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Training C62.

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1 Training C62

2 Content Colour Concept Target Group Performance Highlights Accessories
Games ,

3 Pigeon Blue Eagle White
Colour Concept Cherry Red Pigeon Blue Eagle White ,

4 Target Group overview Product Segment Socio- demo- graphics
Basic Emotion (C-Class) for "Younger Peer Group Centric" Male < Female Age focus Low to mid income Focus on private usage Socio- demo- graphics ,

5 Performance Young, trendy bar phone
No exchangeable covers Design Weight Volume 85 g 82 cm³ : 101 x 44 x 20 [mm] Standby/Talktime up to 250 h / 4,5h MMS, picture messaging EMS, extra long SMS, and SMS to group Messaging Data Transfer GPRS Multislot Class 4 Attachable QuickPic Camera with flash as accessory Camera 128 x128, 4k colors, 7 lines, white lightening (26,5 mm x 26,5mm) Display Internet Access Wap 1.2.1 ,

6 Highlights Color Display Share Special Moments Emotional MMS
Enjoy rich color with 128 x 128 pixel 4k colors in menu and services White illumination, 7 lines Color Display NEW Attachable QuickPic Camera with flash: Take color pictures of your family and friends and share real moments Share Special Moments Send and receive color messages Voice recording for MMS Calling images Emotional MMS NEW Polyphonic Ringer 16 chord polyphonics give vivid sound to ringer and games Excellent Value for Money Full color for the mass market Best price/performance ratio Young, trendy design and keypad with crossbeams NEW Calendar Calculator Alarm clock Digital Memo Be better organized ,

7 MMS Picture and Sound After the attachable QuickPic Camera with flash is attached and the camera application has been started: Take a photo. Press RSK “Options”, scroll to functionality “Send via MMS”. “Select” the required picture quality (hi-res / lo-res) Press LSK “Add”, “New Recording” (2) to select sound field – [This opens the Sound Recording application] Press RSK “Record”,(3) recording starts immediately; Press LSK “Stop” to finish recording Press RSK “Play” to play-back recorded message. Select “Exit“. In MMS application select “Options” -> “Send”(4) Fill in “Recipient” (5) Press “Navikey Down” to select subject field Fill in “Subject” MMS message is now ready to be send out NEW NEW (1.) (2.) (3.) (4.) (5.) ,

8 Accessories Fashion & Carry Energy Handsfree portable Car Solutions
Multi- tainment Office Tour Case FCT-650 Li-Ion Battery EBA-610 Headset PTT HHS-510 Car Kit Portable HKP-500 QuickPic Camera IQP-500 Data Cable USB DCA-510 Leather Holster FCL-510 Desk Top Stand EDS-600 Basic Car Pack HKB-500 Data Cable DCA-500 Belt Case FCL-520 Travel Charger ETC-500/510 Loop Case FCT-500 Car Charger ECC-500 Only C62 Compatible with 55 series * C60, C62, S55, M55 C62 only , * backwards compatible

9 Games Falling Game (1) Achevo (1) Grid Guest (2) Fortune Teller (2)
(1) EMEA content Grid Guest (2) Fortune Teller (2) (2) APAC content ,

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