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1 A potential international support system for Education for Sustainable Development

2 Meet Otto a cod, in the North Sea Environmental challenges for Otto first weeks: Born with toxic chemicals Feeds on microlayer, highly contaminated UV-radiation affects his growth Nutrients produces toxic algae's, reduces his food Climate change changes his feeding areas After some months: Very difficult to get away from the industrial fleet Moves coast outside Africa Meets Helen, just to become father – no success Caught by the EU fleet Sold as ecological sound product due to new fishing gears

3 Lessons learned in Norway Pupils experience that they are able to contribute something useful to society. They do real work and produce high-quality results. Impressive concrete results can be achieved when many schools join together Better learning and working environment when the school leadership, maintenance people, teachers and pupils co-operate.

4 Lessons learned in Norway The Network gives legitimacy to interdisciplinary, action- oriented teaching methods. Teachers and schools receive the support they need for these learning approaches. Co-operation with heavy ministries and research/scientific institutions lends credibility to the schools work. The network creates win-win situations between the schools and other parts of the society

5 Utilise the learning

6 First prototype of an international edition developed

7 Builds on Norwegian web solution

8 Good mixture of thematic issues? Biological diversity Climate and air quality Consumption and resources Democracy and participation Energy and renewable resources Water issues

9 How to proceed? The Norwegian Directorate is open for: Maintain the solution at our current servers for international use Make this prototype into an ENSI ICT operational product – thereby also basis for ENSI evaluation projects later Develop it further in 2006 with active involvement from other countries Establish an international operational editorial board

10 Contact information: Astrid Sandås, Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education : +47 23 30 13 18 Geir Endregard, NILU : +47 63 80 81 10 Brage Frøland, School laboratory Univ. in Bergen : +47 55 58 24 15

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