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Jordi Tío Rotllan - 13 December 2010 Centre for the Development of Enterprise Mining industry in ACP countries.

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1 Jordi Tío Rotllan - 13 December 2010 Centre for the Development of Enterprise Mining industry in ACP countries

2 General presentation of CDE Mining industry in ACP countries 2 Topics of this presentation

3 CDE - Centre for the Development of Enterprise An Institution of the ACP Group and the EU – under the Cotonou Agreement Supports the sustainable development of the ACP private sector Financed by the European Development Fund (EDF) 3

4 CDE in brief Provide technical assistance and support services to private ACP enterprises Facilitate cooperation between EU and ACP enterprises Promote investment, transfer of technology and skills Main mandate Its own expert advice and practical know-how Specialised consultancy services Linkages to ACP and EU markets, expertise, investors and finance sources Subsidy contributions for Business Development Services (BDS) CDE provides 4

5 Eligible Beneficiaries Private Sector enterprises Enterprises in the creation, expansion, diversification or restructuring phase in the ACP countries Enterprises must have promising prospects for financial and economic viability as well as a positive development impact Private Sector Intermediary Organizations Professional associations, federations, technical centres, investment promotion bodies, development finance institutions, etc. Service Providers ACP consultants and consulting firms 5

6 through Programmes CDE intervenes… Increasingly, CDE interventions are being undertaken within the framework of Programmes (2/3 of the budget) Cluster approach – grouped assistance In response to individual requests and prospective investors through ad-hoc Assistance 6

7 PROGRAMMES Tourism Sustainable Forestry Promotion of Aquaculture Maintenance in the Infrastructure Sector (Roads & Water) Competitiveness Enhancement Processing of cereals, fruit and vegetables Mining Industry Energy 7

8 Mining Industry in ACP 9

9 Institutional context of the programme Figures Expected results Sector context Challenges Key areas Results Conclusion Support to the mining sector from CDE in ACP countries in the last 12 years Scheme of the presentation 10

10 The ACP-EU Partnership Agreement, signed in Cotonou on 23 June 2000, recognizes the importance of the ACP mining industry in its Article 68 Following the Mines 2000 forum held in Lusaka, Zambia the SADC-MCU and the CDE designed and implemented an integrated 5 year programme of assistance for the SADC mining sector starting in 2001 Institutional context of the programme 11

11 Budget 4 million 55% CDE 30% PROMOTERS 15% COFINANCING AGENCIES Mines 2000 - Figures 13 European FACT fund SYSMIN

12 Improve local expertise and skills Upgrade product quality Poverty alleviation through creation of jobs Improve environmental practices Improve health and safety regulations Better access to European markets and information Mines 2000 - Expected results 14

13 The Southern African mining industry contributes to around 10% of GDP in the region: It involves 5% of total employment Contributes to 60% of foreign exchange earnings The region is a leading contributor to world output of: Sector context 14 Vanadium 46% Platinum group metals 72% Chromium 40% Gold 21% Diamonds 55% Cobalt 20% Manganese 15% Copper 8%

14 Low-skilled personnel Lack of appropriate technology Lack of market opportunity awareness Delays in issuance or refusal of operating licence Poor enterprise management by senior personnel Poor business decision making as a result of insufficient business knowledge Mines 2000 - Challenges 13

15 1.Direct technical assistance and capacity building for enterprises/individuals 2.Capacity building for Intermediary organizations 3.Creation of information networks and market awareness 4.Environmental and social awareness 5.Facilitating financing for enterprises Mines 2000 – Key areas of support 14


17 1.Direct technical assistance: 60 enterprises received an average of 2 direct technical assistance interventions from 2001 to 2005. Including improvement of technical, financial and marketing management 70% of the total budget Mines 2000 - Results 14

18 60 firms which received technical assistance Created/saved 2500 jobs Total turnover of 120 million 40% of which from 15 major operators

19 2.Capacity building for Intermediary organizations Training, seminars, workshops: Appropriate technology in management in Mining, Namibia 2001. Business development workshop for gemstone miners, Zambia 2001 Gemmology training centre, Mozambique 2001 Dimension stone training workshop, Italy 2002 Business development workshop, Malawi 2003 Environmental aspects of gemmology, Mozambique 2004 Dimension stone workshop for ACP architects, Italy 2002 Seminar on marketing of industrial materials, Namibia 2005 Mines 2000 - Results 14

20 2. Capacity building for Intermediary organizations Publication of technical guides: Dimension Stone quarrying in ACP countries Code of environmental practice for mining projects Technical guide on coloured gemstones Mines 2000 - Results 14

21 3. Creation of information networks and market awareness 35 firms participated in international fairs in Europe: Carrara Marmotec Fair, Italy 2001 & 2004 Women in mining Vicenza, Italy 2002 Vicenza fair, Italy 2004 Verona fair, Italy 2004 Te ktonica International fair, Portugal 2004 Creation of SADC Mining Info Portal (out of service today) Creation of (Assoc for dimension stone operators in Africa) and its website Mines 2000 Results 14

22 4. Environmental and social awareness Dissemination of best practices Organization of 2 workshops Publication of a technical guide for SME On-the-job training Mines 2000 - Results 14

23 5.Facilitating financing for enterprises CDE assisted 5 promoters in preparing bankable business plans to secure loans Reserve assessment Search for appropriate technology Market study Financial engineering Mines 2000 - Results 14

24 It has been proved that CDE interventions has consolidated the development of SME, Intermediary organizations and services providers of the mining sector through workshops, seminars, guides, direct assistance, etc. Economic impact: more than 2500 jobs and more than 120 million turnover (SADC – mining programme). Conclusion 22

25 Support to the mining sector from CDE in the last 12 years Zones of intervention Source : CDE database 15

26 Support to the mining sector from CDE in the last 12 years Types of intervention Source : CDE database 15

27 Source: Dimension stone quarrying in ACP Countries, CDE 2003 Dimension Stone CDE projects in ACP African countries

28 CONTACTS Regional Offices Headquarters - Brussels CDE website: West Africa : Dakar (Senegal) Mr Gaston Baganzicaha Central Africa : Opening in 2011 Eastern Africa : Nairobi (Kenya) Mr Farai Majuru Southern Africa : Gaborone (Botswana) Mr Sid Boubekeur Caribbean : Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) Mrs Marie Louise Norton Pacific: Opening in 2011 25

29 26 Thank you for your attention Jordi Tió Rotllan

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