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DAMASCUS HIGH SCHOOL 9 TH GRADE PARENT MEETING. COUNSELING OFFICE Counselors: A-Ba Mr. Peelman Be-E Mr. Higgins F-Kh Mrs. Djouha Ki-O Mr. Smith P-Sa Mrs.

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2 COUNSELING OFFICE Counselors: A-Ba Mr. Peelman Be-E Mr. Higgins F-Kh Mrs. Djouha Ki-O Mr. Smith P-Sa Mrs. Poker Sc-Z Mrs. Villani

3 COUNSELING OFFICE Registrar - Mrs. Burkey 301-253-7041 Counseling Office Secretary - Mrs. Nelson 301-253-7037 Career Center - Mr. Ed Martin 301-253-7045

4 Counseling Office Agenda Final exams Increased workload and difficulty Academic Eligibility Attendance and LC Information

5 Counseling Office Agenda Graduation Requirements with HSA Summer School / High School + Transcript Information PSAT, SAT, and ACT Registration Procedures for 9 th into 10 th Grade

6 Final Exam Schedule January 14-15 – Review Days January 16 – 1 st and 7 th exams January 19 – Holiday (MLK Day) January 20 – 2 nd and 6 th exams January 21 – 3 rd and 5 th exams January 22 – 4 th and Make-up exams January 23 -- Make-up exams January 26 – No School – Report Card Prep. Day January 27 -- 2 nd Semester Begins Daily Exam Schedule: 7:25 – 9:30 - Exam #1 9:30 – 10:00 - Break/Study 10:00 – 12:00 - Exam #2

7 Increased Difficulty – 9 th Grade Increase in amount of work and difficulty of work Long-term assignments 2 nd Quarter versus 1 st Quarter Communications with teacher/counselor -EdLine, DHS site, e-mail, progress reports, interims, PTSA newsletter, parent meetings Honor Roll requirements

8 Academic Eligibility Eligibility is determined each quarter Must achieve a minimum of 2.0 for the quarter; no more than one E Ineligibility remains in effect until the next quarter report card is distributed

9 Attendance and LC Must turn in absence notes within three school days of absence (even if called in by parent) After three unexcused absences, an LC warning letter is sent home After five unexcused absences, an LC letter is sent home Three unexcused tardies equal one unexcused absence Appeal Process is available

10 Summer School and High School+ When is summer school or high school+ necessary? -English, Math, Prerequisites,Total Credits Locations and costs -Limited offerings, provide own transportation -Last year’s summer school cost was $265 per course Registration Procedures Calendar for summer/high school +

11 Transcripts Transcripts include the following info: - Semester courses and semester grades - Cumulative GPA and cumulative WGPA - Attendance Record - Student Service Learning Hours - Graduation Summary - High School Assessment Results

12 PSAT, SAT, ACT PSAT automatic in 10 th and 11 th Grade (free) PSAT Day activities for 9 th Grade Students - class meeting, 7 Habits, meet with counselors, career & technology presentations Test October 15th; Results in December Critical Reading, Math, and Writing Score DHS courses to assist: SAT Prep, more rigorous courses (Honors and Advanced Placement) Official test to qualify for National Merit Scholarships for 11 th Grade

13 The SAT Math: - No quantitative comparisons - Algebra 2 included - Testing time is reduced by 5 minutes Critical Reading (replaces Verbal): - No more analogies - More passage-based reading questions - Testing time is reduced by 5 minutes

14 The SAT Writing Component/Multiple Choice Section: - Multiple Choice- improving sentences and paragraphs (25 minutes) - Student written essay- communicating a viewpoint (25 minutes) Cost is $45.00

15 ACT ACT changed in Spring, 2005 - Writing section is optional - Increasing number of schools are accepting it - More achievement-oriented test - Cost is $46.00; no writing $31.00

16 DHS COURSE REGISTRATION Course level recommendations done by 1 st semester teachers in January Registration materials to students in late February Students return completed and signed registration card in early March Course offering booklet distributed to all DHS students during registration More course offerings available to 10 th graders

17 Graduation Requirements 4 credits in English 3 credits in Social Studies (U.S. History, NSL Government (or AP NSL), Modern World History (or AP World History) 4 credits in Math (Algebra and Geometry required) 3 credits in Science (Biology and a physical science required) 1 credit in Physical Education

18 Graduation Requirements (continued).5 credit in Health (10 th Grade) 1 credit in Fine Arts 1 credit in Technology One of the following: - 2 credits in a Foreign Language - 2 credits in Advanced Technology - 4 credits in a Career Completer

19 Graduation Requirements (continued) 22 Total credits 75 hours of Student Service Learning Hours AND

20 Graduation Requirements TAKE AND PASS ALL HIGH SCHOOL ASSESSMENTS (HSA) English 10, NSL, Biology, Algebra

21 HIGH SCHOOL ASSESSMENTS Pass Algebra 1 412 Biology 400 English 10 396 NSL Government 394 TOTAL 1602

22 Factors in College Admission Considerable Importance - Grades in College Prep Courses - Standardized Admissions Tests - Grades in All Classes Moderate Importance - Class Rank (MCPS does not rank students) - Essay or Writing Sample - Counselor Recommendation - Teacher Recommendation - Work/Extracurricular Activities

23 Factors in College Admission Limited Importance - Alumni Relation Very Limited Importance - Interview - Student’s Demonstrated Interest - State Graduation Exam Scores - Subject Tests (SAT II, AP, IB) - Race/Ethnicity - Ability to Pay - State or County of Residence

24 University of Maryland 61 Students applied to Maryland 47 were admitted Admitted averages: 3.6 grade point average 3.9 weighted grade point average 1270 SAT for math and critical reading

25 IMPORTANT DATES October 15 - PSAT Day November 11 - Report Cards November 21 - Progress Reports November 26 - Early Release Day November 27-28 - Thanksgiving December 12 - 2 nd Qt. Interims Mailed December 24- - Winter Break January 2 January 5 - Progress Reports January 16 - Semester Exams Begin

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