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High School Hospitality Programs Presented By: Jillian Ely Education Coordinator Arkansas Hospitality Association.

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1 High School Hospitality Programs Presented By: Jillian Ely Education Coordinator Arkansas Hospitality Association

2 Facts: The lodging industry is currently suffering from high turnover and difficulty attracting qualified workers. Very few high school students, teachers, counselors and principals are aware of the depth of career choices or rapid career ladder afforded in the lodging industry.

3 Tourism Effects on our Economy Spending averages $1.5 billion per day, $64.1 million an hour, $1.1 million per minute, and $17,800 per second! Generating $561 billion in sales Paying 171.5 billion in travel-related wages Supporting 7.8 million jobs Employing 1 of every 7 Americans either directly or indirectly

4 Governors Conference on Tourism Fort Smith Convention Center March 15-17, 2009 The AR Governors Conference on Tourism is the largest in-state meeting of travel and tourism professionals. The conference brings together different communities of people, attractions, destinations, hoteliers and bed and breakfast owners, chambers and conventions & visitors bureaus, governmental agencies, media and others.

5 Governors Conference on Tourism The annual tourism report that was given on the last day, reported an increase in tourism dollars by 3.8%. This may not seem much, but we were only 1 of 6 states nationwide to achieve an increase and stay in the black. All other states numbers were in the red for 2009.

6 How does this affect me? By seeing an increase in tourism dollars, we were able to instill new programs and advertisements. Examples include the Welcome to Arkansas program that is designed to keep tourism dollars in Arkansas by educating front-line personnel about their community and what it offers.


8 National Employment Statistics Lodging Employment is expected to grow by 28% from 2004 to 2010 (1.9 million to 2.4 million)

9 State Employment Statistics In April, there were 3300 new jobs created in Arkansas in the hospitality industry aloneaccording to the Department of Workforce Services

10 Hot Lodging Jobs 2004-2010 Job Growth Hotel, Motel and Resort Desk Clerks34.1% Housekeeping24.5% Banquet Servers24.6% Groundskeepers20.8% Sales Related Occupations22.9% Front-line Supervisors (food)24.3% Front-line Supervisors (back-of-house) 24.3% GMs and Lodging Managers15.1%

11 Career Paths There are over 200 different positions available in the Lodging Industry Accounting, Rooms Division, Customer Service, Facilities Management, Food & Beverage, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, Recreation, etc. A High School education and hard work can lead to upper management and a solid-long term career One of the most portable careers in the world

12 Lodging Management Program

13 Why LMP?

14 The Industry is so diverse! Through LMP Year 1 and Year 2, students learn about the various aspects of the Lodging Industry. Because of the variety of knowledge learned, the students have a tremendous door or opportunity. These opportunities are needed on the state and national level.

15 Lodging Management Program The Lodging Management Program (LMP) provides 11 th and 12 th grade students with the classroom learning and real-life work experiences needed to take advantage of the boundless opportunities in lodging The two-year curriculum covers everything from Rooms Division, to Leadership, to Sales and Marketing and Food and Beverage Service

16 Lodging Management Program Here are some great aspects about the program: Its non-restrictive It provides another niche for your students to get involved with It provides critical thinking skills, math skills, leadership skills, and teamwork just to name a few It provides certification not only for the students but for the teacher as well There is opportunity for on-the-job training while in high school There is opportunity for scholarships and college credit if postsecondary education is wanted There is an annual state competition and national competition (usually held in Orlando, FL)

17 Lodging Management Program Teacher Certification CHI Summer Institute is held each summer at various Hospitality Colleges Includes 3 levels of training Each level is a week long training Upon successful completion of all 3 levels and completion of 120 hours of internship, teachers will be awarded the CHI (Certified Hospitality Instructor) certification

18 Lodging Management Program Development Hours Every summer, the Arkansas Hospitality Association holds a Lodging Management Program Teacher In-Service where LMP teachers and prospects gather together to learn more about the program and receive on-the-job training and skills. This year the In-Service was held at the Courtyard by Marriott-Downtown Little Rock on July 30-31 st.

19 Lodging Management Program Student Certification Certification's are received after passing each Final Exam Certified Room Division Specialist (CRDS) To qualify: Students must successfully complete classroom training Pass both Final Exams Complete Workplace Competency Checklist Complete 30 days (160 hours) of consecutive work experience Submit CRDS application ServSafe Certification

20 Lodging Management Program On-the-job training / Internship possibilities As part of the curriculum, it is key to have the students not only get classroom learning but real world experience. I work with local hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts to establish a work rotation schedule where students are set-up with a mentor to learn key skills in the lodging industry.

21 Lodging Management Program Why start industry training in high school? Help students explore career options and develop academic and workplace skills Prepare students for post-secondary education and employment Classroom instruction and on-the-job training addresses different learning styles Prepare a well-trained workforce

22 Lodging Management Program Scholarships The Arkansas Hospitality Association provides an annual scholarship for students pursuing a Hospitality degree. The awards range from $500-$2000 annually. This year, we awarded over $40,000 in scholarship monies to students all over the state The American Hotel and Lodging Education Foundation provides numerous scholarship opportunities for Postsecondary education, certification, or distance learning

23 Lodging Management Program Articulation Agreements Encourages post-secondary education Avoids duplication of efforts by students Saves students money by providing college credit LMP objectives match EI competencies for college hospitality management courses and professional certification

24 Lodging Management Program Articulation Agreements Pulaski Technical College Johnson & Wales University of AR-Fayetteville National Park Community College Northwest AR Community College Ozarka College Sullivan University AR Tech University ASU-Heber Springs

25 Lodging Management Program LMP State Competition This competition allows competitors to demonstrate their hospitality knowledge by competing in a question-and-answer knowledge bowl, complete room inspections, bed-making contest, hotel accounting tasks, analyze two case studies, one in Food and Beverage and the other in Sales and Marketing, as well as, demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities in planning an event, to include, the invitation, BEO (Banquet Even Order), menu and floor plan Held annually in Little Rock at a select member hotel The State Competition determines the winner who will advance to the National Competition Scholarships and Awards are given out at the Awards Luncheon

26 Lodging Management Program LMP National Competition Held annually in various locations Same components are carried over from the state competition Scholarships and prizes are awarded at the Awards banquet Opportunity to meet other students in the program from around the nation Opportunity to network with lodging industry professionals


28 Where we are advertised! Arkansas Hospitality Association Quarterly Magazine NEXT Magazinedelivered to all high schools around the state Great tool for your students to look at for career advice and job information as well as college information Numerous press releases and media spotlights

29 Lodging Management Program What sets LMP apart from other programs/curriculums? The Scholarship opportunities are endless Certification is available for teachers and students Professional development opportunities for educators-both state and nationally Student activities: Including the State and National LMP Competition

30 Why not be a part of a growing and thriving industry? Lodging Management Program

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