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Background The multi-billion dollar interactive entertainment industry has been at the forefront of Internet advertising – but this fact doesnt get a.

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2 Background The multi-billion dollar interactive entertainment industry has been at the forefront of Internet advertising – but this fact doesnt get a lot of PRESS. The focus of advertising has traditionally been on editorially relevant/enthusiast sites such as Just because its contextually relevant doesnt mean your ad will WORK. Ignited Minds sought answers to our online creative questions and CNet/GameSpot responded with the first ever Online Roper Starch report.

3 Objectives: Online Roper Starch* Study Understand the principles of online advertising – what works, what does not, and why Create a online research method similar to the Starch print advertising study that would establish benchmarks for successful campaigns Create actionable principles that can be used to help advertisers create more effective online advertising Examine other issues related to online advertising such as the performance of different online advertising types, how many units in a campaign and the effectiveness of talking ad units *Roper Starch Communications is a division of NOP World and has been analyzing the effectiveness of print advertising since 1934.

4 Limitations of the Study Rich media units such as Pointroll, Eyeblaster Interactive units –Roadblock units that speak to each other – connected messaging

5 Method The foundation of this research is based on the Starch readership method for print. For this study, GameSpot created a mock Website containing content that visitors would normally expect to encounter. GameSpot intercepted visitors to its regular Website from 12/16/04 - 1/7/05.

6 Visitors were randomly exposed to 10 online ads during the course of their visit - when finished they were directed to click through to the survey questionnaire. Respondents were then shown the 10 ads they had been exposed to on the mock Website. Each ad was presented one at a time along with a series of questions. The performance of 100 online advertisements were tested. A minimum of 300 interviews were conducted on each test ad. All scores are based on an index with 100 being the average. Method

7 Ad Type/Size Definitions MPU: Messaging Plus Unit, which provides a platform for marketers to deliver a rich message. Large rectangle (336 X 280). Skyscraper: Dimensions are 160 X 600. Leaderboard: Located near the top of GameSpot content pages. Dimensions are 728 X 90. Widescreen: Appears on the front door of GameSpot below the fold and takes up the full width of the page. Dimensions are 620 X 190. Big Screen: Appears on the front door of GameSpot and resolves into editorial content. Dimensions are 458 X 160.

8 GameSpot Ad Units Leaderboard 728x90 Big Screen 458x160 Messaging Plus Unit (MPU) 300x250

9 Skyscraper 160x600 Widescreen 620x190 GameSpot Ad Units

10 Starch Definitions of Terms Noted: The percent of readers who remember having seen the ad on the Website. Noted is a measure of an ads stopping power. Associated: The percent of readers who said they knew who the advertiser was after seeing the ad. Associated is a measure of branding. Dislikability: The percent of readers who said they either disliked the ad very much or somewhat. Likability: The percent who said they either liked the ad very much or liked it somewhat. One of the Best: The percent who rated the ad as one of the best that they had seen.

11 Indexed Performance by Ad Type MPUWideBigSkyLeader Noted106949610294 Associated1009910199101 Likability106889699100 Dislikability88125109103100 One of the Best 1097793104102 One of the Worst 881301099598 MPU format received the most favorable responses Widescreen format received the least favorable responses

12 Key Finding #1 Take Full Advantage of Unique Creative Unit Strengths –Not all ad units are created equally –One size does not fit all MPUs: showcase visually rich graphics and motion Leaderboards: communicate vital messages such as product title, product image, and release date Skyscrapers: show a full-size image such as a character or model

13 Key Finding #2 More integration between creative and media teams may improve performance –Individual ad units can play different roles in the campaign –Its important to understand how ad units work separately and how they can contribute to the overall campaign

14 Key Finding #3 Online ads can communicate on both a rational and emotional level –One-third of the top performing ads focused on emotional benefits –Incorporating both emotional and rational elements in the ad may be the best combination

15 Key Finding #4 Six principles of effective online advertising –These are guidelines not absolutes –The ads selected best exemplify (either positively or negatively) the principles that we have determined are most likely to affect the performance of an ad –Definite patterns have emerged, following these patterns will dramatically increase the probability that your ads will attract and hold the viewers attention

16 The Six Principles

17 #1 – Encourage the Visuals to Avoid Monochromatic Images Be Visually Aggressive (Dont Pull Back) Heighten Contrast

18 Observations Ads emphasizing the contrast between foreground and background are those that very often attract the most attention and earn high Noted scores. The inverse is also true: Monochromatic ads, which by their nature are low in contrast, tend to fare poorly both online and in print. Ads that present the action (either words or images) coming toward the viewer fare better than those in which the action recedes to the back. Ads that appear to be literally in your face, are those that tend to attract attention.

