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The Great Diversity of Life

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1 The Great Diversity of Life
Unit 3: Cells Chapter 7: Cell Structure and Function Section 7-4: The Diversity of Cellular Life Text pages:

2 Vocabulary Cell specialization Tissue Organ Organ system

3 4 Levels of Organization
Cells (muscle cells) Tissue (smooth muscle tissue) Organ (stomach) Organ System (digestive system)



6 Life surrounds every corner of the planet.
Below the earth Deep under the sea Inside of bodies

7 REMEMBER… All living things are composed of cells.
Cells are the basic living units of all organisms.

8 Unicellular Organisms
Unicellular = single celled organisms Do everything you expect a living thing to do. NUMEROUS- dominate life on earth Examples: yeast, algae cells, bacteria


10 Multicellular Organisms
Many cells Much variety and many types Success depends upon communication Cell specialization: process through which cells within the organism can develop in different ways to perform different tasks.


12 Red Blood Cell Specialization
Transport O2 Contain protein that binds to O2 in the lungs and carries it throughout the body.

13 Pancreatic Cell Specialization
Pancreas produces proteins that make digestion possible. Contains many ribosomes and rough ER where proteins are produced.


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