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Herding Group Dogs in the Herding Group all share the ability to control the movements of other animals. These dogs are highly intelligent and require.

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1 Herding Group Dogs in the Herding Group all share the ability to control the movements of other animals. These dogs are highly intelligent and require lots of exercise.

2 Border Collie Origin:Scotland Colors:All colors or combination of colors and/or markings. Solid color, bi-color, tri-color, merle and sable. White markings may be clear white or ticked to any degree. Black and white is most common. Height:18-22 inches Weight:42-55 pounds Longevity: 15 years

3 Australian Cattle Dog Origin:Australia Colors:Blue and red speckled. Merling is common so is tri-color. Height:16-21inchs Weight:35-55 pounds Longevity: teens

4 Australian Shepherd Origin:United States. Colors:Blue merle, black, red merle, red - all with or without white markings and/or tan (copper) points. Height:18-23 inches Weight:35-60 pounds Longevity: years

5 Bearded Collie Origin:Scotland Colors:Slate gray, reddish fawn, black, blue, all shades of gray, brown and sandy with or without white markings. Height:20-22 inches Weight:40-60 pounds Longevity: years

6 Belgian Sheepdog Origin:Belgium Colors:Black Height:22-26 inches Weight:40-70 pounds Longevity: teens

7 Belgian Tervuren Origin:Belgium Colors:Fawn to mahogany with black tips, black ears and mask, minimal white acceptable Height:22-26 inches Weight:45-65 pounds Longevity: Mid-teens

8 Belgian Malinois Origins: Belgium Colors:Fawn to mahoghany with black tips, black mask and ears, white accepted in minimal amounts. Height:22-26 inches Weight:45-70 pounds Longevity: mid-teens

9 Bouvier des Flandres Origin:Belgium Colors:Fawn to black, salt and pepper, grizzled or wheaten. Height:23-27 inches Weight:Usually 65 to 80 pounds Longevity: years

10 Welsh Corgi Cardigan Pembrooke Origin:Wales Colors:All shades of red, sable, and brindle. Blue merle with or without tan or brindle points. White flashings are usual on the neck, chest, legs, muzzle, under parts, tips of the tail, and as a blaze of the head. Height:10-12 inches Weight:25-38 pounds Longevity: years Origin:Wales Colors:Outer coat of self colors of red, sable, fawn, black, and tan, with or without white markings. Height:10-12 inches Weight:28-30 pounds Longevity: years

11 BRIARD Origin:France Colors:Uniform in color with white being the only exception. Height:22-27 inches Weight:55-85 pounds Longevity: Low-teens

12 Canaan Origin:Israel Colors:All except brindle, black/tan or tri-color. Solid color, spotted, etc are acceptable. Height:14-20 inches Weight:35-50 pounds Longevity: teens

13 Collie Origin:Scotland Colors:Sable and white, tricolored, blue merle, and white. Height:22-26 inches Weight:50-65 pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: early teens Smooth standard

14 German Shepherd Origin:German Colors:Black iron gray, ash gray, either uniform or regular shading of brown, yellow or light gray. Nose is black. Height:22-26 inches Weight:60-75 pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: around 12 years Standard White

15 Old English Sheepdog Origin:England Colors:Any shade of gray, grizzle, blue, or blue merle with or without white markings or in reverse. Height:20+ inches Weight: pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: Low teens

16 Polish Lowland Sheepdog Origin:Poland Colors:All coat colors are acceptable. The most common colors are white with either black, gray or sandy patches and gray with white, or chocolate. Height:18-20 inches Weight:35-50 pounds Longevity: years

17 Puli Origin:Hungary Colors:Effect is a solid color bur some variation or mingling of a few white/black hairs are acceptable. White, black, various shades of gray and apricot. Height:14-17 inches Weight:22-33 pounds Longevity: teens

18 Shetland Sheep Dog Origin:Shetland Islands of UK Colors:Merle, sable and white, black and white, tricolor, black and tan. Height:13-15 inches Weight:Usually no more than 24 pounds Longevity: Mid teens Merle Standard

