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Siemens Mobile Phones A65 Presentation

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1 Siemens Mobile Phones A65 Presentation
July 2004

Target Group A65 Simply Colourful Product Segment Entry level Socio-demographics Female = Male (50:50) For all age groups Low income Focus on mainstream functionalities STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL What makes them tick The most important things in my life are my family & a few close friends. My mobile must be easy & intuitive to handle. I mostly use my phone for calls & messaging. I cannot afford an expensive phone. A65 is addressing the entry level of the market, targeting price-conscious followers. In general, they adopt trends rather late, being quite conservative & mainstream with a low willingness to take risks. Their interest in technology is very low – it even makes them slightly uncomfortable. They therefore seek simple, intuitive devices. The main purpose of their mobile phone is being reachable for their families – the most important thing in their lives. More features become only interesting if they enhance communication and once they have become mainstream. As they dispose of a rather low budget, price is a key buying criteria. A65 therefore offers an attractive and easy-to-use bundle of proven features at an attractive price. © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

Key Featuers A65 Key Features 4k colour display Clear structured keypad Polyphonic ringtones High-value finishing Java MMS Voice recording QuickPic Camera with integrated flash STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL They follow the trends that are set by other groups. However being trendy is not of key importance. Traditional values, open minded, main focus in life is on their family, close friends and home, very sociable. Strive for a balance between the rational and the emotional. Products they own have to be easy, reliable & functional. It is a “me too” Lifestyle. Lifestyle Technology Slightly uncomfortable with new technologies. Preference for basic functions, reliability, security & ease of use. They don’t use technology very intensively. In this regard they are second buyers but late adopters of new technology They represent the mass market for everything that is really successful on a low-tech level (e.g. Digital cam, DVD player) Decision-making Decision-making is driven by economic factors – by price and conditions. Hence their decision is driven by getting the best price /design ratio  no experiments A65 is a basic phone targeting emerging markets. © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

Highlights Up-to-date candy bar design High-quality finish Clear structured keypad Good feedback on key pressure Design Technology Display: 101 x 80 pixel, 4k colours Tri-band White display back-lighting Polyphonics (16 chord) Java, MMS Applications Accessory Devices STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Exciting on-board games: Magic Pictures Stack Attack Junior Download of new Java applications Attachable QuickPic camera with integrated flash Headset Purestyle A65 focuses mainly on basic applications: Voice, EMS, polyphonic ringtones (16 voices) and WAP, all embodying ease of use – an essential requirement of the entry-level low-interest target group. © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

5 Consumer oriented & sophisticated
Design A65 Consumer oriented & sophisticated Overall Clear and straight forward design with large and precise keys Form Factor Extremely compact yet refined proportions and athletic surfaces Material & Finishing Two-tone metallic paint for a richer colour scheme, chrome detailing for a boost in value © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

Technology A65 Technology Weight/Volume/Dimensions 74.8 g 71.8 cm3: 100 x 44 x 19 mm Standby / Talktime Up to 250 h / 300 min (standard battery) Camera Attachable QuickPic camera with flash accessory Display 101 x 80 pixel, 4k colours, 5 lines Battery Li-Ion 700 mAh Hardware Software Messaging MMS Picture messaging (EMS) Extra-long SMS SMS to group AMR recording MMS to Data Transfer GPRS multislot class 8 Internet Access WAP 1.2.1 WAP 2.0 content provisioning STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Hardware < 78 g  tbd © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

7 Original Accessories – portfolio EMEA
Accessory Devices A65 Original Accessories – portfolio EMEA Fashion & Carry Energy Office Car Solutions Handsfree Portable Multi- tainment Fashion & Carry Handsfree Portable Car Solutions Multi- tainment Energy Office Tour Case FCT-650 Li-Ion Battery EBA-510 Headset Basic HHS-500 Car Kit Portable HKP-500 QuickPic Camera IQP-500 Data Cable DCA-500 Data Cable USB DCA-510 Belt Case FCL-600 Travel Charger ETC-500/510 Headset HHS-510 Car Charger Plus ECC-600 Headset Purestyle HHS-610 Desk Top Charger EDC-510 Desk Top Stand Car Charger Products compatible with 55 series* Products compatible with 65 series* For bulk only * Backwards compatible © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

8 Accessory Devices A65 IQP-500 QuickPic camera Capture situations and emotions by taking a snapshot. Share pictures instantly by sending them from mobile to mobile via MMS, vendor-independently Integrated flash Picture check on mobile display MMS resolution mobile to mobile with 160 x 120 pixel, colour VGA resolution mobile to PC over the air with 640 x 480 pixel, colour QuickPic camera clips on to the mobile Pictures stored and managed in the phone Small and light to carry (approx. 35 g) Colour preliminary and subject to change © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

9 Original Accessories – News
Accessory Devices A65 Original Accessories – News Headset Purestyle Headset with a high-value design for mobile handsfree usage It offers optimised wearing comfort with holder and earpiece hinge Car Charger Plus Take it easy – fixed small housing to connect phone and headset It allows charging and phoning at the same time! © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

10 A65 Application profile Personalisation
Applications A65 Application profile Personalisation The logos and animations available make the A65 a stylish and trendy companion reflecting the user's personality Polyphonic ringtones A wide range of polyphonic ringtones provides a new dimension in sound and offers many ways to express emotions Fun & entertainment The phone becomes a very personal device with new applications: Magic Picture puzzle and Stack Attack Junior Edition . . . © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

11 A65 Consumer Benefits Best Price / Performance Ratio
4k CSTN colour display Full EMS MMS incl. AMR recording Java 1.6 MB user memory for pictures, animations & ringtones WAP Supports attachable QuickPic Camera with flash Simplicity Well-structured keypad layout Good feedback on key pressure Large navy-key Intuitive MMI © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

Customer Benefits A65 Customer benefits Feature set MMS with voice recording EMS, SMS, Java WAP GPRS class 8 Tri-band Attchable QuickPic Camera with flash as accessory Customisation Operator logo Surf&fun icon Profiles Operator-specific hotkey settings User experience OTA-download of ringtones, bitmaps and animations One-touch access to operator portal and services via hotkeys Four-way navigation key Well-known coloured Siemens MMI STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL A65 offers the operator the same customisation options as A55. ARPU can be generated via EMS traffic, WAP and by downloading bitmaps, EMS-animations and ringtones. © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

13 Support of Operator Services
Customer Benefits A65 Support of Operator Services Experience the world of data services Mobile Internet access via WAP Data download over the air (OTA) via SMS or WAP Fast data transfer thanks to GPRS class 8 Provide content for the phone's Java platform Take advantage of the phone's Java platform to run vivid applications Download content from the operator portal via WAP … and more supporting features 4k colour display with 101 x 80 pixels Attachable QuickPic Camera with integrated flash accessory © Siemens ICM MP; July 2004; Confidential

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