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1 Legends

2 Definition: Legend The term legend can be defined as a story passed from person to person usually orally by a storyteller and is about a heroic person or a fantastic place; the story often has some basis in truth about some historical event.

3 Legend Examples King Arthur with his Knights of the Roundtable has long been a source of legend, such as the story about the Quest for the Holy Grail (the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper).

4 Legend Examples El Dorado is a supposed place in South America where there is gold everywhere and the people give it away.

5 Legend Examples The Fountain of Youth is a water which gives permanent youth to those who drink of it. Juan Ponce de Leon was reportedly searching for it in Florida in 1513.

6 Legend Examples Robin Hood in England, long a source of legend along with his “Merry Men,” was a bandit/hero about whom many good stories tell.

7 Legend Examples The lost island city of Atlantis is another popular legend which may have existed but was destroyed by an earthquake, although some say it sank beneath the sea.

8 Legend Examples Other popular legends include stories of the Bermuda Triangle, the Loch Ness monster, Big Foot, and assorted vampires and werewolves. Today legends are still being created and called “Urban Legends.” There are many WWW sites devoted to them.

9 Legends Every culture has its own legends.
Legends are sometimes based on truth or upon historical events or places. Legends can entertain people a lot. Legends are still being created. Legends will be with us as long as there are people to enjoy them.

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