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Experience of Target Business Consultants Plc Presented by: Getnet Haile

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1 Experience of Target Business Consultants Plc Presented by: Getnet Haile

2 Founded in 2004 Attracted by the rising demand - from NGO and Private sectors Services Financial management, business planning, Business diagnosis, taxation, accounting software Value chain studies Organizational system development, Studies

3 The emergence of Value chain approach / market oriented interventions The need for business oriented training for farmers and their organizations Financial Management, Organizational Management, Marketing, Business Planning

4 The need for customization Simplifying the business skill training / coaching to their level of understanding Preferred method of service delivery Coaching Who pays for the service NGOs, Development organizations Change in role More involvement in service delivery

5 Example of Business Plan Development ActivitiesPrivate Businesses Farmers Organizations Defining the scopeClientTarget facilitate Assessing machinery optionsClient (mostly)Target Ensuring ownershipClientTarget facilitate Convincing the action planSometimesTarget facilitate Searching for Financiers / collaborators ClientTarget facilitate Discussion with stakeholdersClientTarget facilitate


7 Accountability Monitoring and evaluation systems in place after sales services Sustainability Variety of customers, service development Inclusiveness Clients are mainly chosen by financiers Simplified but understandable materials

8 Challenges High turnover of clients staff – lengthen the service provision period Ambitious TORs. Freelancers – risks quality, poor knowledge retention and expensive Low level consultancy fee rates limits internal growth opportunities The private sector is growing and cooperatives are mushrooming. NGOs are getting involved in private-sector development. International donors interested in working with the private sector to promote market-oriented agriculture.

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