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USDA Forest Service National Tree Seed Laboratory 50 years of service to global reforestation.

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1 USDA Forest Service National Tree Seed Laboratory 50 years of service to global reforestation

2 National Tree Seed Laboratory

3 Laboratory Functions Seed Testing of all tree, shrub, and native plants in the US using Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA) rules Seed Bank –seed to international researchers, certificates for international seed shipments Technical Assistance – solve seed problems for the reforestation community Seed Technology Center – information distribution,

4 Seed Testing Standardized seed tests for public, private, and corporate agencies –Germination percent with X-ray analysis –Purity percent –Seed per pound, seed per kilogram –Moisture content percent –Filled seed percent from X-ray analysis –Estimated viability percent

5 Quality Systems Program Accredited by International Seed Testing Association Review in October 2004 Quality Assurance Manual developed and audited internally Management Review of manual Standard Operating Procedures for each seed test

6 International Involvement Organization for Economic & Community Development (OECD) tree seed committee International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) meetings and committees International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) seed physiology committee ISTA certificates for international seed shipments Visiting scientists from other countries International conferences

7 Yearly Seed Test Requests

8 Seed Tests Type by Year

9 Speciality Tests

10 International Seed Bank Clearinghouse for international seed shipments from the Forest Service to international researchers for genetic testing for a small fee Maintain small seed bank in storage Export / Import requirements for seed Obtain phytosanitary certificates and permits Expanded future role – germplasm conservation

11 Technical Assistance Free workshops on seed testing and cleaning Individual training on seed testing Tours for visiting scientists of reforestation programs (public and private) Projects and studies on seed problems Support to other testing laboratories- ring tests with ISTA and AOSA Site visits to nurseries, seed plants, etc Publications- regional, national, international Presentations at conferences, meetings

12 Projects and Studies Juniperus scopulorum seed dormancy study Quercus rubra seed sizing study in Northeast Pinus palustris laboratory & nursery temperature study Germination media study of Pinus palustris and Pinus taeda for AOSA and ISTA Seed storage study of Taxodium distichum, Liriodendron tulipera, Nyssa, Fraxinus pennsylvanica Prunus persica paper on tetrazolium and excised embryo for ISTA Stratification study of Diosypros, Malus, Liriodendron

13 Seed Technology Center Technology Transfer- publications, information distribution Websites –,, Training – workshops, conferences Woody Plant Seed Manual –Ag Handbook 450, Forest Service publications – Tree Planters Notes, The Native Plant Journal, Seed Dealers Directory

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