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Agenda of WPG (8/02/2006) Approval of Agenda

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1 Agenda of WPG (8/02/2006) Approval of Agenda
Review of minutes of last meeting Introduction to myORBITe - Jean-Marc Roussot (OCCS) Presenting myORBITe - Eric Roelants (MIS) myORBITe navigation - Mark Wouters (OCCS) Presentation of Nettracker - Eric Roelants (MIS) The future of MediaBin in EUROCONTROL - Eric Roelants (MIS) Date of next meeting Any other business Wrap-up of the meeting

2 Review of minutes of last meeting
Action No Person responsible Action to be taken Status Deadline III.5 MIS Analyse use of MediaBin for local images In progress ASAP III.6 Analyse REVIEW 4 & 5 (page 7 & 8) III.10 Add all staff to the template_support group III.11 MIS / OCCS Set up SLA for bugs and CRs III.12 Bruno Lambin & Eric Roelants Find solution for overlap of WPG and Portal User group meetings IV.4 OCCS Proposal of new header For February WPG IV.6 Find solution for: check of broken links, library items not used, orphaned files, files that have not been submitted… For next WPG IV.7 Make a quotation to implement automatic propogation of category changes in the current Interwoven version and the new version IV.8 Investigate the possibility to have multiple libraries in one branch with different access groups IV.12 Run Linkbot in a systematic way and report to sub-site administrators/authors Continuously - IV.13 Bruno Lambin Provide term of reference IV.14 Provide performance indicators IV.15 Propose solution for deployment problems

3 Review of minutes of last meeting
OCCS Sent out invitation for next meeting DONE Proposed date: 8/02/2006 V.2 MIS / OCCS To incorporate all accepted change requests In progress ASAP V.3 CDMS naming conventions for library fields Together with minutes V.4 MIS Send a recommendation to AWG on WatchFire V.5 Post proposal to add links in the contact page

4 myORBITe New main navigation – more service-to-staff oriented





9 Date of next meeting 30 March 2006 09h30 - 12h30 ?

10 Wrap-up of the meeting

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