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RESNET New Business Development Opportunities for Raters RESNET Rater Roundtable September 25, 2006.

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1 RESNET New Business Development Opportunities for Raters RESNET Rater Roundtable September 25, 2006

2 RESNET Topics Covered in Todays Call: New RESNET/EEBA Partnership for Houses That Work Seminars – What is in it for the Rater? New Best of Building Science Web Page – An Education Resource for Raters Why Insurance Coverage Critical to Raters Update on Effort to Extend and Amend Federal Tax Credit

3 RESNET Houses That Work Course has been developed by EEBA based on research from the U.S Department of Energys Building America Program. Regional case studies are featured, demonstrating high performance homes and the dramatic results achieved.

4 RESNET Houses That Work A nationally acclaimed training program for building professionals The most affordable, comprehensive, building science curriculum in a 1-day format An opportunity to see product application demonstrations for improved building performance Practical strategies that can be applied to your business for immediate results Taught by national building science experts who work with thousands of builders each year

5 RESNET RESNET/EBBA Partnership RESNET Rater Members Receive 50% Discount on Registration ($45) EEBA will directly contact RESNET rater members by e-mail with information on seminar near there market

6 RESNET 2006 Schedule Las Vegas, NV- September 27, 2006 Des Moines, IA - October 26, 2006 Philadelphia, PA, October 31, 2006 Boston, MA - November 1, 2006 Seattle, WA - December 7, 2006 Boise, ID - December 8, 2006

7 RESNET Role of Rater Recruit Builder Clients to Attend Training – Learn the Power of Building Performance & How You the Certified Home Energy Rater can Assist in Building High Energy Performance Homes

8 RESNET Lessons learned from the US-Department of Energy Building America program, delivered by some of the nation's foremost building science professionals. Presented in a video-based "in the field" format available 24/7 and specifically designed for builders, sub-contractors and design professionals in the residential construction business.

9 RESNET Virtual House

10 RESNET Videos Featured: John Proctor – HVAC/DuctsDavid Keefe – Thermal Integrity Paul Raymer – VentilationJoe Lstiburek – Enclosure Armin Rudd – HVAC DuctsJohn Eash – Codes Brad Oberg – Plumbing & HeatingLarry Kinney – Lighting Chris Mathis – WindowsMac Pearce – Mold Jim Larsen – FenestrationJohn Ouellette, M.D. - Mold Dennis Creech – Green BuildingJohn Straube – Moisture Betsy Pettit – Architectural Rob De Kieffer – Construction Integration John Tooley – Foundations Bruce Harley – Insulation Installation

11 RESNET Featured Videos: HVAC>Air Conditioning AC Sizing AC Installation Water Heating>Gas Domestic Hot Water Gas DHW System Overview Gas DHW System Installation Water Heating>Gas Tankless Water Heaters Installing Tankless Water Heaters Windows>Fenestration Overview Energy Performance Window Performance

12 RESNET Enclosure>Cellulose Insulation Overview Insulating Walls Insulating Ceilings Enclosure>Fiberglass Insulation Walls Attics Floors Enclosure>Spray Foam Insulation Spray Foam

13 RESNET Enclosure>Housewraps Housewrap Overview Installing Air Barriers Flashing Water & Moisture Management Pre-Construction Roof Mechanicals Insulation Exterior Cladding Flashing &Runoff Controls Proper Installation Guidelines For Fiberglass Insulation Renewables Residential Photovoltaics PV Installation Wind Power

14 RESNET How Rater Can Use: 1.For Builder Awareness 2.Establish Credibility 3.Training Onsite Builder Office

15 RESNET Contact

16 RESNET Rater and Insurance Why? Fundamental Professional Business Requirement in this Litigant Society One Angry Consumer Away – Cost Could be as High as $20,000 to get out of Frivolous Law Suit

17 RESNET Rater and Insurance With Changes to ENERGY STAR Exposure Even Greater Now Rate the quality of the installation of insulation in the home Sign off on the EPA "Thermal Bypass Checklist" Sign off on sizing of a homes HVAC system based upon the calculations that a builder provides on ACCA Manual J

18 RESNET Rater and Insurance New Homes Tax Credit IRS requires rater to sign declaration that homes qualifies for credit – Liability entirely on rater

19 RESNET Professional Liability – Begins at $1,650 General Liability – Begins at $500

20 RESNET Efforts to Extend & Amend Tax Credit Snowe-Feinstein Bill New Homes Tax Credit Extends credit through 2010

21 RESNET Efforts to Extend & Amend Tax Credit Snowe-Feinstein Bill Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction Extends deduction through 2010 and corrects IRS rule

22 RESNET Snowe-Feinstein Bill Existing Homes Tax Deduction Proposed performance based tax credit is based on a sliding scale depending on the percentage of energy savings. The credit ranges from $800 for 20% savings to $2,000 for 50% savings. The procedures for third-party certification parallel those currently used for the new homes tax credit.

23 RESNET Snowe-Feinstein Bill $500 tax credit for individuals to be trained and certified to conduct the inspection and testing to certify homes for the new and existing homes tax credit. To qualify the rater would have to perform a minimum of 25 tax credit certifications in the tax year. The section also provides for a maximum credit of $1,000 for raters to purchase the following performance testing equipment: +blower doors +duct leakage testing equipment +flue gas combustion equipment +digital manometers

24 RESNET 2007 RESNET Building Performance Conference February 19 – 21 – San Diego, CA Comprehensive Review of Enhancements to ENERGY STAR & Rating Standards Federal Tax Credits

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