19 Working Dogs Dogs in the Working Group were developed to perform a wide variety of tasks, such as: These dogs are large, intelligent, and protective of their owners. Herding CartingGuarding

20 Saint Bernard Origin:Switzerland Colors:Red with white markings or white with red markings. Height:27+ inches Weight: pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: Often less than 9 years

21 Great Dane Origin:Egypt, Assyria, Tibet, England and others potentially figure into its history. Colors:Brindle, fawn, blue, black, and harlequin. Height:28+ inches Weight: pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: Usually no more than 7 years

22 Great Pyrenees Origin:France Colors:White. Height:25-32 inches Weight: pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: Generally less than 10 years

23 Newfoundland Origin:Possibly Newfoundland Colors:Black, brown, gray, white and black. Height:26-28 inches Weight: pounds Longevity: Usually around 10 years

24 Rottweiler Origin:Ancient Germany/Rome Colors:Always black with rust to mahogany markings. Height:22-27 inches Weight: pounds Longevity: years

25 Akita Origin:Japan Colors:Any variation with or without mask. Height:24-28 inches Weight: pounds Longevity: 10-12

26 Siberian Husky Origin:Siberia Colors:All colors from black to pure white. A variety of markings on the head are common. Height:20-23 inches Weight:35-50 pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: Low teens

27 Doberman Pinscher Origin:Germany Colors:Black, red, blue, and fawn. Rust markings may appear above each eye and on the muzzle, throat and fore chest; on all legs and feet, and below the tail. The nose with be solid black on black dogs, dark brown on red ones, and dark gray on blue ones, and dark tan on fawns. Height:24-28 inches Weight:60-80 pounds Longevity: years

28 Alaskan Malamute Origin:Arctic Alaska, now USA Colors:Shades of gray to black, shades of sable to red, solid white is the only solid color allowed Height:23-25 inches Weight:75-85 pounds Longevity: early teens

29 Bernese Mountain Dog Origin:Switzerland Colors:Distinctive symmetric tri color (black, rust and white) Height:23-28 inches Weight: pounds Longevity: Early teens

30 Schnauzer Giant Schnauzer Standard Schnauzer Origin:Germany Colors:Pepper and salt or pure black. Height:25-32 inches Weight:60-80 pounds Longevity: Mid teens

31 Bull Mastiff Origin:England Colors:Brindle, Fawn or Red often with black masking, minimal white acceptable. Height:24-27 inches Weight: pounds Longevity: Rarely more than 10 years

32 Samoyed Origin:Siberia (northeast, home of the Samoyed tribe) Colors:Pure white. Height:19-23 inches Weight:50-65 pounds Longevity: Low teens

33 Boxer Origin:Germany Colors:Fawn and brindle. Fawn in various shades of light tan to stag red or mahogany. White markings may appear on the chest and on the face. Height:21-25 inches Weight:50-65 pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: 12 years

34 Anatolian Shepherd Origin:Probably Mesopotamia Colors:All are accepted Height:27-32 inches Weight: pounds Longevity: years

35 Toy Group These dogs are very alert and popular as house pets and companions. These dogs are very alert and popular as house pets and companions. These dogs measure less than 15 inches at the shoulder.

36 Affenpinscher Origin:Germany Colors:Black, gray, silver, red, black and tan, or beige are all acceptable. Height:9-12 inches Weight:8-12 pounds Longevity: Years

37 Chihuahua Origin:Mexico Colors:Any color- solid, marked, or splashed. Height:6-9 inches Weight:1-6 pounds Longevity: Easily teens, some live to late teens.

