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Californias Preschool Learning and Development System Prekindergarten Learning & Development Guidelines Desired Results PRESCHOOL LEARNING FOUNDATIONS.

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1 Californias Preschool Learning and Development System Prekindergarten Learning & Development Guidelines Desired Results PRESCHOOL LEARNING FOUNDATIONS Professional Development Preschool Curriculum Framework Resource Guide for Preschool English Learners

2 Beginning Comments Welcome Retrospective Perspective and Prospective –Everett Rogers: Diffusion of Innovations Listening to Everett Rogers: Diffusion of Innovations and WAC, Stephanie Vanderslice, University of Central Arkansas Disseminating Innovations for the Common Good, Susan Murcott Lecture Notes Main pageNext

3 Preschool Learning Foundations Volume I Social-Emotional Development Language and Literacy English-Language Development Mathematics Appendix: The Foundations is being translated into Chinese, Spanish, Hmong, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, and will be available on the CDE Web site in July 2008. Main pageNext

4 Preschool Curriculum Framework Social-Emotional Development –Janet Thompson, University of California, Davis –Ross Thompson, University of California, Davis –Kelly Twibell, University of California, Davis Language and Literacy –Judith Schickendanz, Boston University –Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Temple University –Roberta Golinkoff, University of Delaware English-Language Development –Marlene Zepeda, California State University, Los Angeles –Linda Espinosa, University of Missouri Mathematics –Osnat Zur, WestEd Main pageBackBack NextNext

5 Preschool Curriculum Framework Dates: Stakeholder and Focus Group Meetings October 2008 Web Posting December 2008/January 9, 2009 Public Hearings January 2009 BackBack NextNextMain page

6 Preschool Learning Foundations Volume II Physical Development –Abbey Alkon and Victoria Leonard, University of California, San Francisco Health –Abbey Alkon and Victoria Leonard, University of California, San Francisco Visual and Performing Arts –James Catterall, University of California, Los Angeles Main page BackBack NextNext

7 Preschool Learning Foundations Volume II Expanded Research Consortium Dates: Physical Development: June 2-3, 2008 Health: July 1-2, 2008 Visual and Performing Arts: July 24-25, 2008 Stakeholder Organization Meeting Dates: September 19, 22, and 23, 2008 Input Sessions and Web Posting Dates: November 3-14, 2008 Note: CPIN leads will receive the draft Input Session Module on October 2, 2008. Public Hearings: early December, 2008 BackMain page

8 Resource Guide for Preschool English Learners EL Guide has been translated into Spanish and will be available for sale in July 2008. Appendix A: Principles for Promoting Language, Literacy, and Learning for Preschool English Learners has been translated into Chinese, Hmong, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, and is available on the CDE Web site. Main pageNext

9 Preschool English Learners Training Project 2008-09 Task 1: Conduct 13 Preschool English Resource Guide trainings with 50 participants per session Task 2: Conduct 25 module trainings on Chapter 8 with 50 participants per session Task 3: Develop new 4-hour training module for Chapter 7 on English Learners with disabilities or other special needs Main pageBackBack NextNext

10 Faculty Initiative Project Present a new series of informational seminars for faculty on the Preschool Learning Foundations Develop and disseminate a series of learning modules for faculty that includes content from Preschool Foundations, Preschool English Learner Resource Guide, and other CDE/CDD publications Motivators and connectors to engage the student Information delivery strategies In-class activities Out-of-class activities Methods to evaluate student learning Foster integration of content from CDE/CDD material into core curriculum in early childhood education in CSU and CCC systems Main pageBackBack NextNext

11 Prekindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines Guidelines published in 2000 for administering high- quality prekindergarten programs Language, literacy, and mathematics based on California Kindergarten Standards. Sample prekindergarten activities: –Language and Literacy, pp. 104-105 –Mathematics, pp. 113-114 Continuum of Teaching Behaviors, pg. 172 Main pageNext

12 BackBack NextNextMain page

13 Prekindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines EL information is still current Addressing cultural diversity, pp. 41-46 Parents partnership in education, pp. 66-71 Quality program characteristics and activities in helping English Learners to acquire the second language, pp. 106-109 Live satellite broadcast training 200 sites at colleges, LEAs, and non-LEAs 8000 administrators, teachers, and FCC providers Topics: Social-Emotional, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, cultural diversity, role of teachers in learning Repeated fifteen times 2 hours Main pageBackBack NextNext

14 Professional Development Quality Improvement Activities CPIN English Learners Faculty Initiative Mentor Teacher CDTC CCIP Exempt Provider TANF Training PITC Many others Main pageBackBack NextNext

15 Preschool School Age Infant & Toddler Trustline Health & Safety Licensing Family & Community Support English Language Learners Special Needs Product Development Professional Development Program Support Parent/ Consumer Education Success with K-12 Content Standards School-Age Resource Grants Training and Stipends Curriculum/Support Materials Early Development and Learning Infant/Toddler Resource Grants Program for Infant Toddler Caregivers Training and Regional Support Network Special Needs/Inclusion Child Care Initiative Project Guidelines Curriculum/Support Materials Foundations and Framework School Readiness Preschool Resource Grants California Preschool Instructional Network Special Needs/Inclusion Preschool Education Project Preschool Learning Foundations and Framework Preschool English Learners Resource Guide Prekindergarten Guidelines and Family Child Care Adaptation Early Childhood Educator Competencies Grants: - Facilities Renovation/Repair - Instructional Materials - Health and Safety Facilities Financing Technical Assistance Program Evaluation Healthline Child Development Training Consortium Mentor Program TANF Child Development Careers Family Child Care Salary/Retention Program Child Development Teacher/Supervisor Grant Program Stipend for Permit Child Care Initiative Project Exempt Providers Faculty Initiative Family Partnership Quality Improvement Activities Resource & Referral Local Planning Councils Desired Results System Training DRDP-R Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP-R) Child Development Division March 2008 BackBack NextNext

