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CONFIDENTIAL 1. 2 Designing the Intelligent Energy Gateway 2009 CONFIDENTIAL.

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2 2 Designing the Intelligent Energy Gateway 2009 CONFIDENTIAL

3  Connectivity to multiple external cellular communication protocols  GSM/GPRS/CDMA/WiMax  Direct communication of pricing information to the gateway. Gateway initiates the demand response functions.  Ensure continuity between the home network and in home connected devices using various communication standards and the external world based on inexpensive cellular based two-way communication. Use Dual factor communication.  Encrypted securitized data transmission  Connectivity to a limited number of HAN communication protocols including Zigbee/HomePlug/hardwired options  Control ALL Home automation functions receiving external communication from public authorities  Security (e.g. Amber Alerts)/Public Alerts/Weather warnings  Energy  Medical  Allow connectivity to all existing home automation protocols including security systems/home area networks  Always connected to external data and internal management control  Non intrusive to the end user. 3 standardized operability

4 CONFIDENTIAL  Customer remote access via subscription to both push (e.g. PDA) and Pull (e.g. cellular portal)  Enable and empower end user to receive data and manage functions based on information received remotely in real time or a schedule.  Offers automated conservation modes/schedules.  Compatibility with inexpensive fixed income automated conservation devices with HAN environment.  Backward compatibility to all Thermostats and AMI systems.  Conversion of existing thermostats to smart thermostat status via wireless relay interface communicating to the gateway.  Allow for utility initiated automatic load management based on pre- defined profiles. 4 standardized functionality

5 CONFIDENTIAL  Standardized In home accessibility using:  Cell or smartphone  In Home full-function display  Television  Personal computer  Plug and Play connectivity or very limited requirement for professional installation.  Communicates energy savings to end user.  Remote maintenance/operation of deployed devices/data via appropriate head end system(s)  Expandable ports for additional functionality (wired or wireless)  Scalability of gateway solution to allow other industries (health, security, etc..) to offer services and products to offset cost to utility and end user. 5 standardized functionality

6 CONFIDENTIAL 6 Client Back End Servers User Email Wireless Modem Web Client Data Stream overview SMS All Mobile Phones Smart phones database overview Cellular Network Internet 2009 CONFIDENTIAL Home Security Home Energy Management Home Automation Home Entertainment Home Healthcare Monitoring Intelligent 2-Way Cellular Wireless Gateway IHC 2 or 1 Way Functionality Legacy and Emerging Technologies HAN Protocol

7 CONFIDENTIAL 7 Demand Response The gateway communicates signals from the web or smartphone to Wireless Relays and receives Confirmation and commands in return The wireless gateway communicates energy consumption to wireless devices. In turn the gateway controls all elements of Home Energy Management including HVAC equipment, as well as appliances and lighting. IHD Communicates information on rates and consumption to gateway CONFIDENTIAL Intelligent 2-Way Cellular Wireless Gateway Alternative Pricing and Reliability Communication 2 Way GMS: Receive Information Provide Confirmation/Enable Override Whole Home Energy Management System Lighting/Appliances/HVAC Equipment/Thermostat Pricing Information/Load Control Signals Confirmation of Energy Consumption Reduction IHC

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