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Administrative Issues for GEMS Keith Edwards ECMWF Financial Controller.

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1 Administrative Issues for GEMS Keith Edwards ECMWF Financial Controller

2 Scope of Talk Cost Models Management Budget Consortium Agreement –Management Structure –Liability –Pre-existing Know-how –Publication of Knowledge Essential Formalities References E-mail Communication

3 Cost Models Full Cost (FC): direct and indirect costs Full Cost with indirect flat rate costs (FCF): direct costs plus flat rate of 20% for indirect costs Additional Costs (AC): direct additional costs plus flat rate of 20% for indirect costs

4 Cost Models Your institute must use same model in all contracts in FP6 Except that it is possible to move up from AC to FCF to FC

5 Cost Models AC model: 100% reimbursement rate FC or FCF reimbursement rates: - RTD/Innovation activities: 50% - Demonstration activities: 35% - Training: 100% - Management: 100%

6 Management Budget Up to 7% of the EC contribution to GEMS 770k on an assumed contribution of 11m Management equals coordinators and team leaders expenses, etc One audit certificate per annum @ 2k each for 20 partners over 3 years equals some 120k Propose these costs are met from your indirect costs

7 Consortium Agreement (CA) Must be signed before coordinator signs EC Contract Management: two tier structure: -Contractors Committee -Management Board Liability Pre-existing know-how Publication of Knowledge

8 CA: Management Structure Contractors Committee: To consider major issues requiring views/vote of all partners All partners are members Meets as required, on request of one fifth of partners Quorum of three quarters, two thirds majority of those present/represented Chair elected by partners

9 CA: Management Structure Management Board: Composed of team leaders and coordinator Chaired by coordinator To manage GEMS scientifically, financially and contractually Quorum of three quarters, with three quarters majority vote of all members for major decisions

10 CA: Liability EC Regulation 2321/2002 establishes EC wish for joint and several liability But it exempts public bodies, which shall be liable only for their own debt Will propose a clause in the consortium agreement making it clear that the partners do not wish to establish joint and several liability

11 CA: Liability All information that you bring to GEMS and to which other participants need access for carrying out GEMS, or for use of Knowledge created during GEMS Pre-existing know-how includes software

12 CA: Pre-existing Know-how Declare PEKH, and the terms of access rights, in the consortium agreement With provision for adding later, on reasonable request Possible to exclude specific PEKH at the outset

13 CA: Publication of Knowledge Consortium will be required to produce a dissemination and use of Knowledge plan Publication of knowledge during project will require prior permission of the Consortium 60 days' notice Ad hoc communication, eg in seminar, should be at partners own discretion

14 Essential Formalities Boring, but necessary Proposal submission forms A2 and A3 to ECMWF by 5 March 04 A3 form shows the partners eligible direct and indirect costs in some detail If selected, contract preparation forms using the ECs dreaded software

15 References Recommend you look at the IPR help-desk at for information on: Financial guidelines, and note on cost models Model contract PEKH EC Regulation 2321/2002 participation rules

16 Communication

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