16 CPIN Modules 2004/2005 Concepts in Print – based on presentation by Marilyn Astore Overview of ELLCO (Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation) Vocabulary Development – based on presentation by Marilyn Astore Oral Language Seed for Early Literacy - based on presentation by David Dickenson BackBack NextNextMain page

17 CPIN Modules 2005/2006 Literacy for All Children Early Speech and Language Development - based on presentation by Dr. Mary McClean Transition to Kindergarten Developmental Writing The Roots of Learning to Read and Write: Acquisition of Letters and Phonemic Awareness in English-Language Learners and English-Only Children – based on presentation by Dr. Theresa Roberts BackBack NextNextMain page

18 CPIN Modules 2006/2007 Developing and Promoting Early Language and Literacy in Young Children - based on regional lead work with Dr. Lonigan English Learner Panel - permission granted by researchers to use PowerPoint slides Preschool Learning Foundations Input Session Module Meeting the Needs of All Learners through the Early Childhood Curriculum - based on presentation by Whit Hayslip Back Back NextNext Main page

19 CPIN Modules 2007/2008 Getting Ready for Foundations Number Sense - based on Research Institutes with Dr. Clements –Administrator Module –Teacher Module Geometry Foundations - based on Research Institutes with Dr. Clements –Administrator Module –Teacher Module Preschool Learning Foundations Overview –Three-hour Module –Fifteen-minute Information PowerPoint –One-hour Module Social-Emotional Development Foundations –Administrator Module –Teacher Module Phonological Awareness Foundations – under revision English-Language Development Foundations – under revision Language and Literacy Foundations Overview – draft being presented to leads for input on June 18, 2008 BackBack Next Professional DevelopmentNextProfessional Development Main page

20 CCC CSU UC Preschool programs In non-LEAs Preschools programs In LEAs K-1 programs IT programs Administrators and othersFaculty and Teachers CPIN Advisory CPIN Leads CDE CHILDREN CPIN Exec ?? Main pageBackBack NextNext

21 Professional Development Continuum 2-4 hour modules List of modules 2004-05 -- 4 2005-06 -- 5 2006-07 -- 4 2007-08 -- 8+ 2008-09 5 hours-several days/2 weeks Institutes/Academies 6 months team immersion LEA Preschools Administrator Teachers Non-LEA Preschools Administrator Teachers First Adopters Trainers-of-Trainers Coaches -Role of statewide professional development -Role of CPIN coordination -Role of modules -Role of regions -Role of leads -Role of CPIN funds Saturation? ?? NextNext Back Professional DevelopmentBackProfessional Development Statewide Regions Main page

22 Prospective Statewide strategic plan? Eleven regional strategic plans? Main pageBackBack NextNext

23 Main pageNext

24 Desired Results Desired Results Developmental Profile-Revised (DRDP-R) Desired Results Developmental Profile-Aligned with PS Foundations (DRDP-R2) Parent Surveys Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS) Categorical Program Monitoring (CPM) Instrument Measures for English Learners Main pageBackBack NextNext

25 Aligning DRDP with Foundations In Progress Coming Soon Main pageBackBack Next Desired ResultsNextDesired Results

26 Other Updates Preschool Legislation Teacher competencies Main pageNext

27 Preschool Legislation SB 1629 (Steinberg) Passed Senate, scheduled to be heard by Assembly Education Committee on June 18, 2008; amended by the author on June 12, 2008; additional amendments currently being discussed. Establishes Early Learning Quality Improvement System Commission chaired and convened by SSPI, composed of 22 members; will develop policy and implementation plan for an Early Learning Quality Improvement System and submit recommendations by December 31, 2009, to Legislature and the Governor. BackBack NextNextMain page

28 Preschool Legislation SB 1629 (Steinberg) The report will include: assessment and analysis of the existing early care and education infrastructure including strengths, gaps, and barriers to achieving higher quality early learning programs development of an early learning quality rating scale for programs serving children birth to 5 (including infants and toddlers is a significant change) development of a graduated funding model aligned with the quality rating scale BackBack NextNextMain page

29 Preschool Legislation AB 2759 (Jones) Passed Assembly, scheduled for Senate Committee on Education on June 25, 2008; most recently amended on May 23 rd, additional amendments being discussed. Consolidates five CDE/CDD-funded child care and development programs (General Child Care and Development, State Preschool, State Preschool full- day, Prekindergarten and Family Literacy, and Prekindergarten and Family Literacy full-day) providing services to three- and four-year-old children to create the California State Preschool Program, the largest preschool program in the nation. BackBack NextNextMain page

30 Preschool Legislation AB 2759 (Jones) Consolidation will combine statutory and regulatory requirements to help streamline administration of programs while improving efficiency and effectiveness of program administration Contractors will have flexibility to provide full-or part-day child care and development services based on needs of the family. BackBack NextNextMain page

31 Teacher Competencies Stakeholder and focus groups: expert advisors to review drafts Expert advisors from IHEs Main pageBackBack NextNext

32 Final Comments Thanks! Main pageBack

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