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ABEA July 27, 2011 Arkansas Department of Career Education.

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1 ABEA July 27, 2011 Arkansas Department of Career Education

2 FBLA 2010 Total Membership Senior Level Chapters Members – 10,072 Mid-Level Chapters Members – 4,700

3 FBLA Terminology Advisers – not sponsors and spelled with an e Conferences – not conventions Competitive Events – not contests Chapters – not clubs

4 FBLA Districts – Expanded to seven districts

5 District Coordinators District I – Kelley Todd District II – Bobbie Timmerman District III – Carole Anderson District IV – Sheri Shepherd District V – Vicki Canter District VI – Andrea Kray District VII – Lisa Hotsenpiller (interim)

6 State Officers President – Collin Hutson Treasurer – Madison Carr Secretary – Brittany Bowden Reporter – Anna Vasquez Parliamentarian – Rachel Ford VP District I– Tony Jones VP District II – Leah Schratz

7 State Officers VP District III – Kiley Anderson VP District IV – Andrew Williams VP District V – John Pennington VP District VI – Levi Watson VP District VII – Cole Ludolph

8 2011 National Leadership Conference (NLC) Orlando, Florida – June 28 – July 1 Total attendance – 8,000+ Arkansas attendance – 300 Arkansas competitors – 170 competitors in 60 events

9 2011 NLC Winners 1 st place – Virtual Business Challenge – Brett Harris, Alex Prince, Mountain View 1 st place – Computer Game & Simulation Programming – Lucas Dorrough, Logan Guerian, Dardanelle 2 nd place – Entrepreneurship – Asher Perkins, Justice Thompson, Anna Vasquez, Siloam Springs

10 2011 NLC Winners, cont. 2 nd place – Public Speaking I – Jamie-Lynn Gills, Murfreesboro 4 th place – Desktop Application Programming – Ayush Saraswat, Little Rock Central 5 th place – Future Business Leader – Allison James, Lonoke 5 th place – Word Processing – Katherine Caid, Arkansas Baptist

11 2011 NLC Winners, cont. 6 th place – Technology Concepts – Blake Simmons, Hillcrest 6 th place – Desktop Application Programming – Hunter Bobel, Fort Smith Southside 6th place – Hospitality Management – Lauren Shufelberger, Mena 7 th place – Desktop Publishing – Emily Brown, Kara Nelson, Greenwood

12 2011 NLC Winners, cont. 8th place – Business Ethics – Daniel Call, Mitchell Hasler, Bentonville 8 th place – Community Service Project – Marcy Atkins, Donysia Jennings, Haley Myers, Pangburn 9 th place – Cyber Security – Jedidah Nohre, Mountain View 9 th place – Healthcare Administration – Lindsey Pritchett, Bergman

13 2011 NLC Winners, cont. 9 th place – Word Processing II – Michelle Dougherty, Omaha 9 th place – American Enterprise Project – Nicole Nokes, Anna Vasquez, Siloam Springs 10 th place – Management Information Systems – Afton Shackleford, Corbin Dean, Fort Smith Southside 10 th place – Marketing – John Hobbs, Lonoke

14 2011 NLC Recognitions Whos Who – Molly Bennett, Riverview Local Outstanding Adviser – Donna Penn, Fordyce National Officer – Southern Region Vice President, Tony Jones, Fort Smith Southside

15 2011 NLC Recognitions, cont. March of Dimes Most Money Raised – Arkansas, 2 nd overall with $49, March of Dimes Local Chapter Most Money Raised – Nettleton, 2 nd with $16,181.67

16 Event Modifications Electronic Career Portfolio – all students present at NLC, no prejudging Marketing – team event of two or three members Entrepreneurship & Network Design – performances will be interactive/role play cases

17 Event Modifications At the NLC the top fifteen (15), or an equal number from each group, will advance to the final round in all events

18 Rating Sheet Modifications Some rating sheets have been modified – carefully review all rating sheets

19 NLC Topics Business Financial Plan Business Presentation Computer Game & Simulation Programming Digital Design & Promotion Digital Video Production

20 NLC Topics Desktop Application Programming E-Business Emerging Business Issues Web Site Design

21 State Modifications Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit Submit a copy of the Local Chapter Annual Business Report AND one of the following: American Enterprise Project Community Service Project Partnership with Business Project

22 Dates to Remember NFLC– November 18-19, Little Rock Mid-year Executive Council Meeting – December 4-5, Little Rock SLC– April 2-3, Little Rock NLC– June 29-July 2, San Antonio, Texas Complete list of dates on state FBLA website

23 Theme

24 Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) 2011 Total Membership Chapters – 19 Members – 565 National Virtual Chapter

25 PBL National Leadership Conference Orlando Florida – June Total attendance – 1,800+ Arkansas attendance – 125 Arkansas competitors – 91 in 50 events Awards and Recognitions – 47 National Secretary – Aaron Carroll, ASU

26 Professional Division Arkansas Membership FBLA Mid-Level – 8 FBLA Senior Level – 38 Phi Beta Lambda – 82 Former members, employers, educators, advisers, parents, business people, and community supporters Cost - $23

27 Professional Division Professional members Enhance chapters and their activities Serve as liaisons between business and classroom Share real-life experiences at meetings and workshops Provide professional development training through workshops

28 Professional Division, cont. Arrange tours of local businesses Guide members as they prepare for competitive events Judge at local, state, and national competitions Help chapters with fundraising Create internships and job shadowing Offer scholarships and other financial support

29 Professional Division, cont. Benefits to the member Satisfied feeling The Professional Edge Tomorrows Business Leader or PBL Business Leader Hotel discounts Car rental discounts Shopping discounts

30 Resources Chapter Management Handbook Arkansas State Handbook Web Sites

31 Competitive Events Online Reference Guide FBLA Competitive Events Competitive Events Online Reference Guide

32 Questions

33 Contact Information Peggy Wakefield FBLA State Adviser Department of Career Education Phone:

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