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Higher Geography: Drainage basins.

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1 Higher Geography: Drainage basins

2 evaporation and transpiration precipitation
Interception (stored in plants) overland flow Surface storage infiltration throughflow channel storage soil water storage percolation streamflow groundwater flow groundwater storage Or ‘channel runoff’

3 Watershed - the boundary separating one drainage basin from another.
Tyne drainage basin or catchment area

4 Constructing a watershed

5 The watershed defines the boundary of the catchment area.
Drainage Basin 1

6 Drainage basins interlock…
1 2 Drainage Basin 3

7 transpiration infiltration channel runoff overland flow precipitation evaporation Water table

8 The Tay-Earn basin Lunan drainage basin River Earn drainage basin
Firth of Tay The Tay-Earn basin River Tay and River Earn catchments, Perthshire, Scotland

9 The Tay-Earn basin Lunan Burn gauging station Firth of Tay
River Tay and River Earn catchments, Perthshire, Scotland

10 Things to think about! River Tay video What a drainage basin is like.
The changing landscape from source to mouth. Why what a river does is important to us. The impact of flood events on human activity.

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