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Galway ES Back to School Night Fourth Grade 2015-2016 Jessica Daffan 301.595.2930.

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2 Galway ES Back to School Night Fourth Grade 2015-2016 Jessica Daffan 301.595.2930

3 Welcome Families! Please find a seat at your child’s desk and enjoy their “I am” poem

4 Welcome to 4 th Grade 1. Please be sure to: Sign in Sign up for a conference Sign up to volunteer (if you can) Room parent

5 Back to School Night Tonight we will be reviewing the following: Curriculum Overview Communication Galway HW policy Contact Information

6 Reading Homework The goal is to read as many books and for longer periods of time.  Read for at least 20 minutes a day  Read text at the independent level  Read text of different genre including:  Fiction (chapter books and picture books)  Informational text  Graphic novels  Magazines Locating books at the independent level:

7 Math Homework Focus: Development of Mathematical Fluency in Grade 4 Homework may come in the form of: Games Math problems or tasks Math practice ** Grade 3 Fluency standard that is critical for Grade 4** content in multiplication, division, fractions and decimal fractions: Fluently multiply and divide within 100 Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm within 1,000,000

8 Galway school rules and expectations R -RESPECTFUL O -ON TASK A -ACCOUNTABLE R -READY TO LEARN S -SAFE Lions Paw Students can receive Lions Paw tickets when demonstrating positive school behavior. Stop Light Gold-Exceptional Behavior Green-Positive Behavior Yellow-few warnings; loss of consequence Red-many warnings; results in call home or referral to the office. Compliment Chart Recorded on a poster. Classes with completed posters receive a prize.

9 Reading/ Language Arts Literary TextLanguage Vocabulary Informational Text Historical Fiction Drama Poetry Traditional Stories Fantasy Realistic Fiction Peer Discussion Literature Study Shared Inquiry Socratic Seminar Literary Nonfiction Articles Extended Informational Text Firsthand/Second hand Accounts Technical Text Multimedia Formats Words Their Way Vocabulary Study

10 Reading Goals All students will be proficient/advanced in reading by the end of 4 th grade

11 Reading Targets Grade LevelEnd of 1 st Quarter End of 2 nd Quarter End of 3 rd Quarter End of 4 th Quarter Kn/a 1 (A)3 (C) 15-7 (D-E)8-11 (E-G)12-15 (H-I)16-18 (I) 2J-KK-LL-MM 3M-NN-OO-PP ***4***Q-RS-T 5U-VW-X

12 Writing Measurement Topics Narrative Informative Opinion Process, Production, and Research Use of Language

13 Desired Outcomes Operations and Algebraic Thinking Number and Operations in Base Ten Number and Operations– Fractions Measurement and Data Use +, –, ×, and ÷ to Solve Problems Angle Measurement Geometry Factors, Multiples, and Composite Numbers Place Value Understanding for Multi-Digit Whole Numbers Generate and Analyze Patterns Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Numbers Fraction Equivalence and Ordering Build Fractions from Unit Fractions Operations with Fractions Decimal Notation for Fractions Solve Problems Conversions Represent and Interpret Data Lines and Angles Classify Shapes By Properties of Lines and Angles Multiply and Divide Multi-Digit Numbers Math

14 Math Goal All students will be proficient/ advanced in math by the end of 4 th grade

15 Curriculum Overview ScienceSocial Studies Our three units this year are: Ecosystems: construct, observe and discuss ecosystems, and the impact of humans on ecosystems. Rocks & Minerals: properties of minerals, formation of types of rocks, erosion, and scientific investigations. States of Matter: this is a new unit that is replacing Electric Circuits. Our three units this year are: Unit 1: The Impact of Geography: Defining Three Worlds (Pre 1492 and today) Unit 2: Migration: Three Worlds Collide (1492-1700 and Today) Unit 3: The Colonies Thrive (1700- 1763)


17 GRADING AND REPORTING Academic ES- Exceptional at the Grade Level Standard P -Meets the grade level standard by demonstrating proficiency of the content or processes for the measurement topic I -In progress toward meeting the grade level standard. standard N -Not yet making progress toward meeting the standard Learning skills DEM- Demonstrating PRG- Progressing N- Not Yet evident

18 Communication Friday Folder - Friday Folders will be sent home on Fridays with important school information. Please look for Learning Skills to be signed on a weekly basis Homework Folder Email Phone call Conferences November 11 th and 12 th

19 Galway ES “Have a Great Day- On Purpose” Thank you for coming tonight to support the success of your student at Galway Elementary! Please remember to sign in for tonight’s session

20 Fourth Grade Team Ms. Jessica Daffan Mrs. Irene Julian Mr. Fran Lotz Ms. Julie Price Ms. Erinn Thompson

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