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Mate Gjorgjievski, Transport Law expert 13 th SEEIC meeting, 19.06.2013, Sarajevo.

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1 Mate Gjorgjievski, Transport Law expert 13 th SEEIC meeting, , Sarajevo

2 Priority I: Attracting international transport flows and increasing regional mobility Development of the SEETO Comprehensive Network and effective interconnection to TEN-T Regional harmonisation and common market conditions for operators (Transport Community Treaty) Addressing regional non-physical transport barriers affecting the journey time and travel costs (administrative and border-crossing procedures) – cross-reference to Trade Facilitation (Free Flow of Goods)/Investment Growth Pillar Development of the ancillary infrastructure, transport terminals, logistic chains and interoperability

3 Priority II: Optimization of individual transport modes and promotion of green& energy efficient transport Co-modal solutions and focus on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transport modes- lower carbon emissions Creation of a Common Railway Area in the SEE, by fostering the services and opening of the market Development of Danube and Sava – coordination between International Commissions on Danube and Sava, SEETO and EU Strategy for the Danube Region

4 Priority III: Modernisation of robust transport systems Introduction of independent & performance based management system- improved operations, maintenance and safety Restructuring of public entities, incentives for private sector investments, social dialogue Application of ITS and new technologies- cross- reference to R&D and Innovation/Smarth Growth pillar Modernisation of vehicle fleet and stimulation of public urban transport

5 Further steps Stronger coordination with REC, RCC/SEEIC and ECS Need to develop umbrella priorities to interlink the entire Pillar Dimension Resource Efficiency- integrated approach Overall link with the targets of the pillar Sustainable Growth missing Liaising with CEFTA, NALAS and Regional Research Platform Preparation of the Actions and consultations within the SEETO structure Financing the actions/measures- who & when Monitoring the implementation- who and how?

6 Thank you for your attention !

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