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Częstochowa, 24th -28th September 2012

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1 Częstochowa, 24th -28th September 2012
Polish students Częstochowa, 24th -28th September 2012

2 Polish students hosting students from Greece:
Małgorzta Wojtania Aleksandra Organa Katarzyna Pietrzyk Max Słabosz

3 My name is Małgosia Wojtania. I'm fourteen years old
My name is Małgosia Wojtania. I'm fourteen years old. I was born on 16th March in I live in Częstochowa with my parents and brother. His name is Maciek. I like animals. I have got two animals-a dog and a hamster. My favourite school subjects are history and English. I like swimming, travelling and skiing. In my free time I listen to music, read books, watch films or go out with my friends. 

4 Małgosia Wojtania

5 Hi, my name is Aleksandra Organa. I am 15 years old,
and I live in Częstochowa in a flat. I live with my parents.  I go to the nearest school which is called Jan III Sobieski Lower Secondary School. My hobbies are singing, dancing and photography. I like making new friends. I think  I can easily communicate in English. I like pets but I am allergic to fur. I like pop music, too. I like listening to Amy Winehouse. This is  all from my side.                                                                Bye Ola ;)

6 Ola Organa

7 My name is Kasia. I'm 14 years old.
My favourite subjects are English and chemistry. I live in Częstochowa with my parents. I have a dog- Max. I'm quite tall and slim. I have medium- length brown hair and brown eyes. I like skiing and swimming. I also train running.  In my free time, I read books, watch movies, listen to music or meet friends. My favourite kind of music is rock, but I can't choose my favourite kind of films- it depends on my humour. 

8 Kasia Pietrzyk

9 My name is Max Słabosz. I'm fifteen
My name is Max Słabosz. I'm fifteen. I'm in the third class in a secondary school. I like English, chemistry and biology. I like fantasy books, for example, Andrew Sapkowski's "The Witcher". In my free time I usually meet my friends or play computer games, especially League of Legends or The Witcher. I like science fiction, fantasy and comedy movies. My favourite films are "The butterfly Effect" and "The Lord of the Ring". I hate horrors. I like rock and dubstep music. I really like System of a Down.


11 Thank you for attention.
Jadwiga Starnawska-Przydacz

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