38 Chinese Crested Origin:Probably South Africa but China is credited Colors:Any color or combination of colors. Height:11-13 inches Weight:<20 pounds Longevity: Teens Standard Powder puff

39 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Origin:Great Britian Colors:Blenheim - red/white Tricolor; Ruby (solid red), and black and Tan. Height:12-13 inches Weight:13-18 pounds Longevity: years

40 Brussels Griffon Origin:Belgium Colors:Black and tan, red, black, and beige. Height:Up to 10 inches Weight:8-10 pounds Longevity: Often into teens

41 English Toy Spaniel Origin:England Colors:Ruby (solid red), blenheim (red and white), Prince Charles (tri color), King Charles (black and tan). Height:9-13 inches Weight:8-14 pounds Longevity: High teens

42 Miniature Pinscher Origin:Germany Colors:Red, stag-red, black&rust or tan, chocolate and rust or tan Height:10-13 inches Weight:8-11 pounds Longevity: years

43 Italian Greyhound Origin:Italy Colors:All colors and markings recognized. Height:13-15 inches Weight:11 pounds Longevity: High teens

44 Manchester Terrier Origin:England Colors:Jet black with rich mahogany tan about the ace and lower legs. Height:<9 inches Weight:<12 pounds Longevity: High teens

45 Maltese Origin:Mediterranean - Italy Colors:Pure white, ivory permitted anything else is undesirable and a deviation from the standard. Height:8-11 inches Weight:8-10 pounds Longevity: High teens

46 Japanese Chin Origin:Japan Colors:Black and white; red and white or black and white with tan points. Height:8-11 inches Weight:7-12 pounds Longevity: High teens

47 Papillon Origin:France and Belgium Colors:White with patches of color which may be any color except liver. Height:8-11 inches Weight:Usually less than 13 pounds Longevity: High teens

48 Pekingese Origin:China Colors:Red, fawn, black, black and tan, sable, brindle, white, and parti-colored. Height:<9 inches Weight:<12 pounds Longevity: Teens

49 Yorkshire Terrier Origin:Yorkshire England Colors:Puppies are born black and tan. Adults are usually dark steel- blue or tan. Height:8-10 inches Weight:>7 pounds Longevity: Upper teens

50 Toy Fox Terrier Origin:United States Colors:Tricolor, white/chocolate/tan, white/tan, and white/black. Height:8-11 inches Weight:Maximum of 7 pounds Longevity: Teens

51 Silky Terrier Origin:Australia Colors:Rich tan lower legs and feet, underside of tail and muzzle, fawn or silver head fall. Height:9-10 inches Weight:8-10 pounds Longevity: years

52 Shih Tzu Origin:China Colors:All colors, nose and eye rims are black. Height:9-10 inches Weight:12-15 pounds Longevity: Teens

53 Toy Poodle Origin:France Colors:Any solid color including white, silver, red, apricot, chocolate, and black. Height:10 inches and under Weight:Proportionate to size Longevity: Often the late teens

54 Pomeranian Origin:Germany/Britain Colors:Orange, red, white, black, blue, brown, beaver with tan or cream points, brindle also wolf sable and parti-colors. Height:8-11 inches Weight:Ideally 4-7 pounds, there is no teacup variety. Longevity: years is not uncommon

55 Pug Origin:China Colors:Silver or apricot fawn with black mask. Height:10-13 inches Weight:14-18 pounds Longevity: High teens

56 Havanese Origin:Cuba Colors:All colors and coloring acceptable with pigment dark and solid. Height:8-11 inches Weight:7-14 pounds Longevity: High teens

57 Non-sporting Dogs This group consists of miscellaneous breeds with a wide variety of sizes and characteristics. This group consists of miscellaneous breeds with a wide variety of sizes and characteristics. These dogs are used as companions.

58 American Eskimo Origin:United States Colors:White or white with cream Height:9-12 inches (Toy) (Miniature) over 15 inches (Standard) Weight:proportionate to size (Toy) none under 9 inches or over 19 inches. Longevity: Mid teens

59 Bichon Frise Origin:Mediterranean later specifically France Colors:White Height:9-12 inches Weight:13-18 pounds Longevity: Teens

60 Boston Terrier Origin:United States Colors:Brindle with white markings and black with white markings. Height:Varies depending on weight (lightweight inches) Weight:<15 (lightweight) (middleweight) (heavyweight) Longevity: Teens

61 Bull Dog (English) Origin:England Colors:Red brindle, all other brindles, solid white, solid red, fawn or fallow, and piebald. Height:13-16 inches Weight:40 pounds (female) 50 pounds (male) Longevity: Usually not much more than 10 years.

