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Welcome to Curriculum Night Fourth Grade 2009-2010.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night Fourth Grade 2009-2010

2 4 th Grade Teachers  Mrs. Brack  Mrs. Cockerham  Mrs. McDade  Mrs. Chamblee  Mrs. Poisson

3 Friday folders need to be returned signed with all stapled work for portfolios

4 Each week students will be given Sitton spelling words. A spelling test will be given each Friday. Students will highlight words each week on a master list in their folders. Students will be responsible for any highlighted words. Once a word appears on the spelling list, students are responsible for spelling it correctly all the time. Some students will complete a pretest on Thursdays for the following week's words. They will receive a list of challenge Sitton words for their test on Monday if they don’t miss any words on the pretest. Spelling

5 Students will continue to use the textbook series we used last year. We will also be holding timed tests once a week. It’s important for students to become efficient with all of their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Please practice math facts with your child as much as possible at home. Math

6 We will be studying several different units this year. Students will have vocabulary and notes from each chapter. It’s important that they study these on a regular basis. We are studying space. We will study weather next. We will also learn about the water cycle, light, ecosystems, sound, and simple machines. We will be rotating science with social studies approximately every three weeks. Science

7 Fourth grade social studies covers United States history through the westward expansion. We will be learning about Native Americans, Famous Explorers, Colonies, Revolutionary War, US Government, and Westward Expansion. Social Studies

8 We will be reading several different novels throughout the year and completing engaging activities. We will complete reading skills from the reading series. Students will keep vocabulary words and assignments in their vocabulary journals. They will also have novel booklets to complete with each novel. Some students will receive more challenging booklets and vocabulary so that everyone is being appropriately challenged. Reading

9 Students are assigned homework to practice the skills they learn in school. Students will write their homework assignments in their agendas each day. Students will fill out a homework slip each time they have not completed a homework assignment. These will come home in their Friday folders for parents to sign and return. Please encourage your child to complete his/her homework assignments and bring them to school. Homework on most evenings should not take more than 40 minutes. We always try to be considerate of this because we know many of the students are involved in extracurricular activities. If it consistently taking your child longer than this, please let your child’s teacher know. Homework

10 Policies Snacks: Students may bring a healthy snack each day for the morning. They can not have chips, cookies, or candy of any kind. Please try to send things that will not interfere with school work. They may have a water bottle at their desk. Water bottles need to have tops and covered with a sock. Supplies: Please check with your child each week on their supply status. We are only using yellow #2 pencils in class. Absence: Please send a note with your child when they return to school from an absence. The school needs these notes within 5 days of returning to school. There will be a make-up sheet for any missed work when the child returns to school.

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