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ELECTION 2012 A Mock Presidential Campaign and Election.

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1 ELECTION 2012 A Mock Presidential Campaign and Election

2 TEKS 113.35 2B,C,D 3A,B 12C,D

3 What we will be doing… For the next 5 class periods we will be holding a mock presidential election. I will give you two candidates to choose from. You will be on a campaign committee and will create a platform for your candidate. Each committee is to make posters and commercials for their candidates to raise awareness. These can be positive and/or negative

4 Candidate One The only way out is to organize world economy on the basis of economic co-operation between the advanced (industrial) and backward (fuel and raw material supplying) countries (and not on the basis of the plunder of the latter by the former). It is precisely for this purpose that the international proletarian revolution is needed. Without this revolution it is useless thinking of the organization and normal development of world economy. But in order to be able to start (at least to start ) organizing world economy on proper lines, the proletariat must triumph at least in several advanced countries. So long as that is not the case, our Party must seek roundabout ways of co-operation with capitalist groups in the economic field.

5 Candidate Two This is not a perfect party. We are not a perfect people. Yet, we are called to a perfect mission. Our mission: to feed the hungry; to clothe the naked; to house the homeless; to teach the illiterate; to provide jobs for the jobless; and to choose the human race over the nuclear race My constituency is the desperate, the damned, the disinherited, the disrespected, and the despised. They are restless and seek relief. They have voted in record numbers. They have invested the faith, hope, and trust that they have in us.

6 Now Its Time to Choose The class will be divided into two groups You will have the rest of the class period to assign the following group task and begin on your partys view on controversial issues found in todays warm up. Campaign Manager (group leader/ spokesperson) Scribe Runner

7 FAST FORWARD TO DAY 5 Ok we have finished the campaigning and both groups have presented valid agreements for their candidate now the day has come to vote.

8 Who You Voted For Joseph Stalin A Bolshevik revolutionary and dictator of the Soviet Union. Stalin became general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party in 1922; remaining in power through World War II and until his death. Stalin molded the features that characterized the new Soviet regime; his policies, based on Marxist– Leninist ideology, are often considered to represent a political and economic system called Stalinism.

9 Who You Voted For He was born as Jesse Louis Burns in a poor household in Greenville, South Carolina. He married Jacqueline Lavinia Brown on December 31, 1962. In 1984 Jesse Jackson became the second African- American (after Shirley Chisholm) to mount a nationwide campaign for the President of the United States. He garnered 3.5 million votes during the primaries, third behind Gary Hart and Walter Mondale (who won the nomination).

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