with her lessons. doesnt dont

19 80 Points Congress discusses all the bills that are brought to the floor, but they _____ always agree on the answer. doesnt dont

20 100 Points The assembly is for the students, so the principal ______ have to be present. doesnt dont doesnt

21 120 Points Why ______ the students get off the bus and go to their rooms before school begins for the day? doesnt dont

22 20 Points Her photographs of Depression Era life still _____ a haunting power. have has have

23 40 Points Most of the milk ____ gone bad. has have has

24 60 Points Not only the students but also their instructor _____ been called to the principals office. has have has

25 80 Points Carlos is the only one of those students who _______ lived up to the potential described in the yearbook. has have has

26 100 Points Each cat and dog in this animal shelter _____ been eventually placed in a good home. has have has

27 120 Points The many deer standing silently next to the big tree _____ not seen the two hunters. has have

28 20 Points Nobody _____ the trouble Ive seen. know knows

29 40 Points Her life and work still _______ young photographers. influence influences influence

30 60 Points Each and every student and instructor in this building _____ for a new facility next year. hope hopes

31 80 Points The International Club, as well as the Choral Society and the Rowing Club, ______ to submit a new constitution. need needs

32 100 Points Of all university courses, mathematics probably _____ the most fear. produce produces

33 120 Points In many countries, governments ______ the mass media through censorship. control controls control

34 20 Points The man with all the birds _____ on my street. live lives

35 40 Points Neither text nor photographs _____ her early books. dominate dominates dominate

36 60 Points A quilter ______ wonderful art objects from simple cloth. make makes

37 80 Points From the California camps for migrant workers _____ her most famous photograph, Migrant Mother. come comes

38 100 Points The president and vice president, accompanied by the board of directors, ______ to vote against changing the company bylaws. plan plans plan

39 120 Points Sometimes a government covertly _____ the general population by releasing disinformation through the mass media. influence influences

40 20 Points The players, as well as the captain, ______ to win. want wants want

41 40 Points The committee ______ very different lives in private. lead leads

42 60 Points The Prime Minister, together with his wife, _____ the press cordially. greet greets

43 80 Points Many prominent photographers _______ Dorothea Lange to be Americas greatest documentary photographer. consider considers consider

44 100 Points Faith Ringgold and Carter Houck ______ masterful quilts. create creates create

45 120 Points An experienced quilter _____ magic with simple materials, such as cotton and wool. work works

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