62 Chinese Shar-Pei Origin:China Colors:Black, red, fawn and cream; only solid colors, but no white. Height:18-20 inches Weight:35-45 pounds Longevity: 13 years

63 Chow Origin:China Colors:Red, black, blue, cinnamon, and cream. Height:17-20 inches Weight:45-65 pounds Longevity: Early teens

64 Dalmatian Origin:Recognized as Croatia but likely far before that. Colors:White with black spots and white with liver brown spots. Height:19-24 inches Weight:35-45 pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: Early teens

65 French Bulldog Origin:France Colors:All brindle, fawn, white, white and brindle. Height:16 inches Weight:< 28 pounds Longevity: Teens

66 Keeshond Origin:Holland Colors:Gray, black and cream blended artfully ideally with black tipped/fringed ears, mask and tipping on tail. Height:16-19 inches Weight:24-38 pounds Longevity: Holland

67 Lhasa Apso Origin:Tibet Colors:All colors Height:9-11 inches Weight:10-16 pounds Longevity: Teens

68 Poodle Origin:France Colors:All colors with the coat being an even and solid color at the skin. Height:(Standard >15 inches) (Miniature inches) (Toy <10 inches) Weight:(Standard pounds) (Miniature pounds) (Toy pounds) Longevity: Around 15 years

69 Schipperke Origin:Belgium Colors:Solid Black Height:10-13 inches Weight:11-22 pounds Longevity: Teens

70 Shiba Inu Origin:Japan Colors:Red, black and tan, sesame (gold/tan) with minimal white or solid white. Height:14-16 inches Weight:18-26 pounds Longevity: Mid-high teens

71 Tibetan Spaniel Origin:Tibet Colors:All colors and mixtures permissible. Height:10 inches Weight:9-15 pounds Longevity: 15 years

72 Tibetan Terrier Origin:Tibet Colors:All colors and variations are allowed with no preference. Height:15-16 inches Weight:18-30 pounds Longevity: Into teens

73 Sporting Dogs The dogs in this group were developed to assist the hunter in the pursuit of game. The dogs in this group were developed to assist the hunter in the pursuit of game.

74 Brittany Spaniel Origin:A French province Colors:Orange and white or liver and white in either clear or roan patterns. Some ticking desirable. Height:17-20 inches Weight:49-55 pounds Uses:Shooting dog Noted for: excellent sense of smell and its desire to please. Character: active, enthusiastic, and untiring.

75 Pointer Origin:England (however documentation from its early history appear elsewhere in Europe). Colors:Liver, lemon, black, orange; either in combination with white or solid-colored. Height:23-28 inches Weight:45-75 pounds Longevity: Low teens

76 German Shorthaired Pointer Origin:Germany Colors:Solid liver or liver and white. (ticked, spotted, or roan) Height:21-25 inches Weight:45-60 pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: Teens

77 German Wirehaired Pointer Origin:Germany Colors:Liver and white. (Ticked, spotted, or liver roan) Height:22-26 inches Weight:45-65 pounds Longevity: years

78 Chesapeake Bay Retriever Origin:United States Colors:Brown, sedge or deadgrass with pigmentation around eyes and nose to be preferably the same, very minimal white if at all. Height:21-26 inches Weight:55-80 pounds Longevity: 9-13 years

79 Curly Coated Retriever Origin:England Colors:Solid black or solid liver. Height:23-27 inches Weight:55-70 pounds Longevity: Teens

80 Flat Coated Retriever Origin:England Colors:Solid black or solid liver Height:22-25 inches Weight:40-55 pounds Longevity: Teens

81 Golden Retriever Origin:England Colors:Golden Height:21-24 inches Weight:55-75 pounds Longevity: Teens

82 Labrador Retriever Origin:Newfoundland Colors:Black, yellow, and chocolate. Height:21-24 inches Weight:55-75 pounds Longevity: Teens

83 English Setter Origin:England Colors:Black, white, and tan; black and white; blue belton; lemon and white; lemon belton; orange and white; orange belton; liver and white; liver belton; and solid white. Height:24-25 inches Weight:50-70 pounds Longevity: Early teens

