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inkSM AMCPWGM2-WP_____ GLOBALink (HFDL and SATCOM) Update Prepared For: ICAO WG-M2 April 2001

2 HFDL Statistics 14 ground stations 23 customers including the USAF
San Francisco, CA, U.S.A Molokai, HI, U.S.A. Reykjavik, Iceland Riverhead, NY, U.S.A. Auckland, New Zealand Hat Yai, Thailand Shannon, Ireland Johannesburg, South Africa Barrow, AK, U.S.A. Santa Cruz, Bolivia Krasnoyarsk, Russia Agana, Guam Bahrain (planned 2001) Canary Islands (planned 2001) 23 customers including the USAF Over 145 HFDL-equipped aircraft Over 100 aircraft added since January 2000 Traffic currently exceeding 60,000 kilobits per month More than doubled traffic over same period in 2000 50% increase in traffic from Jan 2001 to Feb 2001


4 Global HFDL Traffic Routes - Mar. 2001

5 HFDL Communicating Aircraft

6 HFDL System Growth

7 HFDL ATS Validation Trials Now Underway
Participants NavCanada Continental Airlines Message set Waypoint position report (WPR) via HFDL to CADS to NavCanada Performance goal 50% of downlink messages received within 3 minutes 95% of downlink messages received within 5 minutes First test flight - 7 February, EWR - ZUR 6 WPRs sent Average latency time = seconds Trials are currently limited by the small number of appropriately equipped aircraft

8 HFDL 2001 Plans Complete HFDL ground station installations
Bahrain - 2nd Quarter 2001 Canary Islands - 3rd Quarter 2001 Upgrade Krasnoyarsk, Russia Antennas - Spring 2001 Expand ATS acceptance trials North Polar routes NavCanada / FAA of Russia Additional regions Seeking FANS capable / HFDL-equipped participant airlines and sponsor CAAs for trials

9 GLOBALink US Industry Milestones
HFDL RTCA MOPS Published as DO-265 Dec 2000 RTCA MASPS Scheduled for Ballot Oct 2001 w/ Publication 1Q02 AMS(R)S Published as DO-262 Dec 2000 Out for Ballot w/ Publication Nov 2001 AMSS Change D AMSS MOPS Published as DO-262D Dec 2000

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