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Siemens Mobile Phones CFX65 Product details & Information July 2004 Christoph Boeing & Matthias Wiltink.

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1 Siemens Mobile Phones CFX65 Product details & Information July 2004 Christoph Boeing & Matthias Wiltink

2 Page 2 Features Highlights Colors Technology Accessory Applications Content Design CFX65

3 Page 3 Features Design CFX65 Integrated LED flash & torch Integrated VGA camera Full MMS and messaging capabilities 65k internal colour display Polyphonic ring tones with 40 chords Chameleon colour effect

4 Page 4 Young, fashionable design Stylish colour & material finish Clamshell form with antenna loop Best value for money Full range of photo functionalities: Photo editor / messaging Sound: 40 chords Games Design Applications Car Kit Easy Headset Purestyle Attachable flash Technology Integrated VGA Camera Integrated LED flash Display: 65k colors, CSTN (160 x 128) & subdisplay (96 x 64), s/w Extensive Messaging (SMS, EMS, MMS, IM, E-mail) GPRS Class 10, WAP 2.0, Java, IrDA Accessory Highlights Design CFX65

5 Page 5 Ramp-up Colour: Chameleon Second Colour: Blue Pearl Colors Design CFX65

6 Page 6 HardwareSoftware Technology Design CFX65 Weight/Volume/Dimensions 88 g 78cm³ 85 x48 x23 [mm] excl loop antenna 97 x48 x23 [mm] incl. loop antenna Standby / Talktime Up to 200 h / 200 min Camera & integrated flash Integrated VGA camera Built-in photo flash LED LED flash can be used as torch Display & Keypad Int. display: 65k colours, 160x128 pixel – ext. display: 96x64 pix b/w Soundchip for 40 chords Battery Li-Ion 600 mAh Messaging SMS MMS rel. 4 E-mail (POP3) Internet & Connectivity Dual-band IrDA GPRS class 10 WAP 2.0, Java MIDP 2.0

7 Page 7 Textile Case FCT-600 Li-Ion Battery 600 mAh EBA-670 Headset Purestyle HHS-610 Car Kit Easy HKP-630 Data Cable DCA-500 Travel Charger ETC-500/510 Headset HHS-510 Upgrade Kit HKO-640 Data Cable DCA-540 Car Charger Plus ECC-600 Car Charger Flash IFL-600 SyncStation DSC-600 Car Kit Portable HKP-500 Headset Basic HHS-500 Desk Top Stand Supports Phone Story Products compatible with 55 series* Products compatible with 65 series* For bulk only * Backwards compatible Data Cable USB DCA-510 Original Accessory Fashion & Carry Energy Handsfree Portable Car Solutions Multi- tainment Office Design CFX65

8 Page 8 Headset Purestyle Headset with a high-value design for mobile handsfree usage It offers an optimised wearing comfort by holder and earpiece hinge Car Charger Plus Take it easy – fixed small housing to connect phone and headset It allows charging and phoning at the same time! SyncStation Be up to date – link your mobile phone to a PC with the Data Cable USB and synchronise your data or transfer multimedia applications Attachable Flash Share moments in all lighting conditions, for example, at a party or in a disco... Indoor or low-light photo quality is greatly improved with an attachable flash. Car Kit Easy The Car Kit Easy allows convenient handsfree talking with high speech quality by simply connecting the unit to the cigarette lighter socket (12V) and inserting the mobile phone in the integrated holder. Original Accessory Design CFX65

9 Page 9 Personalisation MMS pictures, Ringtones, etc. Set of Themes/Download Community & City Life Instant Messaging Client (Wireless Village) Multimedia Photo Editor Unit Converter Fun & Entertainment Mobiloko Photopet Bubble Boost Chat Client: Based on Instant Messaging Client Applications Design CFX65

10 Page 10 Photopet Photopet is a cute character in the style of a Japanese Manga. He is his owner's constant companion and requires regular care The Photopet has various demands which must be fulfilled by his owner. The owner performs these actions (e.g. feeding) by taking snapshots. These are analysed by the game engine which then decides what the tamagochi actually gets (e.g., for dinner) Bubble Boost Bubble Boost is a typical jump-and-run game with multiple graphic environments The target of the game is for Luki to free his friends from their imprisonment Mobiloko Mobiloko is an Arcade dance game. The game takes full advantage of the polyphonic music capabilities. The aim of Mobiloko is to make 'Mani' dance to the ringtone melody and keep him in time with the beat. This new version of Mobiloko also enables the users to use their own photos as game backgrounds Applications – Games Design CFX65

11 Page 11 Expected problems & Customer inquiries & Latest news Design CFX65 Customers might complain about: slow and bad log on presentment GSM noise during call LCM quality very slow scrolling through menu Anything else is not possible to speculate about as we have to wait for a (final) customer software What else might be interesting: The first really useful software version is 4.024 but still with several bugs Actual Software is 4.027 - all other software versions may deny incoming calls and have several other mainly severe bugs Call Centre Monitor Version 1.07 will be implemented. Every minute of torch mode reduces standby time about 35 minutes Battery have to be almost full to perform a software update. Otherwise the update does not start and no message

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