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François Salgé25/02/2014 1 CEN/TC 287 TITLE: Geographic Information.

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1 François Salgé25/02/2014 1 CEN/TC 287 TITLE: Geographic Information

2 François Salgé25/02/2014 2 SCOPE: u Standardization in the field of digital Geographic Information : u This comprises a structured set of standards which specifies a methodology to define, describe and transfer representations of the real world. This will allow understanding and usage of digital information related to any location in the real world. u The objective is to facilitate the use of digital information related to real world location through information technology as a whole. This standardization work will influence and be influenced by developments in the field of information technology.

3 François Salgé25/02/2014 3 Content u Progress of WI u Next milestones u Cooperation with ISO/TC 211 u Hints into CEN/TC 287 standards usage u conclusion

4 François Salgé25/02/2014 4 Progress of work Items

5 François Salgé25/02/2014 5 Adopted ENv u ENv 12009:1997 - Reference Model u ENv 12160:1997 - Spatial Schema u ENv 12656:1998 - Quality u ENv 12657:1998 - Metadata u ENv 12658:1998 - Transfer u Env 12661:1998 - Geographic identifiers

6 François Salgé25/02/2014 6 ENv under adoption u Formal vote started –prENv 12762 - Position (dead line 1998-09-25) u Formal vote to be started –prENv xxxxx - Rules for application schema (expected dead line 1998-12)

7 François Salgé25/02/2014 7 CEN reports u CEN/TC 287 N 4551996-02-02 Geographic information - Conceptual schema language u prCR 126601998-05-21Geographic information - Processing - Query and update u CEN/TC 287 N 5881998-07-31 Geographic information - Definition u CEN/TC 287 N 5871998-07-31 Geographic information - Overview

8 François Salgé25/02/2014 8 Cooperation with ISO/TC 211 u Analysis of how IS from ISO/TC 211 be converted into EN u Three main ways

9 François Salgé25/02/2014 9 Way 1

10 François Salgé25/02/2014 10 Way 2

11 François Salgé25/02/2014 11 Way 3

12 François Salgé25/02/2014 12 Respective timing

13 François Salgé25/02/2014 13 Respective timing (cont)

14 François Salgé25/02/2014 14 Respective timing (cont)

15 François Salgé25/02/2014 15 Provisionnal Conclusion u Reference model, Quality, Metadata, Geographic identifiers, Position Rules for application schema: – only Way 1 is possible. u For the others –all procedures are possible. u Itll depend on ISO timing

16 François Salgé25/02/2014 16 Conclusion: next CEN/TC 287 issues u first WP accomplished –8 ENv and 4 Reports u Investigation on usage of CEN/TC 287 results u define a new WP and apply Vienna agreement u Env to EN or adoption of IS? –decision to be taken fall 1999 –decision to be taken fall 2000 –depends on publication time of IS

17 François Salgé25/02/2014 17 e-mail: ENGLISH/listcome.htm

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