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Mineral Resources Authority Papua New Guinea EXPLORATION AND PROSPECTIVITY IN PNG.

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1 Mineral Resources Authority Papua New Guinea EXPLORATION AND PROSPECTIVITY IN PNG



4 EU Collaborative Projects with Geological Survey Division in 2010 Regional geological mapping survey 2010 with GMME & EU GEOMAP - map/publication series compilation Regional drainage geochemical survey Training of PNG geologists (GSD and UPNG )

5 WBTA 2 and MRA Projects proposed for funding PNG Stratigraphic Lexicon / seamless 250K map Cartography – GSQ & Geodatabase map production in ArcInfo Geotechnical operations review Geothermal sites inventory and description

6 WBTA 2 and MRA Projects Updating open file geochemistry data from company reports Work on developing an integrated Geological and tenure database Scanning of all geoscience data in the library system and list of all open file reports Core library plans and construction

7 Collaborative Geophysics training & projects Delft University airborne geophysics / remote sensing interpretation courses Earthquake survey of the SE Papua (Eastern Papua Peninsula and Milne Bay Province) with Colombia University, USA. Ontong Java Plateau – LIP - JAMSTEC Seismic refraction, Seismic reflection, Marine gravity, Geomagnetics, Sea floor topography (side scan sonar)

8 Geophysics Ontong Java Plateau – Large Igneous Province - JAMSTEC Seismic refraction, Seismic reflection, Marine gravity, Geomagnetics, Sea floor topography (side scan sonar) Collaborative projects / training


10 Wafi Wafi-Golpu Cu-Au Porphyry

11 Wafi - Golpu Resource Pre feasibility study Large multiple lodes high sulphidation system Drilling to 1800m Resource is open to the north Au resource – Wafi - 8.8Moz Porphyry Cu - Golpu - 4.8Mt Cu

12 Deliverables from Project E MSSP and GEOMAP Fugro Highlands airborne Survey - final data - worlds largest heliborne magnetic/radiometric survey (PROJECT E) Multielement geochemistry - 48 element stream sediment survey of 14 map sheets of Area 1 (database and maps) Geological Map Publication series Metallogenic maps

13 GEOMAP Partners British Geological Survey (BGS) Deutsche Montan Technologie (DMT) Council for Geoscience (RSA) Mineral Resources Authority (MRA)

14 FUGRO GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY Magnetic and Radiometric helicopter survey Line spacing 4-500m - terrain clearance c.100m Area 1: c. 62,000km2. Area 2: 29,400km2

15 TMI magnetic of Area 1 BOSAVI GILUWE Mount Hagen

16 EU- funded GEOMAP Project

17 Prospects for the discovery of new mineral deposits Prospectivity in PNG is very high with large underexplored regions Geochemistry shows potential in areas not previously explored Large numbers of streams contain alluvial gold with no known hard rock source The development of pre-competitive geoscience data is bringing major companies to explore in PNG THE POTENTIAL FOR NEW DISCOVERIES IS VERY HIGH

18 Communication strategy Long term 5 year targeted, global effort. Participation in industry conferences and trade fairs. Webpage - all information on the internet. Industry reviews – published regularly. Articles planted in leading industry publications. Cooperation with other stakeholders (Chamber of Mines & Petroleum).

19 Conferences & trade fairs Articles published pre-conference. Attractive booth, location/lay out: PNG exotic country with extraordinary geology. Oral presentation. Latest exploration results presented. Special seminars organised. Private meetings with targeted companies. All material simultaneoulsy on webpage.

20 Focus countries Canada – global mining junior finance centre. South Africa – important investor into PNG. London – global mining majors finance centre. Asia – emerging mining interests. China – global mining boom engine and latest investor into PNG.

21 PNG Facts & Figures at a Glance… Mineral dependant economy (65% total export receipts 2009). 2.2 million Oz Au, 13.3 tonnes Ag, 200,000 tonnes Cu produced in 2009. Contribution from 3x large mines, 2x medium mines, 2x small mines and 80,000 artisanal miners. 3x large land base mines, i.e. Yandera, Wafi, Frieda and one offshore mine, i.e. Solwara 1, to commence production in the next 5-8 years. Diversification of mineral base (Co, Ni & Mo).

22 Government Policies & Legislations - Mining Act 1992 Principal legislation that regulates exploration & mining in PNG - first come first serve basis - EL up to 2,250 - unlimited renewals provided. Also allows - right in priority for mining lease - ML granted for 20 years (and renewable) License Types - EL, ML, SML, AML, Lease for mining purpose & mining easement

23 Exploration Licences 2006-2009

24 Exploration Licence Applications 2008-2009

25 Exploration Expenditure 2006-2009

26 Thank you for listening

27 PNG - a dynamic developing minerals industry Mineral Exploration in PNG Geological Mapping Geophysics Geochemistry Prospects for the discovery of new mineral Resources

28 Functions of the Mineral Resources Authority Advise Minister on matters relating to management, exploitation, and development of PNG mineral resources Promote orderly exploration and development of PNG mineral resources Oversee administration and enforcement of Mining Act 1992, Mining Safety Act (chapter 195A), Mining Development Act, Ok Tedi Acts and Bougainville Copper Agreement Act Negotiate mining development contracts and MOAs Conduct geoscientific investigations into PNG geological resources Provide small scale mining services Collect, analyse, store, archive and disseminate and publish geoscientific information

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