84 Gordon Setter Origin:Scotland/England Colors:Black and tan Height:23-27 inches Weight:45-80 pounds Longevity: Low teens

85 Irish Setter Origin:Ireland Colors:Mahogany or rich chestnut red with no trace of black. Height:25-27 inches Weight:60 pounds (female) 70 pounds (male) Longevity: Early teens

86 American Water Spaniel Origin:United States Colors:Liver Height:15-18 inches Weight:25-45 pounds Longevity: years

87 Clumber Spaniel Origin:France/Great Britain Colors:White with lemon or orange markings. Height:17-20 inches Weight:55-85 pounds Longevity: years

88 American Cocker Spaniel Origin:United States Colors:Buff, black and tan, particolored, and black. Height:15-17 inches Weight:20-30 pounds Longevity: Teens

89 English Cocker Spaniel Origin:England Colors:Many colors exist in solid and parti-colors. Height:15-17 inches Weight:26-34 pounds Longevity: years

90 English Springer Spaniel Origin:England Colors:Black or liver with white markings; tricolor: black and white or liver and white with tan markings. Height:19-20 inches Weight:26-34 pounds Longevity: Teens

91 Field Spaniel Origin:England Colors:Solid black, liver, red, golden, or roaned with eyebrows. Height:18 inches Weight:35-50 pounds Longevity: Teens

92 Irish Water Spaniel Origin:England Colors:Liver Height:20-24 inches Weight:50-70 pounds Longevity: 12 years

93 Spinone Italiano Origin:Italy Colors:Solid white or white with brown or orange patches including flecks in tan, orange or brown. Height:23-28 inches Weight:64-86 pounds Longevity: Low teens

94 Sussex Spaniel Origin:Sussex County, England Colors:Golden liver with hair gradient going to gold at the tips. Height:15-16 inches Weight:50 pounds Longevity: Mid teens

95 Viszla Origin:Hungary Colors:Russet gold, any white is undesirable. Height:21-25 inches Weight:44-66 pounds Longevity: Early teens

96 Weimaraner Origin:Germany Colors:Silver or roe gray Height:22-27 inches Weight:55-80 pounds Longevity: Low teens

97 Welsh Springer Spaniel Origin:Wales Colors:Chestnut red and white only. Height:18-19 inches Weight:30-45 pounds Longevity: Mid teens

98 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Origin:Germany Colors:Gray with brown markings; chestnut brown, roan; white and brown and white and orange are all acceptable. Height:20-24 inches Weight:55-75 pounds Longevity: 12 years

99 Terrier Group This group is broken down in to two subgroups: This group is broken down in to two subgroups: The long-legged, larger breeds The long-legged, larger breeds The short-legged, smaller breeds The short-legged, smaller breeds

100 Airedale Terrier Origin:England Colors:The head and ears are tan, with the ears being a darker shade than the rest. The sides and upper parts of the body should be black or dark grizzle. Height:22-23 inches Weight:42-44 pounds Longevity: High teens

101 American Staffordshire Terrier Origin:England/United States Colors:All color patterns and colors are permissible, but black/tan and white over 80% is discouraged. Height:17-19 inches Weight:40-65 pounds Longevity: Teens

102 Australian Terrier Origin:Australia Colors:Blue and tan, solid sand, and solid red. Height:10-11 inches Weight:12-16 pounds Longevity: Mid-late teens

103 Bedlington Terrier Origin:England Colors:Liver and blue. Height:15-16 inches Weight:15-23 pounds Longevity: years

104 Border Terrier Origin:North England and Scotland Colors:Red, grizzle and tan, blue and tan, and wheaten. Height:11-13 inches Weight:11-15 pounds Longevity: Teens

105 Bull Terrier Origin:England Colors:The White: all white, or white with black markings on the head. Colored: any color but white, with brindle being the preferred color. Height:30-50 inches (female) inches (male) Weight:17-21 pounds Longevity: Teens

