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Siemens Mobile Devices CL75 Presentation May 2005 – Matthias Wiltink & Christoph Boeing.

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1 Siemens Mobile Devices CL75 Presentation May 2005 – Matthias Wiltink & Christoph Boeing

2 Com MD CC SF Page 2 Overview Key Features & Interface Specifications Symbols & Buttons Software Accessories Content CL75 Content

3 Com MD CC SF Page 3 Overview – A Womans Stylish Companion Product Idea, Target Group Product Idea Outstanding match of feminine style and attractive multimedia feature set fulfilling all communication needs of young, demanding women. Female Age focus 20 - 35 years Low to mid income Focus on use for personal purposes Adults who like to express their individuality Very active and social lifestyle Open-minded towards design and fashion Technology is important for connecting with other people and for sharing and organising daily life Brands are important in reassuring purchasing decision Product Segment Target Group Socio-demographic Data Target Group Behavioural Aspects Emotional segment, C class CL75

4 Com MD CC SF Page 4 Key Features & Interface Key Features CL75 clamshell-style mobile phone weighs a handbag-friendly 90g distinctive colorful floral motif on the case (silk flower red) interior display can comes in handy as a pocket mirror large vivid color display

5 Com MD CC SF Page 5 Speaker Key Features & Interface Interfaces CL75 IrDA IO Connector Main-Display Receiver Sub-Display Camera

6 Com MD CC SF Page 6 Specifications General Weight90g Dimensions87 x 44 x 23 mm (74 cc) Color variantRed & Black Display & Camera Main LCD1.8 TFT; 262K colors – 128 x 160 pixels Sub LCD1.0 CSTN; 65K colors – 96 x 64 pixels CameraCMOS; VGA 30K pixels – 4x digital zoom Battery TypeStandard Li-ion 750 mAh Timeup to 220 standby – up to 3 hours talk – charging max 2h Specification CL75 Music and Sound Melody40 chords polyphonic Support Type:AAC, AMR-NB, MIDI, SMAF, SP-MIDI, WAV, iMelody – no MP3 Saved Data44 default – downloadable shared memory. TonesMenu-> Settings -> Phone setup --Key tones & Info tones Voice RecordingMenu Organiser Dictat.machine or Menu Extras Sound recorder max length: 3:32 min shared memory.

7 Com MD CC SF Page 7 Specifications Network Functions Antennainternal integrated BandsGSM900/ GSM1800/GSM1900 SupportWAP 2.0 – GPRS class 10 – JAVA MIDP 2.0 MessageSMS, EMS, MMS – (phone does not support E-Mail) Data transmission IrDA / USBYes / 1.1 USB1.1 Specification CL75 Memory Flash Type256+64 Mbit User Data12 Mbytes Object limit148 kb Fix Storages in Handset Phonebook / SMS500 records SMS100 Records Personalize Functions Phonebook GroupsFamily/ Friends/ Office/ VIP/ Leisure/ Private/ Business/ Individual/ Received ProfilesNormal/Quiet/Outdoor/Car Kit/Headset/Aircraft/2 editable

8 Com MD CC SF Page 8 Specifications Still Picture Zoom in and out Adjust exposure. Take a photo File TypeJPEG Resolution (dpi) Premium VGA ( 640 x 480 ) High QVGA ( 320 x 240 ) Medium QQVGA ( 160 x 120 ) QualityFine / Normal / Economy Special EffectNormal / Mono / Sepia / Bluish Self timerOff / 5s / 10s / 15s / 20s / 30s Anti flicker50 Hz / 60 Hz Support decoder typeJPG/PNG/BMPWBMP/A-GIF (animated GIF89a) Usage in phonewallpapersOperator logo/Screensaver/calling face images CL75 Video File Type3GPP Resolution (dpi) QCIF ( 176 x 144 ) SQCIF ( 128 x 96 ) Record timeMMS compatible (20 sec) / Maximum MicrophoneOn/ Off Support decoder type 3GPP/ H.263 / MPEG4 decoder file frame rate 15 fps

9 Com MD CC SF Page 9 Specifications styleDigital clock/ Slide show/ Picture/ Energy saving options Timeout Code protection: phonecode required Auto key lock set time10/ 15/ 30/ 60/ 180 secs brightnessstart-------|set time|------45s-----| on----------dismal-------------close PIN / PUK4-8 digits, service provider PIN2 / PUK4-8 digits, service provider Phonecode4-8 digits – default: 1234, max 10 attempts screensaver & security CL75 Screensaver Security PIN controlask PIN every time power on Phonebook only PIN2 required, allow phone numbers stored in protected SIM dialed only. (Fixed Dial) This SIM onlyask phonecode when changing different SIM cards.