19 Index Noted74 Associated93 Likability84 One of Best40 75 - Alexander

20 Index Noted96 Associated 99 Likability81 One of Best60 60 – THUG 2

21 Index Noted145 Associated105 Likability107 One of Best120 34 - GTA: San Andreas

22 Index Noted119 Associated98 Likability112 One of Best100 91 – Matrix Online

23 Index Noted85 Associated99 Likability115 One of Best120 68 – Everquest II

24 #2 – Avoid Exaggerated Cartoons and The Monty Python Effect

25 Observations Ads with photographs have historically earned higher Noted scores than ads with drawings. Ads with exaggerated cartoons tend NOT to attract a great deal of attention either. In online advertising, where illustrations are much more the norm, there seems to be a particular attraction and appreciation for realistic presentations. By the Monty Python Effect we refer to a creative device in which static images, often exaggerated drawings, float across a screen in a foreign (or visually incompatible) environment.

26 Index Noted98 Associated94 Likability76 One of Best60 7 - Viewtiful Joe 2

27 Index Noted94 Associated98 Likability88 One of Best60 73 – Godzilla Save the Earth

28 Index Noted85 Associated100 Likability88 One of Best60 41- Need for Speed Underground 2

29 #3 – Beat em Up…With Benefits: Testimonials are Particularly Effective

30 Observations Remember that the consumers most pressing question is, Whats in it for me? Many of the highest scoring ads display the benefits – very often in the forms of testimonials from third-party sources – very clearly and powerfully. Offering benefits – like price information, new features, quotations extolling the virtues of a product will not do any harm, and for lesser known products, may be the difference between advertising success and failure.

31 Index Noted126 Associated105 Likability115 One of Best140 77 - Riddick

32 Index Noted117 Associated104 Likability113 One of Best160 21 - Call of Duty: Finest Hour

33 Index Noted126 Associated103 Likability122 One of Best340 50 - Star Wars KOTOR II

34 #4 – That Old Devil, Sex, Still Attracts Attention But its not Always Enough

35 Observations The visitors to GameSpot are predominantly young and male. It comes as no surprise, then, that the online ads that feature sex or nudity perform along the same lines as those with the same approach in print – and any other medium. For this study, we have found several ads that are from the same advertiser, that earn different levels of Noted scores, and that reveal different amounts of skin. There is a clear causal relationship between the amount of exposure of skin and the magnitude of the Noted scores.

36 Index Noted143 Associated94 Likability116 One of Best240 12 – Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

37 Index Noted85 Associated97 Likability90 One of Best40 2 - Demon Stone

38 Index Noted115 Associated96 Likability110 One of Best140 4 - Demon Stone

39 #5 – Give Them Something to Look at Focal Points and Holistic Images are Important

40 Observations The eye wants to see and to see clearly. Ads that do not have a clear focal point – a single element that stands out and holds the readers attention – tend to earn lower than average Noted scores. Images that are severely cropped earn Noted scores that are lower than those featuring the primary object of the camera in toto. Images that move too quickly or fade in and out too rapidly leave the eye with not much to see – results are also low Noted scores.

41 Index Noted77 Associated98 Likability115 One of Best120 57 - Ace Combat 5

42 Index Noted85 Associated96 Likability99 One of Best80 29 - Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

43 Index Noted83 Associated98 Likability53 One of Best40 18 – WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw

44 Index Noted132 Associated105 Likability131 One of Best360 46 - World of Warcraft

45 #6 – Keep it Simple

46 Observations The more cluttered the ad, the lower the readership. There are some busy online ads in this study that earned high scores, but it is notable that many of the top twenty ads are remarkable for their simplicity. In this visual medium, it appears that an advertiser sometimes does not need too many bells and whistles. An eye-filling picture is very often sufficient for the task of attracting a viewers attention.

47 Index Noted106 Associated101 Likability118 One of Best160 39 – Metroid Prime 2

48 Index Noted130 Associated105 Likability107 One of Best60 100 - Prince of Persia Warrior Within

49 Index Noted106 Associated104 Likability115 One of Best100 80 - Golden Eye: Rogue Agent

50 Index Noted96 Associated103 Likability113 One of Best100 84 - Golden Eye: Rogue Agent

51 The Six Principles Reiterated 1.Encourage the visuals to POP: heighten contrast, avoid monochromatic images, and be aggressive (dont pull back). 2.Avoid exaggerated cartoons (Monty Python effect). 3.Beat em up with benefits: testimonials are particularly effective. 4.That old devil, sex, still attracts attention – but its not always enough. 5.Give them something to look at: the importance of focal points and holistic (non-truncated) images. 6.Keep it simple.

52 Looking Ahead CNET conducted a similar study for the computer and consumer electronics category. A study that includes rich media units and interactive (speaking) units is the next step. We should encourage online publishers and advertisers to build upon the Online Roper Starch library. Explore what works and what doesnt for other content/advertiser categories and test effectiveness of types of messaging (brand or direct response).

53 For More Info Thank You!!

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