106 Cairn Terrier Origin:Scotland Colors:Any color but white. Height:9-10 inches Weight:14-16 pounds Longevity: Teens

107 Irish Terrier Origin:Ireland Colors:Solid colored from wheaten to deep red. Height:18 inches Weight:25-27 pounds Longevity: Mid teens

108 Dandie Dinmont Terrier Origin:The border of England and Scotland. Colors:Pepper: blue gray to light silver with light tan or silver points and a very light gray or white topknot. Mustard: dark ocher color to cream with white points and topknot. Height:8-11 inches Weight:18-24 pounds Longevity: years

109 Standard Manchester Terrier Origin:Great Britain Colors:Black and tan Height:10-16 inches Weight:12-22 pounds Longevity: Teens

110 Kerry Blue Terrier Origin:Ireland Colors:Distinctive slate blue t hough black or tan markings are acceptable until the dog is 18 months Height:17-20 inches Weight:28-40 pounds Longevity: Early-mid teens

111 Lakeland Terrier Origin:Cumberland County, Lake District near the Northern border, England. Colors:Black and tan, blue and tan, red, grizzle and tan, liver and tan, wheaten, blue, black or red grizzle. Height:< 14 inches Weight:15-17 pounds Longevity: High teens

112 Norfolk Terrier Origin:England Colors:Red, wheaten, black and tan, or grizzle, dark points are acceptable. Height:9-12 inches Weight:11-12 pounds Longevity: years

113 Norwich Terrier Origin:England Colors:Red, wheaten, black and tan or grizzled. Height:9-12 inches Weight:12 pounds Longevity: years

114 Scottish Terrier Origin:Scotland - Highlands Colors:Steel or iron gray, grizzled or brindled, black, sandy or wheaten; only very minimal white accepted. Height:10 inches Weight:18-22 pounds Longevity: mid-late teens

115 Sealyham Terrier Origin:Wales Colors:White or white with lemon, black, blue or badger. Height:< 12 inches Weight:18-20 pounds Longevity: Mid teens

116 Skye Terrier Origin:Skye Isle, UK Colors:Coat is one overall color at the skin, but may be of varying shades of the same color in the full coat, which may be black, blue, dark or light gray, silver, platinum, fawn, or cream. Height:9-10 inches Weight:23-25 pounds Longevity: Mid teens

117 Smooth Coat Fox Terrier Smooth Coat Fox Terrier Origin:Difficult to verify but known in ancient Rome. Colors:White should predominate; brindle, red, or liver are objectionable. Height:14-15 inches Weight:16-18 pounds Longevity: High teens

118 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Origin:UK (England) Colors:Red, fawn, black, blue, brindle, white or in combination with white; black and tan or liver is highly undesirable. Height:14-16 inches Weight:20-38 pounds Longevity: Mid teens

119 Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Origin:Ireland Colors:Soft golden wheaten, some slight variation over the coat (ears for example) is common. Height:16-20 inches Weight:30-45 pounds Longevity: Low teens

120 Welsh Terrier Origin:Wales Colors:The jacket is black spreading up onto the neck, down onto the tail, and into the upper thighs. The legs, quarters, and head are clear tan. The tan is deep reddish brown. Height:14-15 inches Weight:20 pounds Longevity: High teens

121 West Highland Terrier Origin:Scotland Colors:White Height:11 inches Weight:14-16 pounds Longevity: High teens

122 Wire Fox Terrier Origin:England Colors:Predominately white with black, black and tan or tan markings. Height:15 or less inches Weight:18 pounds Longevity: High teens

123 Hound Group The hound group can be divided in to two smaller groups: The hound group can be divided in to two smaller groups: One type hunts by sight One type hunts by sight One type hunts by scent One type hunts by scent

124 Afghan Hound Origin:Afghanistan Colors:All colors Height:24-28 inches Weight:50 pounds (females) 60 pounds (males) Longevity: years

125 American Fox Hound Origin:United States Colors:Any colors Height:21-25 inches Weight:35-45 pounds Longevity: years

126 Basenji Origin:African bush Colors:White feet, chest and tip of tail with more white acceptable on a majority of black, red, brindle, or tri-color. Height:16-17 inches Weight:22-24 pounds Longevity: Mid teens

