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ECMWF 14-16 June 2006Slide 1 Access to ECMWF data for Research Manuel Fuentes Data and Services Section, ECMWF ECMWF Forecast Products User Meeting.

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1 ECMWF June 2006Slide 1 Access to ECMWF data for Research Manuel Fuentes Data and Services Section, ECMWF ECMWF Forecast Products User Meeting

2 ECMWF June 2006Slide 2 Introduction ECMWF makes data available for Research & Education freely or at a handling charge only For Commercial use, data is also available through Data Services (Archived and Real-time), with additional cost (information charge) This presentation focuses on data available for Research & Education Data access methods Data sets Data formats

3 ECMWF June 2006Slide 3 Data Access Services Archived or Real-time data: Meteorological Archival Retrieval System (MARS) Dissemination System Data Services Data from special projects: Public Data Server THREDDS/OpenDAP (experimental)

4 ECMWF June 2006Slide 4 MARS: Contents Main repository of meteorological data: Operational runs Deterministic Forecast: Atmospheric and Wave models Ensemble Prediction System Monthly Forecast Seasonal Forecast Monthly Datasets Monthly means Climatology Data from other NWP Centres

5 ECMWF June 2006Slide 5 MARS: Contents (cont.) Project Datasets ERA-15, ERA-40 PROVOST DEMETER Observations ECMWF Research experiments Member States experiments Using ECMWF models Using own models: COSMO/LEPS

6 ECMWF June 2006Slide 6 MARS: Access Direct access to more than 2 PetaBytes of data using pseudo-meteorological language Access modes: Batch Interactive: Metview, WebMARS Remotely from Member States Discovery (Data Finder) and Browsing (Catalogue) Restrictions to access valid data Users: Member States for Research & Education Access granted by NMSs

7 ECMWF June 2006Slide 7 Dissemination system Real-time products Subscription based Users edit requirement specification: which data (parameter, step, forecasting system, …) what post-processing (sub-area, grid, resolution, …) Product generation All products are generated in parallel on the supercomputer Data is pushed from ECMWF to users Operates under a fixed schedule Everyone gets same data at the same time

8 ECMWF June 2006Slide 8 Data Services Provide Data and Software to external organisations under rules approved by Council Data Services Catalogues Catalogue of Archived data and products Catalogue of Real-time products Software catalogue

9 ECMWF June 2006Slide 9 Data Services: Archive Catalogue Contents: MARS contents Access: On-line costing system ERA-15, ERA-40 Operational data Observations Marine, Aircraft, Vertical soundings Cost: Handling charge only for Research & Education Handling charge and Information charge for commercial use

10 ECMWF June 2006Slide 10 Data Services: Archive Catalogue, delivery Tape DAT Exabyte DLT LTO2 CD DVD Internet transfer FTP Push Downloadable

11 ECMWF June 2006Slide 11 Data Services: Real-Time Catalogue Contents: Selected parameters from Operational forecasting systems Web products (as a whole) Access: Dissemination system www Cost: Handling charge (Research & Education) Additional Information charge (Commercial)

12 ECMWF June 2006Slide 12 Data Services: Software Catalogue Decoders: Free of charge GRIB (GRIBEX, grib_api) BUFR Interpolation software (EMOSLIB) Magics Metview Graphical User Interface Plotting Field manipulation Macro language

13 ECMWF June 2006Slide 13 Public Data Server 1 Terabyte of data online, 2.5 ° resolution: DEMETER ERA-15 ERA-40 ENACT Data is downloadable in GRIB, NetCDF or in graphical form Field manipulation capabilities: sub-area extraction and change of resolution ERA-40 contents can be obtained on 2 LTO2 tapes at handling charge

14 ECMWF June 2006Slide 14 Public Data Server (cont.) Service started in users Average 700 GBytes/month (peaks of 1 TB/month) For Research and Education only

15 ECMWF June 2006Slide 15 THREDDS/OpenDAP Data access method under investigation Contents: ENACT DEMETER ENSEMBLES Link to Climate Explorer at KNMI For Research and Education only

16 ECMWF June 2006Slide 16 Data Formats vs. Data Access Service GRIBNetCDFGraphical MARS Data Services Dissemination Data Server THREDDS/DoDS

17 ECMWF June 2006Slide 17 Future developments Thorpex Interactive Grand Global Ensemble, TIGGE Creation of a Database containing all available global ensemble in near real-time 3 Archive Centres (NCAR, CMA, ECMWF), 9 Data Providers (BoM, CMA, JMA, KMA, NCEP, CMC, CPTEC, UKMO, ECMWF) GRIB Edition 2 Initial exchange of data started (2 models) First users expected by end 2006 ENSEMBLES Some experiments already available in MARS Interim Re-Analysis

18 ECMWF June 2006Slide 18 Summary Data Access Services MARS, Data Services, Dissemination Data Server, THREDDS/OpenDAP Data sets Operational Archive Archive Catalogue and Real-Time Catalogue Special projects: ERA, DEMETER, ENSEMBLES, TIGGE Data formats GRIB (Edition 1, 2) NetCDF Graphical

19 ECMWF June 2006Slide 19 More information MARS: Data Services: Dissemination: Data Server: TIGGE: ENSEMBLES: Thank you !

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