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ADQ Implementation Support Cell

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1 ADQ Implementation Support Cell
ADQ Implementation Workshop Miguel Rodrigues Paulo ADQ ISC 28-29 May 2013

2 ADQ Implementation Support Cell
Focal Point Awareness and Training Web Site ADQ Guide Specifications and Guidelines ADQ Implementation Support Cell

3 Regulation Framework and Dates
Single European Sky Framework Community Specifications IRs ERs Directly applicable law in Member States Essential Requirements EU Regulation 552/2004 (interoperability) Implementing Rules EU Regulation 73/2010 (aeronautical data quality) 30th June 2017 Latest compliance: for data published before 1 July 2013and not amended 1st July 2013 Apply from 1st July 2014 Derogations: Data Set and Exchange format 27th January 2010 Publication in OJEU ADQ Implementation Support Cell

4 Regulation Scope “[…] EATMN systems, their constituents and associated procedures […]” Article 2(2) regulated parties Integrated aeronautical information package Electronic obstacle data Electronic terrain data Aerodrome mapping data Originators and providers of survey data ANSP’s Providers of electronic obstacle data Operators of aerodromes and heliports with IFR (or special VFR) procedures Providers of electronic terrain data Procedure design services Regulated Parties Article 2(1) aeronautical data and aeronautical information ADQ Implementation Support Cell

5 Regulatory Provisions (interoperability & performance)
MOC: DQR MOC: AIX DATA QUALITY REQUIREMENTS: Accuracy Resolution Integrity Timeliness NEXT INTENDED USER COMMON DATA SET COMMON EXCHANGE FORMAT COMMON DATA SET ANSP ANSP MOC: eAIP AERODROME Tools and Software Evidence Requirements DATA ORIGINATOR Automation Error Report and Feedback MOC: CRC Personnel MOC: DO Consistency MOC: DAL ADQ Implementation Support Cell

6 EUROCONTROL Specifications
EUROCONTROL Specification for the electronic Aeronautical Information Publication (eAIP), Edition 2.0 published 14/02/2011 Natural evolution from the informal 1.0 specification EUROCONTROL Specification for Data Assurance Levels (DAL), Edition 1.0 published 15/03/2012 A qualitative method for data quality assurance (process definition approach) EUROCONTROL Specification for Aeronautical Information Exchange (AIX), Edition 1.0 published 14/12/2012 Standalone or making a possible bridge to the AIXM 5.1 standard EUROCONTROL Specification Data Quality Requirements (DQR), Edition 1.0 published 18/01/2013 Based on ICAO data quality requirements and prepared for evolution EUROCONTROL Specification for the Origination of Aeronautical Data (DO), Edition 1.0 published 04/02/2013 Volume 1: Compliance Material, a matrix to the provisions Volume 2: Guidance Material, an evolution from the WGS 84 Manual ADQ Implementation Support Cell

7 How to access ADQ documents?
ADQ Implementation Support Cell

8 Overall Implementation Issues observed
Data Originators Identification and formal arrangements Interface Common data set and direct electronic connection Non regulated data originators Safety Assessment Specific for aeronautical data systems Tools and Software Large number of tools Software safety assurance Long procurement processes Implementation Dates Too challenging Conformity Assessment When needed? Who does what? ADQ Implementation Support Cell

9 Conformity Assessment
Conduct verification of the systems NOTIFIED BODY SYSTEM OR CONSTITUENT MANUFACTURER ANSP Conduct verification of the systems Assess conformity or suitability for use NSA EC DECLARATION OF SUITABILITY FOR USE EC DECLARATION OF VERIFICATION OF SYSTEMS ADQ Implementation Support Cell

10 ADQ Regulators Working Group (ARWG)
Established in February 2011 “An opportunity to create synergies among the national bodies (Regulators, NSAs, CAAs) involved in the oversight of the implementation of the Regulation (EU) 73/2010 (ADQ) and it is believed to be a crucial contribution to achieve a common understanding of the provisions of the regulation.” 2/3 meetings per year 21 States already represented Tour de Table ADQ Implementation Support Cell

11 Legal issues identified Common understanding achieved
VFR Aerodromes data related with VFR Aerodromes, even if published in the AIP, is outside the scope of the ADQ IR. Data Protection allow the implementation of data integrity protection through the use of alternative and equivalent standards other than the CRC32Q Scope of the Regulation quantifiable data quality requirements for accuracy, resolution and integrity, as required by Article 6(1), apply only to a sub-set of data items. However, the scope of the remaining provisions shall include all of the aeronautical data and aeronautical information that is referenced on the second sub-paragraph of Article 2(1) Possible modifications collected a list of possible modifications to the Regulation, mainly references and definitions Terrain Exchange Formats recognised that the existing formats do not fully meet the requirements of the ISO series as required by ADQ endorsed the activity of the TOD WG in identifying the user preferred terrain formats ADQ Implementation Support Cell

12 Legal issues identified Under discussion
NOTAMs “Regulation (EU) No 73/2010 apply to the NOTAM, except when to do so will inhibit the distribution of aeronautical information necessary to ensure the safety of flight.” Provision of eTOD provided by non-regulated parties (e.g. geo institutes) ADQ inhibiting the provision of eTOD Implementation Timescales ADQ Implementation Support Cell

13 ADQ Implementation Support Cell

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