127 Basset Hound Origin:England Colors:Usually white with chestnut or sand-colored markings. Height:14 inches (females not over 14 in.) Weight:40-51 pounds Longevity: Early teens

128 Beagle Origin:England Colors:Blue with black tigering, white, black, orange, or typical hound tricolor. Height:13-15 inches Weight:18-30 pounds Longevity: 14 years

129 Black and Tan Coonhound Origin:United States Colors:Black coat with tan markings on the muzzle, limbs, and chest. Height:23-27 inches Weight:60-70 pounds (female) pounds (male) Longevity: Low-mid teens

130 Bloodhound Origin:In its modern form, England but originally around the Mediterranean. Colors:Black and tan, red and tan, and tawny. Height:23-27 inches Weight: pounds Longevity: years

131 Borzoi Origin:Russia Colors:Any color Height:At least 26 inches Weight: pounds Longevity: Low teens

132 Dachshund Origin:Germany/Western Europe Colors:Solid colors of red, tan, red yellow, and yellow. Bi-colors of black, chocolate, gray, and white. There are also speckled, streaked, and harlequin. Height:5-9 inches depending on the variety. Weight:(normal 20 pounds) (miniature 9 pounds) (toy 8 pounds) Longevity: 15 years Longhaired Standard

133 English Foxhound Origin:England Colors:Tri-colored as well as white with another color (yellow, orange, etc.) No real preference given to color. Height:19-23 inches Weight:45-60 pounds Longevity: Teens

134 Greyhound Origin: Deserts of the middle east Colors:All colors. Height:20-27 inches Weight:60-70 pounds Longevity: Early teens

135 Harrier Origin:Britian Colors:Not considered important so all are acceptable. Height:19-21 inches Weight:35-45 pounds Longevity: years

136 Ibizan Hound Origin:Ibiza is off the coast of Spain but they likely date back to ancient Egypt. Colors:Red (which may be pale, known as lion to deep red) and white in any combination Height:22-27 inches Weight:40-55 pounds Longevity: Low teens

137 Irish Wolfhound Origin:Ireland Colors:Gray, brindle, red, black, fawn. Height:Minimum height of 30 inches as adults. Weight:Minimum weight of 105 lbs as adults. Longevity: 6-8 years

138 Norwegian Elkhound Origin:Norway Colors:Gray with darker gray saddle. The muzzle, ears, and tail tip are black. Height:20 inches Weight:48-55 pounds Longevity: Low teens

139 Otterhound Origin:England Colors:All common hound colors. Not allowed: white dog with separate black and tan patches or liver and white. Height:23-28 inches Weight:60-90 pounds Longevity: Low teens

140 Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Origin:France Colors:White with any combination of markings. Height:13-15 inches Weight:Up to 45 pounds Longevity: Mid teens

141 Pharaoh Hound Origin:An ongoing debate between Malta or Egypt. In any event the dog was recognized and appreciated even then. Colors:Tan or rich tan with some white on tip of tail, chest, blaze on face and toes, other white or flecks are undesirable. Height:21-25 inches Weight:40-55 pounds Longevity: Teens

142 Rhodesian Ridgeback Origin:Africa Colors:Deep russet red occasionally with masking. Height:24-27 inches Weight:65-85 pounds Longevity: Low-mid teens

143 Saluki Origin:Middle East Colors:Any color or combination except brindle. Height:23-28 inches Weight:42-58 pounds Longevity: Mid teens

144 Scottish Deerhound Origin:Scotland Colors:Shades of gray, brindle, yellow or red with minimal white if at all. Height:Minimum inches Weight:Minimum pounds Longevity: Usually less than 10 years.

145 Whippet Origin:England Colors:All colors and patterns are acceptable. Height:18-22 inches Weight:28-38 pounds Longevity: Early teens

146 Miscellaneous Group

147 Beauceron

148 Plott

149 Redbone Coonhound

150 Swedish Vallhund

151 Tibetan Mastiff

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