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Dry Ice Investigations

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1 Dry Ice Investigations

2 Questions We Have About Dry Ice

3 Student Questions After “Exploring Dry Ice”
If you put water in with dry ice, will it freeze? Would a normal thermometer break if you put it against dry ice? If dry ice were to melt, would it be edible? What would happen if you put dry ice in a hot oven? What would happen if you covered dry ice with sugar?

4 Systematic Observations
Marge’s Systematic Observation – What happens when you put dry ice in soap solution? The Mystery of the Floating Bubbles

5 Activity 3: Experimenting
Marge’s Experiments – Does temperature affect how fast dry ice turns to a gas?

6 Student Questions After “Marge’s Experiment”
What would happen if you placed dry ice on a marshmallow? … on a bunsen burner? … in Pepsi?… in Jello? … in hydrogen peroxide? … on a plant leaf? … in salt water? What would happen if you put acid on dry ice? What would happen if you mixed dry ice with gasoline? What would happen if you wrap it in foil and put it in hot water? What would happen to a fish in water if you added dry ice?

7 Activity 4: Conducting Dry Ice Investigations
Choosing Investigable Question Making an Investigation Plan Conducting Investigations Sharing Results of Investigations

8 Assessment Scientific Journal – observe, compare, describe
Energy and Matter questionnaire Open-ended Investigations – Investigation Rubric Other Suggestions: Investigate another topic, design a comic strip, “The Royal Society Meets”, Inventive Applications

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