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Learning How to Skype Presented by: Nicole Spells AET/541 – E-Learning University of Phoenix Jenna Pavleck.

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2 Learning How to Skype Presented by: Nicole Spells AET/541 – E-Learning University of Phoenix Jenna Pavleck

3 Getting Ready to Skype The different types of personal computer can access Skype. Please use your selected choice of the above types. Type of Personal Computers Personal Computer Laptop or Netbook Tablet Forward Back

4 Getting Ready to Skype * Some or all of the equipment may be built directly into the type of computer you are using. The pictures shown are examples and will vary depending on brand and availability. Please ask a sales associate if you require additional assistance. Required Equipment Webcam* - a camera used to transmit video of you during the call. Speakers* - device used to listen to voice dialog from others on the video call. Microphone* - transmits your voice to the other callers. USB Cord* - cord to connect either the webcam, speaker or microphone to the computer. Back Forward

5 Webcam Installation If your personal computer is not equipped with an internal webcam, here is a short video on the installation of one type of webcam available. Most webcams have the same basic instructions for installation, but you may find additional videos on You Tube. Back Forward (Berkowitz, 2009)

6 Equipment Testing It is now time to verify that your webcam is properly working and connected. Please make sure your webcam is turned on and use it to take a picture. Then, please e-mail me the picture so I can verify you are ready to continue. ( Access to your webcam will vary depending on the location of the saved device. You will receive feedback once the picture is received on ways to improve quality as Back Forward

7 Let’s Install Skype Here is a short video describing the process of installing and using Skype. Please watch the video before proceeding. YouTube Video After viewing the video, please continue the presentation. The installation process is broken into sections for your convenience. (Laport, 2010) Back Forward

8 Let’s Install Skype, cont. To download the software, you will need to visit the Skype website by clicking on the picture below. This begins the instillation process, and getting you closer to making your first video call. Back Forward

9 Let’s Install Skype, cont. Next, you move the mouse over the “Get Skype” tab, as seen in the picture, and select the correct version based on your computing hardware. ("Home", 2012) Back Forward

10 Let’s Install Skype, cont. Next, you will select the download button under the Skype Free. This will allow you to make free Skype to Skype video calls. When prompted, save the download on your computer. The install will continue to run after you are prompted to create an account. Back Forward ("Get Skype For Windows", 2012)

11 Creating Your Presence You are now ready to create an account, adding your personal information to the designated boxes when prompted. Make sure to choose a user name and password you will remember. (“Create an account or sign in", 2012) Back Forward

12 Time to Sign into Skype Once you have created an account and hit the “agree” button at the bottom of the page, minimize the web page. You should now see a Skype image on your desktop. Double click on the icon. This will open up the page to enter your new login information and finish installing Skype Back Forward

13 Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3… To verify everything is working properly, click on “Echo” under the contact list and then click on the call button. It will run through a test to verify the equipment is correctly working. Any issues are listed when completed. Back Forward

14 Making Your First Call Are you ready to make your first call? It is now time for you to add your first contact. First, click on the add contact button on the bottom of your contact list Back Forward (“Version 5.0", 2012)

15 First Call Cont. Add me your facilitator as your first contact. Under the Skype Name box, add Nicole.Spells, (Below is the picture for reference). Back Forward (“Version 5.0", 2012)

16 First Call Cont. Once you have successfully added me to your contacts, give me (the facilitator) a call. Congratulations on exploring video chatting from computer to computer. Here is a quick example of a Skype call. Back Forward

17 A Helpful Tip You will hear an audio file with another helpful tip to add more contacts to your new Skype account. You have the opportunity to learn many new skills as you become more familiar with the program. Enjoy! Back Forward

18 Collaborative Learning Time for meeting your peers. –Please connect with the other students you were given via email to determine an appropriate conference call time. –Email the facilitator the time of the call. You will receive a set of questions that must be answered during the team call for completion of the assignment. –Each team member receives a different question to provide to the group during the call. –You will submit all four questions and answers to the facilitator at the end of the call. Back Forward

19 References Berkowitz, M. (2009, July 31). Computer basics : How to set up a web camera [Video file]. Retrieved from You Tube website: Create an account or sign in. (2012). Retrieved from Laport, M. (2010, November 4). Tech tip #6 - Skype tutorial [Video file]. Retrieved from YouTube website: Get Skype for Windows. (2012). Retrieved from computer/windows/ computer/windows/ Home. (2012). Retrieved from Skype (Version 5.0) [Computer Software]. Retrieved from

20 Thank you! Please submit additional questions to the facilitator for this e-learning opportunity.

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