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LSSIP Objective AOP01.2.

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1 LSSIP Objective AOP01.2

2 Objective AOP01.2 Comprehensive Explanation
Link to European ATM Master Plan Most important SLoA(s) Finalisation Criteria and Closed Questions Supporting Material ESSIP Report 2012 Objective Coordinator’s Analysis, recommendations, tips & tricks Conclusions Links and contacts September 2013

3 Comprehensive Explanation
Implement airside capacity enhancement method and best practices based on Eurocontrol capacity and efficiency implementation manual This objective aims at implementing a collaborative capacity enhancement method that releases possible airside capacity improvement areas, to enable the implementation of suitable European best practices to unlock latent airside capacity The applicability area is presented in Annex B of the ESSIP Plan Edition 2013 document; Initial operational capability - 01/2007, Full operational capability - 12/2013 September 2013

4 Link to European ATM Master Plan
[AO-0305]-Additional Rapid Exit Taxiways (RET) and Entries; [AUO-0701]-Use of Runway Occupancy Time (ROT) Reduction Techniques. September 2012

5 Most important SLoA(s)
APO01 - Establish an Airside Capacity Enhancement (ACE) Steering Group. This SLoA is related to the establishment of a Steering Group consisting of senior managers from the Airport Operators, Local Airlines and ANSPs; APO02 - Conduct annual assessment of future capacity requirements; APO03 - Collect and analyze capacity and performance data; APO05 - Develop and Implement a commonly agreed local action plan. September 2013

6 Most important finalisation Criteria
APO01: Airside Capacity Enhancement (ACE) Steering Group established and effective; APO02: Annual capacity assessments completed; APO03: Capacity & Performance Data collected and analyzed; APO05: Commonly developed action plan approved and implemented; September 2013

7 Supporting Material EUROCONTROL-Airside Capacity Enhancement (ACE) Implementation Manual, Edition 1.0, dated Url : EUROCONTROL-Measurement of Pilot Reaction times and Runway occupancy times - The complete Guide Url : EUROCONTROL-Network Operation Plan (NOP) Programme Url : September 2013

8 ESSIP Report 2012 September 2013

9 Objective Coordinator’s Analysis, recommendations, tips & tricks
Information/data are missing for some of the airports within the applicability area. More elaborate explanation about progress assessment is required. September 2013

10 Links and contacts Objective Coordinator: Predrag Vranjkovic, DNM Objective Expert: Paul Adamson, September 2013

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