10 Com MD CC SF Page 10 Signal strength All calls are diverted All ringtones off Alarm are set GPRS activated and available Keypad are locked SMS received and not read Message full IrDA on Symbols and Buttons Symbols CL75 Power / End Key 1. Long press and hold this key to turn on/off the phone. 2. Back to the last level or standby mode in menus. 3. End a call or reject an incoming call. Soft Keys (LSK+RSK) Perform the functions indicated by text shown above the keys on the LCD screen. (R) Additional Key provider related (L) Display Key Switch LCD on/off to use as a mirror. Answer Key 1. Make or answer a call. 2. In standby mode: press once to list the last dialed numbers; press twice to redial the number last called

11 Com MD CC SF Page 11 Symbols and Buttons Buttons CL75 5-way Navigation Key In standby mode: Open shortcut Open Contacts Open main menu In menus and lists: Scroll up and down Scroll left and right In editors or browsing text: Short press to shift 1 char Short press to shift 1 line In call: volume up/ down Open menu In camera preview mode: Zoom in and out Adjust exposure. Take a photo Key 0 In standby mode: Long Insert + in the start, country code list on RSK Insert p to input extension no. Key * In standby mode: Long All ringtones switch off/ on (except alarm) Call coming: Long Switch off ringtone for this call only In edit mode: Short open symbol table Key # In standby mode: Long Switch key lock on/off In edit mode: Short Switch T9 input mode

12 Com MD CC SF Page 12 Volume Key In selection list: Function as navi-up/down keys In call: volume up/ down Camera Button In standby mode: Short enter camera mode In camera preview: Short take a photo Handsfree mode In call: Short switch loud speaker on/off Symbols and Buttons Buttons CL75

13 Com MD CC SF Page 13 Software and naming concept Software CL75 Software version (Released Date)n- (TTP version) (Project)(Customer)-(RD version) D (Function) ex:050524n-08.00 VU1.MIC-0.46D TPCWMJ Mapping version (Released Date)-(Project)(Customer)- (Region)-(Structure)(Modification) ex:050523-VU1.MIC-DF-M17.01 Lang. pack version (Released Date)-(Project)(Customer)- (Region)-(Structure)(Modification) ex:050523-VU1.MIC-LPC-L02.01 Preconditions for software update: OS: win2000/XP. Connection via USB is strongly recommended. The update takes about 15 minutes via USB, avoid to execute other programs at the same time. PC Handset Battery RS232 / USB D/L Cable

14 Com MD CC SF Page 14 Software update process for internal Software CL75 Select download function. Click the folder icon and select the target file. Select the extra functions if needed Keep FFS: keep user data if no structure modification. Keep Media FFS: keep user media data if no structure modification. Keep FAT: invalid option High speed initial: must choose in CL75. When Press Power is shown, long press on the power key to start process. If any fail or finish, click the icon and press Reset. 1 2 4 3 5 1 2 3 4 5

15 Com MD CC SF Page 15 Accessories & Applications – portfolio EMEA Accessories Leather Case FCL-700 Car Kit Portable HKP-500 Data Cable DCA-500 Car Charger Plus ECC-600 Travel Charger ETC-500/510 Headset HHS-510 Li-Ion Battery 780 mAh EBA-710 Desk Top Stand EDS-600 Data Cable USB DCA-540 Car Charger Headset Purestyle HHS-610 Supports Phone Story CL75-specific For bulk only Fashion & Carry Energy Office Car Solutions Hands-free Portable Multi- tainment Flash IFL-600 CL75 Headset Basic HHS-500

16 Com MD CC SF Page 16 Accessories & Applications Applications Themes With the Theme concept you can change the look and feel of the phone with just one click. Some themes will be pre-installed and more are available for download. Logos, Pictures, Animations, Ringtones With pre-installed logos, pictures, animations and polyphonic ringtones you can customize your phone and create colourful and personal MMS messages. CL75 C'est La Vie Like 'The Sims', this game is a 'simulation of life'. The player takes control over a female or a male character and guides her/him through everyday life situations. The game is centred around the player's objective to satisfy the game character's needs and wishes and to develop his/her personality through interaction with other characters. The player can never finish the game, and it will never end. Angels & Clouds Some of the little angels in heaven have lost their magic harps. Little Angelo who had been especially naughty, lost not only his harp but his halo as well. St. Peter sends Angelo to find the missing harps and his halo. The cute and comical game combines both a jump & run and puzzle element and can have up to 15 levels.

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