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Geography of the United States the-united-states-of-america-2013-7?op=1.

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1 Geography of the United States the-united-states-of-america-2013-7?op=1

2 Bell Ringer 1. Name 6 states in the United States. 2. Name the two oceans that surround the United States. 3. List one state that borders Illinois. 4. Name one river that flows through the United States. 5. Which two countries border the United States?

3 Your Assignment Turn to pgs. A20-A21 towards the back of the book Using colored pencils label the following states. You may use abbreviations or you can write out the name of the state. Please use 3 different colors. Illinois (IL), Wisconsin (WI), Indiana (IN), Iowa (IA), Missouri (MO), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), Kentucky (KY), California (CA), Texas (TX), Florida (FL), New York (NY), Massachusetts (MA), Pennsylvania (PA), Kansas (KS), Nebraska (NE), Virginia (VA), and Ohio (OH) Label the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico. Color this area blue. Draw in the Mississippi River and the Rio Grande Label Mexico and Canada, draw them each yellow

4 Illinois (IL) -Largest city is Chicago -“Land of Lincoln”

5 Wisconsin (WI) -Largest city is Milwaukee -“America’s Dairyland”

6 Indiana (IN) -Largest city is Indianapolis -The Hoosier State

7 Iowa (IA) -Largest city is Des Moines -The Hawkeye State

8 Missouri (MO) -Big cities are Kansas City and St. Louis

9 Kentucky (KY) -Largest city is Louisville -Horseracing and fried chicken

10 Michigan (MI) -Largest city is Detroit -Where cars are made

11 Minnesota (MN) -Largest city is Minneapolis -Has lots of lakes!!! -Where Mr. Vanderporten went to college

12 California (CA) -Big cities are Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco -Where most movies are made!!!

13 Texas (TX) - Big cities are Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas

14 Kansas (KS) -Largest city is Wichita -Known for tornadoes

15 Nebraska (NE) -Largest city is Omaha

16 Oklahoma (OK) -Largest city is Oklahoma City -Used to be known as Indian Territory

17 Louisiana (LA) -Largest city is New Orleans

18 Florida (FL) - Big cities are Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami

19 Georgia (GA) - Largest city is Atlanta

20 South Carolina (SC) -Big cities are Columbia and Charleston -Where the Civil War started

21 North Carolina (NC) -Big cities are Charlotte and Raleigh

22 Virginia (VA) -Eight presidents were born here

23 Maryland (MD) -Largest city is Baltimore

24 Pennsylvania (PA) -Largest cities are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh

25 Delaware (DE) -First state to ratify (approve) the Constitution

26 New Jersey (NJ) -Largest city is Newark -Most populous state

27 New York (NY) -Largest city is New York City -Known as the Empire State

28 Connecticut (CT) -Capital city is Hartford

29 Rhode Island (RI) -Largest city is Providence

30 Massachusetts (MA) -Largest city is Boston

31 Vermont (VT) -The Green Mountain State

32 New Hampshire (NH) -State motto is “Live Free or Die”

33 Maine (ME) -Capital city is Augusta -Known for seafood cuisine

34 Ohio (OH) -Biggest cities are Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

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